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by | Nov 5, 2007 | Archives

Ecuador High Lakes fit the mission statement at is to “introduce helpful people, stimulating ideas and useful resources into your lives to help you live a healthier, more affluent and fulfilling life.” Our three major areas of focus are sharing information and our experiences about international investing, international business and global health secrets.

We work hard to provide you with the fulfillment side of this most worthy mission. What good is health and affluence without fulfillment?

Thus we try to always throw in a bit of adventure. A happy life requires a bit of spice!

This is why we love Ecuador . It fills all the needs of our mission…top quality low costs living…really low cost and very good whole health care, plus opportunity and adventure everywhere you look!

Our next Ecuador Living Update unveils a real adventure when Steve, our man in Ecuador , rides deep into the Andes in the remote area near us.

Steve began the update by writing:

“ Gary , Do you remember how we can stand on the third floor at El Meson outside the suite and see the Andes stretch out ad-infinitum before us? I know you do because I’ve seen you and Merri sit outside with your laptops enjoying the sun and the view. To our right and slightly closer than other mountains is Volcan Imbabura, and to the left a chain of volcanoes and mountains starting with 16,000’ Volcan Cotacachi to the left and then they stretch to a blue haze where clouds rise on vents up through a gap that leads down to the western cloud forests.”

(Here is the view of the Western Andean range from our suite at El Meson.)

Steve then continues: “Well, if you remember, we have often heard of a high, remote, virtually un-inhabited paramo moorland behind the chain of mountains to the left as we look out from the El Meson balcony. It’s rumored there are highland trout lakes and deer and coyotes, even puma and spectacled bears. Well, in the name of discovery and adventure, I decided it was high time to put an end to rumor and discover the truth about this ‘mystical’ land.”

And off Steve went.

Steve had a choice of three horses to ride and said, “I get by just fine on horses as long as they behave. The art of getting along with these fine animals depends much on choosing the right one in the first place; so when presented with a choice between Lightning, Humming Bird and Ungrateful it was a no-brainer. Humming Bird it was!”

After fording two mountain brooks and climbing over a thousand feet they reached an isolated lake at 12,000 feet called Laguna Donoso.

The guide assured Steve that 10 days previously he’d caught eight trout “this size”, spreading his hands two or more feet apart. Then as the horses gazed disinterestedly the guide showed him how to cast very graceful arcs over the still surface.

We will be reporting the full story shortly at Ecuador Living.

Merri and I are delighted to serve you by sharing our research and experiences in global business, living and investing.

We are also delighted to have Steve’s help in creating a special service for those interested in Ecuador . Merri and I live and work there part time throughout the year, but Steve is a full time resident and has established a full support team to help subscribers in almost any way required. This will enable us to also conduct some real estate tours on the coast this year as well.

Our service is called “Ecuador Living” and provides regular emailed updates about places and people in Ecuador , plus contacts for subscribers who plan to travel, work and or live in Ecuador .

We help Ecuador Living subscribers get in touch with property brokers, developers, attorneys architects, tour guides.

Once you have become a subscriber, you will be introduced to Steve and have full access to our support team there including, the ability to communicate with other Ecuador Living subscriber at the EL blog.

Subscribers are also entitled to a number of special services at the hotel we run there including the use of our broadband and free phone call service to Europe, Canada and the US from our business center in Cotacachi.

You can read Steve’s story about riding in Pinan when you become a subscriber at

Until next message, may every day hold an adventure for you.



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