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Essential oil and Ecuador were on my mind this morning as Merri and I head for Ecuador in the morning and this led me to two Ecuador trip thoughts. The first is about the connection between consciousness and health.

I believe that good health is formed around thee foundations…nutrition…exercise and consciousness.

Ecuador’s indigenous have a wonderful health consciousness and essential oils are the consciousness of plants! When you use an essential oil you are blending the deepest consciousness of the plant with your own health consciousness. The Yatchaks have understood this for millenniums and used this fact to alter the well being of those who were imbalanced. By knowing what each plant represents they are able to alter the consciousness of the individual to either maintain a healthy physical balance or restore equilibrium when there is imbalance.

This is also what Candace Newman does with her essential oils. She creates easy to understand and use packages of blends to help so maintain a healthy physical balance or restore a specific equilibrium.

I thought that Candace Newman’s response to our recent message about her essential oils and the Taita Yatchak exemplify why her oil blends are so potent. I would like to share that response here for a Sunday morning’s read. If you missed the last message on the Yatchaks and oils you can read it at

Candace replied:

“Gary … Your comments about the Taita Yatchak and our journey into essential oils and Machu Pichu are beautiful… brought in that silent wave of peace which comes with truth, and tears to my eyes.

I love reading this part of your story again. Thank you for these lovely words. The connection to Great Spirit is strong in all of our hearts and we are each doing our “Good Works” as we are called. Kahil Gibran describes “work” as “Love in Action” and I believe we are doing it. On the Machu Picchu trip, the Taita Yatchac Don Alberto looked at me when we got to “the green” at the center of the top where tears of overpowering love were streaming down my cheeks, and said “YOU will lead us up Waynu Picchu (this was the Inca’s woman’s mountain). I proceeded to pass out 1/3 way up and when came to, felt like I had popped through a veil into a beautifully balanced and gentle state of knowing that everything is OK. (This was having lived on honey and water, tea leaves and no sleep for a few days.)

With this renewed sense of well-being, we climbed to the very top with amazing peace and a solid yet calm stamina. We had a beautiful silent ceremony up there, and as Providence would have it…no one else was around until we finished. Then of course there was the month with him, and the time at Rosaspamba where we decided I should stay alone for 3 nights and 4 days. He told me I was the Master of Aromas and should stay there with him. One reason for this trip was to see if that was part of my soul call in this lifetime, but I knew in my heart from what the elements showed me, that it was not the moment in time for this.

Then going to Saudi Arabia with John for a year … was another soul call and “life-time event”… in this challenging adventure called Life. Then the beach in Naples to the forest in Colorado . As John says…we have the “Heart of the Explorer” in all of us who see life as we do. So onward we all go, climbing our mountains, with a grateful heart …and brilliant minds of course!

Every trip we each make in life is a form of a pilgrimage, and from each trip a pearl or two is gathered for our continued journey, and our life is forever changed.

May we all continue to walk our lives like a living prayer … knowing each step is a sacred one … leading to the next one.

God bless you and Merri, and Aromatic Blessings to you both for continued Health, Happiness and Prosperity, Love, Candace”

This is why we love Candace and her essential oils. She puts her wonderful caring consciousness into her blends.…a truly remarkable person with real care that creates remarkable products.

My second Ecuador trip thought is about gifts. While we are in Ecuador we’ll pick up many of our Christmas presents. Here is an idea. If you have been wanting to come to Ecuador …do it now. Come down…enjoy this beautiful land and buy your Christmas gifts. The money you save may pay for your entire trip!

On the subject of Christmas presents one gift I just ordered for my children for this Christmas is Candace’s Essential Oil Master Box. Candace recently created this package. Merri and I were among the first to get one and we love it…use it almost daily. I cannot think of anything better to give my children. It is beautiful but most of all will enhance their consciousness and health…so much better than giving them money or stuff.

Here is what Candace writes about the master box.

“The Oil Lady Aromatherapy® Master Box is finally complete and ready to go. This comes in an attractive white box with foam inserts for our OLA Seven Massage Blends (1 oz each), Four Mists (1 oz each), and Three Skin Gels (1/4 oz each).

All of these formulas have been developed over my 16 years of practice. Each was made for a specific person, and has a story behind it. The years have shown me that each formula has many more benefits than the original one. We still make all these proprietary formulas by hand, bottle and label them, and ship them to you!

“For November 1-30 only, we are offering this at 25% off the $129.95 price. This price of $97.45, plus 9.95 shipping, ($107.40 total) our Thanksgiving/Christmas/Holiday special. This is a wonderful way to bring the many benefits of essential oils into your life, and spread it to others.

“A color rainbow chart is included and serves as a guide for the OLA Seven Massage Blends. They can be used as body and face blends, in the bath and after a shower. The base is 100% Organic Golden Jojoba which is a liquid wax (not an oil), full of anti-oxidants, and a great source of nutrition for the skin.

“The four mists are in our formulated base of purified water, aloe juice and vegetable glycerin:

1. Lavender Mist – to restore balance and relieve stress

2. Lavender-Peppermint Mist – to energize and refresh

3. Lavender-Rose Mist – to soothe and nurture

4. Rejuvenation Mist – to restore sense of well being

“The three skin gels are in a base of aloe gel and Organic Golden Jojoba:

1. Rejuvenation Face Gel – to revitalize the skin. This is our most popular formula by far for women and men.

2. Skin Calm Gel – for red, chapped, dry irritated skin that needs to be soothed, cooled, and calmed down.

3. Clear Skin Gel – for oily skin, rashes, bites and scratches; also good for nails, hands and feet.

“Aromatherapy has two main attributes: (1) the instant ability to relieve stress (due to the pure powerful aroma), and (2) the ability to support a healthy immune system (due to its natural chemistry, such as anti-bacterial). Essential oils have served human beings since the beginning of time in assisting through transitions, protecting health, and celebrating the joys of life. They are a microcosm of holistic health, because this precious liquid that is naturally medicinal….happens to smell. They won’t let us separate our physical body from our nonphysical thoughts and emotions. This is due to the physiological response of the nose-brain connection. The aromatic molecules travel up the nose, connect to the olfactory nerves, and have a direct path to the emotional part of the brain. Dr. Depak Chopra says this changes our brain chemistry is less than a second. Neuroscientist, Candace Pert, has proven that this emotional response creates corresponding brain chemistry that has receptor sites on cells throughout the body. Cells create tissue. So, angry emotion…angry tissue. Stressed emotions…stressed tissue. All this can change with a whiff!

“Essential oils give us a way to sniff, mist, and rub our way into a state of well-being that lifts our spirits at the same time. Aroma is the silent language of the soul. All our essential oils are high therapeutic grade, so they retain their natural medicinal properties, and they don’t bother allergies.

What a precious gift! “

I have my master box sitting on my desk and use it every day. It comes in an attractive 10” by 12” gift box and makes a perfect gift any time but especially in this season of giving that gets plastically overwhelmed by stuff.

Remember what the Three Kings gave as gifts, frankincense and myrrh, two wonderful essential oils. You can order Candace’s Essential Oil Master Box at the Essential Oil Order Form


One the subject of giving here are some great shots sent by Steve, our man in Ecuador , of a group of delegates who visited a nursing home in Cotacachi.

This is another story for another time.