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Galapagos real estate opportunity is closing.

Our friend and attorney Dr. Andres Cordova just sent me this note.

“Dear Gary: The window of opportunity for non residents of the Galapagos (foreigners or Ecuadorians) to soundly own land in this fabled place may be closing fast, real fast. It appears that there’s an agenda to restrict this possibility by a great measure if not at all. This possibility (of non residents owning land) is actually being challenged right now. Those who move in quickly to secure land while this window does not fully close will have the privilege of owning land in one of the most remarkable natural places on earth, and one of the most sought-after destinations for the discerning tourist there is.

I am ready to coordinate and work with the different investors/buyers to assure they obtain a soundly registered deed to a lot in the Galapagos. Our project calls for high environmental standards and for meaningful contributions towards conservation and social wellbeing. This has created and will continue to create tremendous goodwill in the Galapagos.

If you could perhaps prepare an email to your mailing list letting them know about this and directing them to our new, password enabled website I will be most thankful:



The idea is coordinating to ensure their title gets registered and tying the closing of the financial terms to this happening. Since time is of the very essence and I shall be traveling to the Galapagos by Tuesday next week to coordinate this, I ask you if its possible to perhaps send this email by today, so as to have some time over the weekend to attend to enquiries and prepare the case for my Galapagos visit next week.

Purchasers must understand that should they buy, that will constitute a tremendous privilege and that they should be eager and willing to give back to the Galapagos. We already have several people making meaningful contributions.

Many thanks in advance Gary ,

Kind regards,

Andrés Córdova

(593-9) 972-4864 Cell

(593-2) 244-7551 Office

PD.- I am enclosing a few pictures of Santa Cruz Island . The place is just beautiful.