The Secret is small.

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The secret to everlasting wealth is to start small again and again.

The fifth of seven secrets in a copywriting-self publishing system is to Start Small.

How rich can you become by starting small? I suspect you are asking this question, so let me be frank. I have mentioned earlier in this series the millions in the bank, the 252 acre farm in the Blue Ridge …but wanted to add…its all owned free and clear.

Here is an autumnal shot of the North Carolina Dream House we built…with cash from our copywriting self publishing system.

Here is a shot of from the front yard. Say hello to our hound dog, Ma…really a fairy princess in the disguise of a hound.

However, as glorious as autumn is, we had our first front come through last night. This is only where we live in the summer. The Blue Ridge is a slight misnomer for a large part of the year. Correctly named in the winter, these mountains would be called the “White Ridge”. The white comes from snow which begins with S as does South which is where we head are headed next week…to Ecuador.

While it’s freezing in the North Carolina mountains, we worry about sunburn, sometimes in Ecuador . Here’s our house where we are headed now high in the Andes .

Here is the view from the front yard there. No debt in Ecuador either…or anywhere…period.

Yet we are one of the tiniest publishers around…just Merri and me working from our home offices deep in the woods of the Blue Ridge and in this tiny Andean village.

The point? You do not have to have a huge operation to earn and live very well.

And we try to stay that way! Small (but profitable) is easy simple and easier to enjoy.

Your copywriting skills combined with your own self publishing business greatly increases your chance of becoming a millionaire even when your business remains small. Dr. Thomas J Stanley, author of the book “The Millionaire Mind” interviewed 733 millionaires to find out the most important reasons behind their success. Those interviews showed that your odds of becoming a millionaire doubled if you had your own business. There were more than twice as many small business owner millionaires as in any other category. Corporate executives were 16% of the 733 millionaires. Lawyers, 9% and Medical Doctors 8%. Small business owners represented 32% of the millionaires.

So having your own business already gives you a head start.

Second this is the era when small is big. Chris Anderson describes this in his book “The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More”.

The last marketing era was dominated by broadcast. This was a distribution system where it was most efficient to send one message to millions of people.

The internet has introduced the era of broadband where it is most efficient to send millions of messages to one person each. This plays exactly into the hands of the small self publishing business because it allows you to earn from many small niche products where no big corporation can afford to compete.

For example at one of my websites alone that focuses on multi currency investing has 21 earning sources.

All of the sources are small, some as little as a few hundred dollars a month. Yet added up so far this year (in the first 10 months) that one website has earned $159,090 from orders that came direct off the internet. That’s better than an extra $15,000 a month of income…enough to buy quite a few groceries despite inflation.

Another reason why it is vital to start small is this is nature’s way. Defy nature only with great trepidation. A business must start small, before it can grow large. Most businesses start with a learning curve. During the beginning and in the learning times, it is essential that businesses make mistakes when small. Once lessons have been learned, the business can use the business evolutionary cycle to grow.

The seeds of this fact were planted in a personal tragedy…losing a friend over 40 years ago. His name was Jim. We were seventeen, ready to graduate from high school. Our lives were open books. Nothing but excitement and good things were ahead. Or so it had seemed. Jim’s Mom and Dad helped him have a car, shiny and fast beyond Jim’s experience and skill. He crashed it and died on his way home from the senior prom. Our graduation ceremony was greatly diminished by his loss.

This sad story taught me an inescapable fact about attaining freedom. The faster we go, the better we must be at whatever we are doing fast.

Success in anything requires that we start slow and develop inner growth and skills to keep up with increasing speed. The bigger a tree, the deeper its roots. The more howling a hurricane, the quieter the eye of its storm.

Yet as our modern pace accelerates, the world seems to ignore this fact. External events create dramatic opportunities everywhere and the speed of opportunity has quickened. How can we succeed and have happiness with such a rapid pace?

We can start small. The studies of truly successful people that led me to these seven secrets showed that the real success of extraordinary investors and business people lay in their ordinariness. They profit even as they walk out onto a street and spot a new item in a store, or order some new type of meal in a restaurant. “Here is something people will want or here is a business that can grow,” they will say. They have success because they are in touch with that which is ordinary…and they start small and use a simple evolutionary cycle of business. Here’s what sets them apart:

They see something that gives them an idea.

The idea leads to enthusiasm.

The enthusiasm leads to an education.

The education leads to action.

The action creates a profit or loss and experience.

The experience leads to more ideas.

The cycle repeats, growing wiser and more fulfilled! This cycle can allow your business to grow as do all things in nature, one step at a time, slowly… continuously.

Finally, your skills in your previous or current work round out your cycle. You already know how to kick start a business through good writing. Combine your writing with self publishing and do it in a small way. This small thinking will lead to big things.

Until we look at the sixth secret (to embrace change), may all your successes be small but plentiful in a big way.


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