The Secret Ignites Passion

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The secret ignites you passion and purpose in life.
Most jobs stifle individual passions. This is why combining your copywriting skills with self publishing is good. This combination encourages passions.

Passions are the cornerstone of successful self publishing deals. The Golden Rule of Self Publishing says “your wants, needs and desires represent markets”. Your passions unlock markets. Passions unlock the third secret to millions through self publishing. Good, tight focus can bring you everlasting wealth.

Focus can be pretty darn pleasurable as well. For example, Merri and I were watching saltwater sands dazzle white, on an empty beach. We saw turquoise waves break on a clear reef and heard the gentle surf singing a harmony to swaying palms that danced softly in azure skies.

We were in The Dominican Republic, Rio San Juan sitting on an empty crescent-shaped, white, sandy beach. As we sat in the cool gentle breeze, it was hard to tell we were working! Pleasurable work… yes…work, nevertheless. Such a myth those bosses push…that work cannot be fun. Working is great when you are your own best client!

We were working. The proof is that our Dominican Beach Property for Sale Report made a nice return because we got the focus right. We have done this on numerous occasions turning many places we loved to visit or live into a report. We have published a British Isles Report, A Swiss Property Report, an Eastern Europe Report, an Isle of Man Report, A Dominican Republic Report and several Ecuador-Land of the Sun Reports. In each case, we turned the expense of spending time in places we love into a profitable exercise.

Tough job…cruising round the warm Caribbean waters! It took the whole winter to get that work done.

Our self publishing skills have supported our love affair with global travel because we have understood and always worked carefully on developing a good focus in each of our publishing projects. To focus is to balance and concentrate the energies of the writer with the editor, publisher and reader.

Most writers are artists trying to paint a picture with words. The editor checks the writer’s image for accuracy and recolors (or cleans up the muddy colors) so the piece easily communicates to the reader. The publisher’s job is to sell the darn publication and make a buck in the process.

Self publishers fill all three roles. To assure that this happens in our business, Merri and I have a product creation system that balances these forces. There are four steps in this process:

* #1: We focus the format.

* #2: We focus the reader.

* #3: We focus the market.

* #4: We focus the finance.

Take that Dominican Republic Report as an example. We used to enjoy our home there and loved the place-the warm sun and empty beaches. However, we balanced this love with the fact that such a report appeals to a market of investors, a market of retirees and a market of travelers. We investigated areas that appealed to each of these markets.

The focus of that report was balanced between our love of the Dominican Republic and the four publishing focal points.

Focusing the format was fairly easy. The method of delivery is the format. The format can be in a book, report, magazine, letter, list, tape, fax, website or electronic file. The form of delivery depended on the idea and our ability to deliver. Since we were traveling continually and did not want the worry of staff or overheads, an internet delivered format was the easiest and obvious choice.

Next to focus our reader, I looked within our circle of contacts and found just one person who seemed a perfect reader for this report. I thought about the publication, the idea, the format and how this person could use and benefit from it.

I wrote the report and the selling piece for that one person. I focused all my energy on pleasing that one person.

Once done, I took the third step and focused my market. The market is the place where I find my readers. I use my same single reader and try understanding all I can about him or her. Where does he or she go? Where can he go? What does (or can) he read? What does he or she like? I define my market by finding out as much as possible about one single person.

The fourth refinement was to ask, “Can the publication make money?” I looked at the market. What was the price of similar products? Did I have some reason to charge more or less than others? I looked for unique features that allowed me to charge a profitable price that would leave the reader feeling good about the deal.

I calculated production-delivery costs and selling expenses. I normally want a ten

times mark-up to assure a profit and my costs at that time were $2.90 to print and

deliver the report. This meant I could sell it profitably for $29.

That report worked well and I earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from it.

So whatever you desire, recognize the need as good…a starting point from which you can satisfy yourself and an entire market who have the same urge.

Today, though, we would just do an internet download for this report. Then our costs would be extremely low and profits high, delivering an up to date report for the reader.

This process of focusing can also create excitement and adventure. Here is Merri and me (with our fairy princess hound dog Ma) overlooking a sacred crater lake near our home. We enjoyed the trek as we researched and published a very profitable report about real estate for sale on this lake.

Once you understand that needs create problems you are on your way to success. Problems create opportunities that allow you to become your own best client. Finding solutions for your desires can also serve others and bring you fun, fulfillment and everlasting wealth.

The next message ( # IV) in this series looks at the importance of this service.

Until then, may all your work be self-fulfilling


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