Strategic Alliance Internet Opportunities

by | Nov 11, 2007 | Archives

Strategic Alliance Internet Opportunities are growing from Ecuador .

Merri and I are conducting our latest International Business & Investing Course here in Cotacachi. International Business in Ecuador has grown so much that we can no longer have the courses here in our hotel.

Fortunately the museum next door (which our Land of the Sun Foundation helps support) has a grand antique hall that is a perfect place for our groups to share their small international business ideas . Here is a shot of the meeting room yesterday before we started. It is filled with artwork, mainly photos of past presidents and religious leaders.

This growth of our Ecuador seminar business and internet business has come in five main ways:

Search engine optimization

Pay per Click

Word of Mouth Referrals

Viral Referring

Strategic Alliances

Now I would like to offer a Strategic Alliance opportunity to you.

Merri and I will conduct a three day workshop January 31, Feb 2 and 3 in Tampa , Florida . And this workshop will be like nothing we have ever offered before – for a very special reason. One difference is that we will offer those who attend this workshop a chance to join in a strategic alliance with us.

As Merri and I wrap up the workshop on the third day we’ll outline our strategic alliance deal.

Since you are our special readers, we’d like for you to know the essence of the deal now. We have three internet products. They are up and running, www.spotting, and

Our businesses have grown so fast that we cannot spend the time on these sites that is needed. We are looking for joint venture strategic alliances. Those who attend the workshop, if they choose, will be given 21 days after the course to come up with a project plan using the Seven Ps to improve and perfect one of these three existing internet self published businesses.

We will form a strategic alliance with the three ideas we like best.

Here is what we guarantee to do. We have three self published products up and running. We will take on three strategic alliances with three delegates from the workshop for the next 12 months. We’ll pay each new venture partner $1,000 up front to begin and a sizable percentage of the sales…depending on margins.

We’ll guarantee this share of income for at least 12 months. We’ll keep the deal even longer based on agreed sales targets being met.

Here is what we might do if we like what we see. We have four more websites we may put into strategic alliances…but we’ll decide this after starting the first three. If we add these extra sites, everyone (not already in an alliance) from the workshop will be invited to submit a project plan.

We hope to see you at the workshop.

Until next message we hope all your alliances are good.

P.S. Learn how to join Merri and me at the AWAI Self Publishers Workshop we will conduct in Tampa January 31 – Feb 2, 2008. See

Or enroll in our Self Publishing Correspondence Course at

We have fun at our courses as well. One of the projects our foundation in Ecuador supports is free English lessons for our neighbors here. Recently two delegates Shyam and Primala Tripathi from Australia have been staying at the hotel and teaching a group of young Cotacachians. Last night their students performed a skit (in English) for our delegates. Here is Merri and me with the students.

Join us and learn Strategic Alliance Internet Opportunities.