Multi Currency Investment Portfolio 2007 Final Review

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Multi Currency Investment Portfolio 2007 Final Reviews show really high returns.

Here I am at our latest International Business and Investing Made EZ course introducing the last review of our 2007 Multicurrency Portfolios that we have tracked for educational purposes though 2007 beginning November 1, 2006.

Portfolios 2007Mar 27July 20Aug 17Sept 28Oct 31
Swiss Samba16.15%45.84%15.19%30.86%53.32%
Emerging Market12.81%67.67%30.50%67.95%122.62%
Dollar Short20.12%40.31%9.14%23.16%48.19%
Dollar Neutral16.58%38.07%13.56%24.22%38.67%

What a year. There were some great lessons learned including how ups and downs are magnified by leverage.

The goals of this educational service are threefold.

#1: Help each subscriber improve their creative skills for developing investment ideas that serve their specific needs.

#2: Help investors learn how to stick to their good ideas and get out of their bad ones.

#3: Help investors understand multi currency investing because as you will see below…we may need this ability more than ever now.

Here are the ideas behind our 2008 portfolios.

Green Portfolio. Environmental investing is a beginning mega trend. We had shares of good value in the 2007 portfolio with share values supported by earnings and growth prospects so we have not touched this portfolio. We have however reset the value. This portfolio began again November 1, 2007 with $100,000 invested and $200,000 borrowed in Japanese yen.

Emerging Market Portfolio. The same fundamentals apply here as with the Green Portfolio. Good values are supported by growth and earnings keeps this portfolio in our basket for a third year. We did make one rather major change by eliminating the 15% Far Eastern Equities and increasing the Turkish equities from 10% of the portfolio to 25%. We also eliminated the Czech koruna loan and borrowed 50% Swiss francs and 50% Singapore dollars instead.

Dollar Short Portfolio. Since I have closed all my loans personally, Jyske accepted my suggestion to try one portfolio without leverage. This is the one we chose. We reduced leverage but dropped bonds and invested in a spread of global equities instead. This is not really a dollar short portfolio…rather a portfolio of non US dollar equities that gives a broad distribution around the world that should do well if the greenback weakens more.

Danish Health Portfolio. Health is such a big issue world wide that we want to see what an investment in this sector will do. Denmark has some great health oriented companies so we chose this portfolio.

Infrastructure Portfolio. London Bridge is falling down. So too are bridges in Minneapolis and all over the Western world! Roads are crumbling, airports are inadequate and more. America ’s and Europe ’s infrastructure needs to be renewed and the companies selected may profit from this.

Blue Chip Portfolio. One prominent feature we saw in the portfolios we tracked these last two years has been the panics. The world is not convinced yet that emerging markets are the places to go. Plus emerging markets are highly leveraged, especially with Japanese yen loans. One lesson we learned from the panics of the last two years is that equities recovered the best after each panic. There are many scenarios we can imagine that will cause a 2008 panic including further fallout from the sub prime loan disaster, a slowing US economy and over $100 a barrel oil. Last go round investors fled to US dollar bonds. As noted above the flow to US dollars last July could have been the last time in our lives, that we will see a rush for safety into the US dollar. If there is a 2008 panic we are thinking that investors will flee into Blue Chip, mainly non US dollar, equities…and this portfolio will do well.

We’ll look at these portfolios in upcoming messages.

2008 looks exciting for sure and we look forward to sharing it and these ideas with you.

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P.S. We hope you will join us in Ecuador as we look at our 2008 portfolios in our March International Business and Investing courses in Ecuador. Our delegates have a great time with us in Ecuador . Here is delegate Bonnie Keough enjoying breakfast served in the courtyard served by Consuelo one of our genuinely caring staff.

Our March International Business Made EZ course in Ecuador will be March 7-8-9.

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