New Dollar Short Portfolio

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The 2006 and 2007 Multi Currency Portfolios we created and tracked with Jyske Bank did well.

The 2006 Portfolios rose:

US Dollar Long 9.04%

US Dollar Short 10.43%

US Dollar Hedge 11.46%

Emerging Market 42.93%

Asia Emerging Market 114.16%


Dollar Neutral 38.67%

Dollar Short 48.19%

Swiss Samba 53.32%

Emerging Market 122.62%

Green 266.30%

We are introducing our 2008 portfolios now and Monday’s message looked at the ideas behind the five new portfolios we will track in 2008. Of course we will continue to track the unchanged Green Portfolio.

One of the new portfolios we will track is the Dollar Short Portfolio.

Since I have closed all my loans personally, Jyske accepted my suggestion to try one portfolio without leverage. This is the one we chose. We reduced leverage but dropped bonds and invested in a spread of global equities instead. This is not really a dollar short portfolio…rather a portfolio of non US dollar equities that gives a broad distribution around the world that should do well if the greenback weakens more.

Here is the US $ Short Non Leveraged Portfolio

Currency Investment Amount

EUR Jyske Invest European Equities 25,000.00

EUR Jyske Invest Favorite Equities 25,000.00

USD Jyske Invest Far Eastern Equities 25,000.00

DKK JYSKE Bank Shares 25,000.00

2008 looks exciting for sure and we look forward to sharing it and these ideas with you.

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