The Perfect Copywriting Client

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May I introduce your best new client…right now?
(So you’ll never worry about getting clients again.…beginning February 4th, 2008)

Dear friend,

Do you believe in fate? Fortune…good luck and maybe the benefits of taking a bit of a chance…at least once in awhile?

If so, let me share a story about crossroads that led this message from me to you…here and now. This is a message that just about guarantees you one perfect client on February 4th, 2008. This client will let you apply your skills to important, highly meaningful, fun and fulfilling work…that, yes, is also profitable (perhaps magically so).

That’s a pretty bold claim so let me explain why I am confident enough to make it and take another moment of your time…(which is about to become much more valuable).

We all arrive though fate at unexpected crossroads in our journey through life. This is good. The days could get pretty boring if we just plodded along in one straight path. Yet unexpected (although interesting) can also be jittery…even scary…especially when you start something new.

The thread of fate that may have created an important crossroad for you actually began June 15, 1972 when I received the proverbial sledgehammer called the pink slip. This termination notice was bright pink because my boss went broke, our international company was bust, I was broke, without any job prospects and to make it a bit more interesting stranded 12,000 miles from home…in Hong Kong…with no way to get back.

From Hong Kong , fate and 35 years brought me to Katie Yeakle’s office and now to you. What a thread. As they would say at AWAI…its Golden. The Golden Thread.

Who am I? Gary Scott is what most people call me. Thankfully my five kids call me dad…instead of old man or jerk. My wife, Merri, calls me darling (I call her “my salvation”) and you probably don’t know me yet…in part because of that horrible experience in Hong Kong . The crisis I had then, the worry and doubt turned me into sort of a workaholic recluse. I was broke, in debt…no college degree (lots of years of study but no degree), had three kids then and could not pay the rent. Talk about scared! The pressure had some sort of peculiar effect that has lasted for life. Now I just want to stay by myself and work…and destroy unemployment and poverty for those who have enthusiasm, are willing to work and through fate happen to cross my path.

I am thankful because this process helped me find a secret about earning a living. (Fate works in mysterious ways). Applying this secret for the past 35 years has brought me millions…and much more.

Fortunately the secret required very little money to start. I was really broke. Once I could not even find six cents to get into town for a job interview…had to walk in a suit for miles on a hot, humid Hong Kong day…into an office with ice cold air conditioning. I’ll never forget trying not to wince when I sat down…my shirt soaked with sweat, then turned ice cold. I did not get the job. That may have been the low point in my non career. But it was good. I was desperate and determined to find a secret to success. And I did…one so powerful it allowed me to dig my way out of a this bankruptcy…one perfect client…just like the one I am going to introduce you to right now.

In fact the secret brought me so much freedom and enjoyment and has allowed my family to live in so many wonderful places that I have been compelled to share it with small select groups for the past seventeen years. You’ll see in a moment how I still have a weird quirk about helping people get jobs. (I think it comes from the terrible fear or maybe that icy shirt back in Hong Kong ). This weirdness may help you because it made me so conservative that everything I do is based on smallness.

This is one reason why you may not know me. My wife, Merri, and I are possibly the smallest…yet are among the highest earning…writers (well, we are a little more than just copywriters as you are about to see) in the world.

Our high earnings come from the writing self publishing secret I learned clear back in Hong Kong that works so well we have earned extra millions sharing it with just a handful from our tiny reader list.

Let me add one more thing right now…since I’ll say it a number of times more. Merri and I believe in fate but we also know that it is vital to “Think Small”.

There I said it flying in the face of society hammering us to “Think Big”. This is the era where small is beautiful in a very big way. If you have doubts about this, just ask Steve Bozos ( or Larry Page and Sergey Brin ( about the value of small.

We need to dive into this idea of smallness. First, more about fate.

Merri and I have known Katie Yeakle at American Writers and Artists Inc (AWAI) for perhaps 25 years. Our common interests in the publishing business has brought us together time and again over the years. However, our relationship became much closer some years ago when our daughter, Francesca, went to work for Katie’s firm. This part of the thread (our daughter) led us into Katie’s Florida office last winter. As we talked, she suggested that we share our self publishing secret (how to have just one client…stay small…yet earn over a million dollars a year) at an AWAI Copywriter’s Bootcamp.

Good idea! Fateful…because when Merri and I spoke earlier this month to the 400 copywriters at the Bootcamp…there was magic.

We discovered the biggest concern most new copywriters have which is…how to get good clients.

Wow. Fateful.

Nothing more could whack my soft spot for helping people get hired! I am stuck with this horrible fear of being broke. You know unfilled promises…tight finances…money worries…even costly groceries and bill collector stuff. I had all that in Hong Kong and even though 35 years have passed it’s not forgotten. I hate this for anybody. No money. No future prospects. Worry about the kids. Not knowing where to turn. This affected me for life. In fact I am so hung up on this that that Merri and I (we are so thankful that we can) give away money away to help create jobs….we have now given over half a million dollars in our quest to reduce joblessness.

This is also fateful for a second reason. We have refined the task of our client acquisition secrets down to one simple objective…hire yourself through self publishing.

Merri and I are writers and self publishers. We work sometimes for AWAI…sometimes for other publishers. We have been paid $20,000 for a single day’s work. We are such good clients for ourselves that this is what it takes for others to now hire us.

Fateful may also apply to your case because I want to share all the details of this secret with you…so the secret won’t be unknown. Instead it will be as much your way to make six and even seven figure income each year as it is mine.

You’ll be your own perfect client, working for yourself, full or part time. You’ll never be fired. You’ll be hired immediately…on February 4th. Plus you’ll improve your copywriting skills as you work for yourself. This increases the odds that others will hire you…for a lot more.

There is even more good news. Working for your new client will be fun. You’ll get the sympathy you deserve. Your ideas will be listened to. Your emails will always be answered. You’ll never call in sick again. You will love your new client as much as the client loves you!

If you can believe that Naples , Florida (and 68 other countries) to Katie’s office to the Bootcamp and now here to you…please read our invitation.

We invite you to share a little known workshop (with other AWAI copywriters) that will help you create your own self- publishing business….on the spot. You come. You learn. You hire…yourself…the day after.

The goal of the workshop is simply to help you create you own publication so you can hire yourself the day after you complete it.

Believe me we will be relentless about this fact.

There is one other little (or perhaps huge) benefit. You may gain a second new important client, beginning February 4th, 2008.

Merri and I may hire you as well.

Our secret “little system” creates a crack in the creative process…so you’ll not have just one idea for a business but many. You may be flooded with ideas! In fact a big part of the workshop narrows you down to deciding which to do first.

Merri and I are living proof. We can’t open the darn paper without getting a new idea. Remember I have a bit of a hang-up about work so I am like a kid in a candy shop and act on these ideas. This means I get business indigestion. Right now I have seven self publishing website businesses that are ticking along but need help…someone to spend more time on them. Boy does a smoldering business without the bright flame to light its fire bug me!

So Merri and I will be looking for seven of the workshop delegates, to start strategic alliances with us. In short, we want someone to take over the day to day marketing and publishing of one of these businesses. We’ll pay some cash up front and a percentage of the cash flow. More specifics later but for now let me add that these sites are huge already and are earning. They are ready to take off…and you may be the right person to make it so.

We’ll look at strategic alliances in more depth in a moment.

First, let me repeat…Start small!

The workshop by the way is called “Self Fulfilled – Self Publishing.” I am thinking of renaming it “Start Small. Earn Millions”.

Writers who earn the most are writers, like Merri and myself, who also publish. We always make an annual six figure income but many years we net seven figures…over a million dollars. That’s because we figured out that the lion’s share of income earned from copywriting goes to the publisher. The publishing part of writing can be outrageously profitable.

One case study we’ll look at in the course reviews the book. “Who Moved My Cheese.” It’s so small! I love it! The publisher had to push just to make it look like a book, yet 17 million copies in the first two years of release. No one is laughing. If the normal price is $19.95 a book, that’s $339,155 million in sales. If the author received a normal 12% royalty he made a cool $40,698,000 (much much more as it has continued to sell for all these years).

Pretty good, huh?

The $40 million plus will pay for quite a few groceries. Almost anyone would love to have this much income until they realize that this leaves the publisher with the other $300 million to spread around.

The neat thing about being a small, self publisher is that virtually all this money (the other 88%) is yours! (Sometimes the 12% too.) In other words it’s all yours.

Merri and I began publishing with no money and little background. We started small! As already mentioned, I was bust and had no background in copywriting. I did not finish college. I did not have the advantage of a copywriting course. Katie. AWAI. Where were you then?

However, all of you already have a head start. How I wish AWAI (and my workshop) had been there 35 years ago!

Before we share the exact schedule of this exciting workshop, let me outline a few of the benefits that copywriting and self publishing have brought to Merri and me.

If you accept our invitation, we will hammer, even bombard you with the absolute, vital importance of starting small. We live in the era that makes small big. This plays perfectly into the hands of small businesses and copywriters as we just happened to have a perfect advantage right now in the marketplace.

Let’s begin to understand this with that old rule… follow the money. Our self publishing business has brought us millions. We own four houses, a farmhouse, six cabins and over 1,000 acres of land. Plus more money than we can spend, in the bank…safe, secure bonds and shares…no mortgages…no credit card bills and zero debt!

Now let’s get to the important stuff. Our life is less stressed (not stress free – every business has stress). Self publishing just has less stress…no commuting…choose your own hours immersed in your own passions with like minded souls. How refreshing!

You can have fun every day doing what you love as you accomplish goals that are important…to you… and are a service to your community.

Merri and I, for example, love helping people get jobs. So we used self publishing to create a foundation (Land of the Sun Foundation) to help the indigenous learn how to get work. The foundation has donated over a half million dollars in Ecuador to create jobs.

What do you love? Why not make the kinds of money I’ve just mentioned publishing your passion and do something good for the world at the same time?

Your passion and self publishing create…magic, wealth, happiness.

Three other things you gain.

#1: Respect. If you are not a recluse like Merri and me, you’ll find yourself the center of attention at social events and with your friends and in business because publishing is highly respected.

#2: Power. Everyone wants publishers to distribute good information about them. And everyone fears publishers a bit. The pen is mightier than the sword!

#3: Protection. Publishers are protected by the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. You do not need a license to publish. There is no government watchdog nor do you have bureaucratic red tape involved in publishing. Publishers enjoy almost more freedom than any other occupation because of the Freedom of the Press. This is so powerful because the first amendment is actually a part of the Bill of Rights. Just in case you missed this in school (as most students did including me) here are the exact words of this amendment:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

You become the press and you are set free. You cannot get more protection than that.

Shall we get back to the money and lifestyle? What can self publishing do financially for you?

Merri and I love nature so here’s our 252 acre farm in the High Country. This is an autumnal shot from the front yard of the North Carolina Dream House we built…with cash from our self published writing.

This is only where we live in the summer. The Blue Ridge is a slight misnomer for a large part of the year. Correctly named in the winter, these mountains would be called “White Ridge”. The white comes from snow which begins with S as does South which is where we head around November…to Ecuador .

While it’s freezing in the North Carolina mountains, we worry about sunburn, sometimes at our remote hacienda. Here’s a shot from the front yard of our hacienda there.

But mostly we stay at this house near the colonial hotel we bought in a tiny Andean village. It is a perfect place to meet our friends who come from around the world in this courtyard….all because of self publishing! Here is Merri and me playing with Santiago , our chef at the hotel. I say play. Santi (the chef) is serious but since we love to cook he let’s us come along to the markets and even cook with him.

This shot was taken just after we had been to the Imbabura fish market. Soon we will publish a book of healthy Andean recipes.

This hotel, by the way, is one of the most satisfying parts of our self publishing business. We bought it from bankruptcy because a dozen wonderful people (with babies and kids and worries about education, medical bills and yes groceries) were about to lose their jobs.

We do not make a penny from this hotel’s operation. We joyfully gave the hotel to our charitable foundation, keep it running and have filled it up. Now the smiling faces of these people enjoying their jobs is better than any amount of cash we could receive.

This life is just plain fun and filled with satisfaction…adventure as well.

Here we are trekking into a sacred valley with a shaman (we published a very profitable report about this).

What’s the point? Self publishing has easily fulfilled all of our material needs. More importantly it has thrown us together with fantastically interesting people from all walks of life.

You can enjoy this lifestyle as well. Married, single, rich, poor, in good and bad health, educated and not, travelers and those who want to just stay at home. This is who self publishing works for…those who want a gradual part time improvement in life and those who want to make big enhancements now.

This workshop appeals to any entrepreneur with a product can use the workshop. We will look at how published products can include compilations, catalogues, CDS, interviews. Plus we’ll look at how to develop treks, tours, visits, products and services. For example, you’ll see below how one delegate who attended the workshop used her publication to sell real estate.

This course is for individuals and couples. We include those who want their own publishing system together as a family business.

Self employed, retired, professionals and those who are employed who want to add extra income or who want to change their life entirely will benefit. Previous course delegates have included investors, chiropractors, doctors, dentists, lawyers, architects, other professionals and those who already own their own business and of course retirees.

This workshop is not theory. Merri and I share our real time experiences. We start at the beginning 35 years ago but mainly look at how we earn hundreds of thousands and even millions a year in our exciting lifestyle…right now.

Let’s get our noses to the grindstone. The workshop provides a Path called the seven Ps. They provide a simple, small and easy path for starting your own publishing business.

The workshop has one focused, refined and relentless goal. To prepare you to start your first publication the day after the workshop ends!

May I add that this workshop has done a pretty good job already? Here are a few examples of small self publishing businesses that started after attending this workshop.

From Sandra, a restaurant owner:

“Dear Gary and Merri, yes I did it! Without you and your wonderful writing class I would not have been able to see my potential!! I THANK YOU BOTH! You told me to write about what I know and I did. Thank you for all the encouragement. Starting today, we are taking orders and I wanted you to be the first to know! So here goes…..I have some exciting news to share! I have just written my first book and very much appreciate your help. This book would make a great gift for any bride-to-be or even the parents of the bride (especially if they’re paying the bill)! Please check it out. I genuinely appreciate you helping me spread the word! Thank you!! Sandra”

From Jerusha, an anthropologist:

“Hello Gary and Merri. I am the first in the class to publish! I published a calendar on!

“I posted the lulu site on the forum because it looks like a good place to start for people. It is a lot of fun and very easy to do. Jerusha”

From Todd, a wedding photographer:

“Thanks, Gary and Merri name recognition is beginning. Here is my new photoletter that your program helped me develop. I’m getting more clear about my own marketing now, so I may be able to better advantage of it. I am planning now to send out an email once a week showcasing new photos and creating awareness for my products and services. By mid July, I will place my first greeting card order (with a printing company Merri recommended in Cotacachi). So, I will soon have an inexpensive product to offer along with the more expensive prints that I sell. So far, I’ve got 60 opt-on subscribers to my email list, and I am telling everyone I know about it, so it’s starting to grow nicely. My first goal is to have 1000 readers. I’ll see how quickly I can accomplish it. Take care, Todd”

From Mickey, a real estate broker:

“I want to say thank you for the inspiration and encouragement that I received through your publishing program. I recently published a 28 page booklet” Naples is Priceless “. This FREE booklet is being distributed through the Chamber of Commerce, banks, hotels etc. With over 25 years as a Naples Realtor I can now let potential real estate buyers gain knowledge and inside tidbits about this beautiful area. Again, thank you for helping me develop my potential. Micky”

In a moment I’ll also introduce the business that Michelle created. But let’s leave Michelle a bit mysterious for the moment. She’ll share ideas with you at the workshop and may even help you get hired by Merri and me. So let’s wait later in this letter to see how.

You’ll be able to see the publications of all these self publishers at the resource guide below. First, here’s how the workshop will unfold.

On Wednesday, January 30 we’ll all meet at the Marriott Hotel in Tampa Airport (more about the importance of this hotel in a moment). Merri and I will have already flown in from Ecuador . We’ll meet up and get to know one another around 6 pm that evening but this is mainly a night for rest.

The workshop refines 35 years of experience into its most essential points. All of us will have to work intensely to cram everything into three days. Merri and I are spending Wednesday as a day of rest so we’ll be prepared. We want you to be ready as well.

This workshop is being conducted by Merri and me but sponsored by AWAI. We will be hosting the event along with Katie Yeakle and Denise Ford of AWAI and we’ll personally work to assure that all who attend can create their own publication.

On Thursday, January 31 April 23rd, we’ll at 9 a.m. sharp, get to work.

We’ll begin be learning the big picture…100 years of history and technological study that takes us to the here and now, the era of the story. The five industrial revolutions, how marketing, copywriting and publishing have morphed through these 100 years: The Era of the Foundry fueled by water, The Railway Era powered by steam, the eras of the Internal Combustion Engine, Jet -TV Plastic & Phone – the computer powered Information Era and now the Imagination Era powered by the internet that plays perfectly into your pocketbook and lifestyle.

Those who spotted the trends in each era early became the truly wealthy of that time.

Your knowledge of copywriting is the asset of the times…perfectly geared to the Imagination Era for five reasons:

#1: Copywriting tells stories and stories create value.

#2: This is the era of the story.

#3: Copywriting and your passions create the stories.

#4: Copywriting can let you remain small but profitable with the Long Tail.

#5: Copywriting can save you…even when you are wrong.

Next, I go over why the story is now king how to use this and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to create your own small publishing deals.

Then before lunch we’ll get into our first Story Review (some people call these Case Studies but we focus so much on the importance of the story we call them Story Reviews). These are live examples of how copywriters hire themselves and create tiny but wonderfully profitable niche market publication that work wonders in the Imagination Era.

One first review study is Starbucks, a definite product of the imagination era. The story is summed up in one word, “Grande”, which turns a 79 cent cup of coffee (no refills please) into an item worth four bucks. Then we think small and see how one smart niche marketer went a step further and fractured a niche away from Starbucks with coffee that’s so rare (from beans extracted from Civet-Cat poop no less) there are only 600 pounds of the stuff manufactured a year.

Profitable? This coffee sells for $41.67 a cup! They must be laughing at the people of Starbucks and you will too…laugh at the big boys on the streets of business…because this session shares how to take one tiny part of business away from the corporate giants, turn it into your small unique niche and beat these big guy’s pants off in the arena of competition and profits.

600 pounds of Civit –Cat Poop coffee a year? That’s small. One pound makes 32 cups though. Multiply this times 600 and viola you have $800,064. That’s niche and that’s profit…and it all works because of a superb story written by one smart copywriter.

Before we start our working lunch, we’ll look more deeply into this idea of “fracturing ideas” to create our own niche. Starbucks, the gremlin of the coffee world, is our target and victim that day. Fracturing is accomplished by seeing a success…finding a small part of it that can be made better…more unusual…more unique…different…more profitable…available….or having a better story. Then we’ll shave off the fractured part and create our own niches. The nice thing is that the bloated giants like Starbucks are so busy making billions that they will not even notice that you have beaten them out of a few hundred thousand or so a year.

We’ll have a lunch break from 12 to 2. Lunch is available at a number of restaurants in the hotel and in the airport. You’ll have an assignment. There’s not time to “just eat”. We have to capture and work through 35 years! Your first task….fracture a product suited for the imagination era using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

About the Tampa Airport Marriott Hotel. There is a bit of a mystery here….about fate which I’ll reveal later. All, I’ll say now is that I am pleased this airport was selected for three reasons. Now is the time to reveal the first. Fracturing requires looking around…seeing where the world is going….seeing the newest, most innovative services and stuff. Few places are as good as airport shops to do this.

Ladies and gentlemen…start your engines. Exit the Marriott eat…walk…look. Let the fracturing begin!

In the afternoon, we’ll dive into the 7 Ps of self publishing. Passion, Problem, Person, profitably priced Product, pathways to Prospects, Promise and Presentation.

Then we get down to brass tacks by placing the ideas you have fractured under the first magnifying glasses of Passion, Problem and Person. This is the beginning of your first perfect product so you can become your own perfect client.

I’ll talk about how copywriting and your passions create the stories and look at the all powerful “Golden Rule of Simplicity…Your Passions Represent Markets”.

Merri and I will both show you how to follow your passion to the market and use your passion to find “Prospecting Pathways” and “Presentation Templates” that are the drivers of your business.

Merri’s publishing skills and history, by the way, exceed mine. She began her own import business selling products form Italy , Germany and Mexico though space ads she wrote in the New Yorker, Sunday NY Times, Smithsonian, House & Garden, House Beautiful, and other magazines. Then she formed an ad agency and edited and published hundreds of books, brought a bankrupt magazine to award winning status as executive editor to Gulf Shore Life (which recently sold to the Robb Reports for $23 million dollars), has edited over 1400 writers and was even offered the top female editor at the National Enquirer working directly with Generoso Pope (which she politely turned down).

Then we’ll move into stories and structures that create perceived value. We’ll review a number of stories and how to use the seven Ps to develop them. For example. We’ll see how you can buy a bar of William’s Shaving Soap (since 1840) for $1.89 at most any drug store.

Then we’ll look at how J Peterman fractured this product and now sells his 1903 Concentrated Shaving Cream for $27 in his catalogue.

What is the difference in the soap? The shave? The price? Simply the story.

We’ll then return to and chip away at your fractured publishing ideas to refine the most valuable asset you have in your business armory….your imagination.

Finally around 5 pm, we’ll stop working as one large group. However, that is not the end of the educational, evolutionary process that will by now be whirling away. You’ll have enough momentum and information to refine your first small business idea. That’s what you’ll be assigned to do.

We won’t want you to work too late. We still have a lot to do on Friday and Saturday.

Saturday, I already know what will happen. You’ll all be sitting around with others buzzing over your ideas. I’ll have to force you back to group work at 9 a.m. because you’ll have such a head of steam you won’t want to stop talking. However, I hope that you have followed Merri’s and my example and had a good night’s sleep. Experience suggests that some of you in your excitement, will have worked through the night. You might not get to sleep now because today we’re going to accomplish three days work in a day!

We’ll start with a review of your assignments. No red marks or stars by the way…just feedback and a gentle coaxing toward the ways to create winning self published products.

Then we’ll get into the Imagination Era’s three demographic subgroups and what these buyers want. Our focus this morning will be on the 4th P, the Profitably Priced Product and the four qualities a successful niche product must have today:

#1: Stories with authenticity, meaning and roots.

#2: Stories true to the heart.

#3: Stories with conflict.

#4: Stories with passion.

The “why” of these four qualities is fascinating and so impossibly important, yet simple, that knowing it is worth the entire investment you make in the workshop. Here it is quick, down and dirty… knowledge worth millions.

There are three main demographic subgroups in the Western World. One is dying out. One controls everything but the third is rapidly rising….growing so fast that it can take down even a big organization like Starbucks (which it did in England) if ignored. Yet this third group (whom you will write and publish for) is at least partially ignored by every large corporation in the world. They all make the same cheesy error and this huge mistake creates fracturing opportunities for you….which will be the tiny, but immensely profitable small publisher.

We go on to our next Story Review about small niches that Merri and I have fractured. How we beat a publisher that’s 1,500 times larger in this niche and how we have made an extra $13,090 between January 1 and Oct 29, 2007, when this invitation was written. Then we’ll look at how that $13,090 of sales led to tens of thousands more.

We’ll break for lunch (same as Thursday but your new assignment will either refine your product or start another in light of new knowledge you have gained). Then at 2 pm it’s back to work:

In the afternoon, Merri and I look at how to match your passion to the National Psyche by studying the NY Times & USA Today best seller lists. We’ll see how Harry Potter, the DaVinci Code and other top selling books provide magical clues that lead to successful products, stories and marketing.

Then it’s time to jump into the internet, the “Mother of all Self Published Products” because we can eliminate the self publisher’s two largest expenses: printing and postage. Yet most businesses use the internet in exactly the wrong way. They try to broadcast over the net.

We’ll learn how to be more effective with an internet business that allows you to remain small but increase your profit with broadband. We look at how to attain profitability with the Long Tail. We’ll look into how business has left the era of broadcast (one message reaches millions most efficiently). We are now in the era of broadband where it is most efficient to send millions of different (small niche) messages to one person each.

And – we’ve invited a special guest to help as well, because now is time to hit the most vital part of the workshop…self publishing at its ultimate…over the internet.

We’ll introduce Michelle O’Toole. Michelle is special because she has developed her internet only business after accepting our earlier invitation to attend a workshop last year.

There is a specific reason why we invited her to speak with you. Merri and I began one of the first ezines around. We have operated our website now for nearly a decade and have thousands of posted pages.

No matter how we cut it, it’s hard for us to think like and need the techniques required for someone who is just beginning. Michelle started her website from our workshop with no internet experience at all. She has built her internet, self publishing business entirely by herself. She is fresh with all the latest techniques, attitudes, worries and concerns required to help you start as an absolute beginner.

Michelle recently wrote: “Hi Guys, I have been working my tail off applying the stuff that I learned from both your publishing seminar. Amazing how much meat I keep pulling out of those conferences! I want you to be the first ones to know that I just finished my first e-book: “A Practical Guide to Social Security Disability Benefits”. I am very excited!

“You have no idea how much I have learned and continue to learn from both of you and how my life has changed since I met you. Having learned from you the basic premise of diversification, how to follow your passion and tap into your personal knowledge base, I seem to have one opportunity after another present itself and I am making the best of it. The really exciting thing is that this has allowed me to build a foundation which I continue to use to launch my new endeavors. The possibilities are endless!

“Here’s an Update : “I get on average 368 – 522 visits per day! And I rank in the top 2 pages of Google search for tons of keywords below are just a few:

holistic living tips 1 and 2 out of 1,620,000

definition healthy spirit 1 and 2 out of 1,840,000

emotional healthy living 1 out of 2,060,000

Benefits of Healthy Living 6 and 7 out of 2,420,000

holistic wealth 3 out of 1,810,000

definition of healthy 7 out of 2,910,000

healthy holistic living 2 and 3 out of 1,980,000

holistic living Google 14 out of 2,300,000

holistic health tips 10 out of 1,960,000

“ Gary you are right the internet is the Great Equalizer! See what I have published,

My best to you as always, Michelle”

Merri and I make millions from our rather large web site. Michelle is an exciting beginner who is gaining international exposure and prestige. We’ll weave our experience and her inexperience together so you see how to use the internet from top to bottom…simple to complex.

Then Merri and I will jump in and talk about owning phrases and words through search engine optimization and strategic alliances.

For example, in my tiny business one way we grow the business organically is to get our satisfied clients to talk or write about us. We want as many people as we can saying…”Hey, look up Gary Scott”. Thus we need to just about own that phrase on the web.

Do a Google search of my name to see if I know what I am talking about…unfortunately Gary Scott is a very common name! Though it changes every day I just did and ranked #1, #3, #19, #22, #33, #45 and #49. In other words, anyone who looks for me on Google will find me on any one of the first five pages.

In another example, one of our small self publishing businesses is a multi currency educational service, earned from one internet website alone $ 37,094 from January 1 to Oct 28, 2007. (This was only part of the income earned from that publication.)

These extra earnings come in part because we own the words “multi currency”. At Google searching the phrase multi currency investing I just now (October 25,) found my name at #1 and #8.

Multi-currency investment I was #1. Multi-currency investing, #1 and #3 and multi currency investments, #1 and #4. Part of these rankings are for my sites. Others come from other sites where I have strategic alliances. My goal is to make the name “Gary Scott” synonymous with the phrase “Multi Currency Investing”. Then the top ranking with our name does the rest…getting readers to eventually reach our site, catalog shopping cart and place an order.

We will look at this entire structure, how to create the site, get the Google (Yahoo and other search engines) rankings, set up the catalogue, shopping cart, process the orders…bank the cash…everything you need.

Onto the next session. We’ll look at another self publishing miracle. How to use your passion to find & translate target ads. The key lessons here are threefold and vitally important.

#1: Translating ads eliminates that dreaded “blank page” syndrome once and for all….forever! This little tidbit is a remarkable technique for copywriters even who do not want to self publish. For example I’ll show you how I got Louis L’Amour, J. Peterman and an award winning team of catalog copywriters to kick start my copy for me…free…for nothing…nada…no fees and how you can too…every single day.

#2: Translating ads is universally powerful because it transfers your passion to the hearts of others just like you…chemically, perhaps even at a quantum level.

#3: Translating ads is so simple that you’ll be able to do it immediately. I’ll prove it by quitting for the day and sending you on your next assignment in the airport…right after we sew up one final batch of really important information.

We’ll look at the fifth and Sixth Ps the “Pathway to Prospects” and “Promise”.

Merri and I outline our passions and how they create desires. Desires are problems and our problems represent markets. Our internet business has many websites that create multiple streams of income. One site alone so far this year has generated $159,090 just from sales that came to the internet shopping cart not to mention all the other sources. These internet sales built up in five ways….Repeat Customers…Word of Mouth…Search Engine Optimization…Pay Per Click and Strategic Alliances.

You will now see how the tiny email list, a mere 3,866 addresses as of October 27th, at just one of our many websites is able to generate this six figure income (and sometimes seven figures) year after year in these ways.

Our free daily message makes the six and seventh P, again and again the Promise and Presentation in editorial ways. We’ll study this and how the system leads to spurts that push the income up into the millions quickly.

Then off for your assignment, dinner. At this stage we generally see rather large groups forming around Michelle. We have given up on trying to slow this down and tell her “forget sleeping much tonight.” We just hope that some of you get a good’s night sleep. The excitement that builds by this time of the workshop often interferes with the dream process. Ideas for reports, publishing ideas, businesses, stories, new lifestyles and bigger profits come rushing forth even though you are trying for sheep.

Regardless, on Saturday February 1, – as before, we’ll start at 9 a.m. sharp and remain intensely focused until noon.

This morning we’ll look at the entire 6 Ps of your product and work on the 7th, the Presentation….that you will have developed overnight. This part will have been the easiest because you are already a copywriter. Your existing background applied to your translation technique, means you’ll whip out your first presentation pretty easily.

Then I’ll unfold a great true story how one of my (many) complete screw ups earned over two million extra dollars. This would be comical if the huge error had not earned so much money. This is point #5: Copywriting can save you…even when you are wrong.

Then you’ll know how to miss the mark entirely and still land in a pile of cash. To sum up the lesson of this session: Wrong Time…Corrupted Data…Incorrect Assumptions…Correct Story…Still Earned Millions.

Before Merri and I wrap up the entire process by noon which will be the official end of the workshop – (we know some of you will have to leave then) we’ll outline our strategic alliance deal.

Here is the essence of the deal. We have three internet products. They are up and running, spotting, and

Our businesses have grown so fast that we cannot spend the time we need to on them. So we are looking for joint venture strategic alliances. If you choose, you have 21 days after the course to come up with a project plan using the seven Ps to improve and perfect one of these three existing internet self published businesses.

If we like your ideas the best, we will form a strategic alliance with you.

Here is what we guarantee to do. We have three self published products up and running. We will take on three strategic alliances with three delegates from the workshop for the next six months. We’ll pay each new venture partner $1,000 up front to begin and a sizable percentage of the sales…depending on margins.

We’ll guarantee this share of income for six months. We’ll keep the deal even longer based on agreed sales targets being met.

Here is what we might do if we like what we see. We have four more websites we may put into strategic alliances…but we’ll decide this after starting the first three. If we add these extra sites, everyone (not already in an alliance) from the workshop will be invited to submit a project plan.

Wouldn’t this be fateful that this Golden thread from Hong Kong , 35 years ago and my horror over losing my job then, creates a whole new career for you now?

Fate. One more important comment on this. The hotel. As mentioned earlier in this invitation there is a bit of a mystery and three reasons why this venue is special.

The first reason is that the airport is full of shops and ideas that we can fracture to create new publications.

The second is that our daughter Cheri, her husband, Shawn, and our grandson (the love of our lives) Garren live a short drive from Tampa . We’ll be heading back to Ecuador after the workshop but not before we visit them and enjoy playing in the adventurous world of those that are five. The minute we complete the workshop we’ll be skeedaddling over to Garren’s house (as he calls it).

Now fate and the third surprise about this hotel. Along with the hundreds of books, reports, courses and other published products Merri and I have created, I wrote one novel that was published seven years ago, “The 65th Octave”.

When Katie told me that AWAI had selected the Tampa Airport Marriott, I knew something special was about to unfold. I rushed to my bookshelf, pulled down my copy of The 65th and quickly thumbed through the pages. There it was, second paragraph page 118…sentences three and two. Here is what I wrote…seven years ago that Katie has never seen. ” Tampa was among his favorite airports. For year he had kept a permanent suite at the Marriott Airport Hotel.”

What a story. Out of 73,000 plus hotels in the USA , Katie picked the one from my adventure novel. This is the type of thing Merri and I watch for…clues showing us that we are moving toward the right crossroads.

Thus we expect this workshop to be somehow be very special.

Is this mysterious…or hogwash? That’s your choice, but in the workshop you’ll discover the importance of having mystery in your products!

This Marriott by the way is also perfect for this workshop in one other way. Staying here will enhance the pleasurable aspect to the experience. Of 141 hotels in Tampa , this Marriott is ranked #5.

There is a message here as we’ll learn in the workshop why we generally want to avoid being #1. Number three through ten, especially on search engines might miss an accolade or two but will make more money.

Take for example, one of the websites that we are going to use for a strategic alliance. If you search Google for the phrase “spotting investment trends”, you’ll see that we are ranked #1 and #2. That’s okay because this is a building phrase aimed at getting on Google’s first page for the more important phrase, “Spotting Trends” where we are #9. Any place on the front page can be enough and even better because everyone wants to be #1. This is especially true with Pay per Click which we review in detail. Number #1 can lose money because of the high cost of intense competition. Small niche businesses stay down just enough to keep costs low and profits up.

Here is a typical review about the hotel and some of their comments:

“Being able to take a two minute indoor walk from the Tampa International Airport to the Tampa airport Marriott is a big advantage compared to other hotels shuttle services. Many guests also comment on how quiet our Tampa airport guest rooms are since we have triple paned windows to eliminate all outside noise and rate our service as unparallel comparing us to five star resorts. The rotating rooftop restaurant, CK’s, is pleasant and first class offering spectacular Tampa city views. Other outlets include room service, casual restaurant and a deli style cart for quick on-the-go meals. Experience the Marriott Tampa Airport ’s luxurious new bedding system and enjoy a refreshingly new take on sleep. Slip into comfort with our cotton-rich linens and fluffier extra pillows. All this topped with a heavenly down comforter.”

We could not choose a better place because nowhere are consumer markets advancing faster than in airport shops. We’ll use this vibrant atmosphere to help us “fracture your products” and “translate your new stories.”

Let’s end this with a summary:

We meet at the Tampa Airport Marriott. It’s located in the airport itself. No car…no taxi no hotel shuttle required.

We’ll have our sessions in a meeting room but also do a lot of work in the airport itself…looking around. Observing…learning…fracturing and translating.

Remember, Merri and I will pay a fee and royalties and turn over the marketing of three and perhaps even seven of our websites. The earnings may be much more than modest, and your success could open the doors to a number of major businesses…some of the largest in their industries.

One more thing: You can bring anything you want to work on to the retreat – any publishing or business idea you might have. Our goal is to help you create your own product so you can be your own perfect client. The workshop will help you come up with new ideas…but if you already have one, Merri and I will be glad to help you with it.

Okay, how about your cash investment? The cost of the workshop.

As I said earlier, Merri and I have been self publishing for 35 years and we make millions. This invitation provides access to information we share with only a very limited group.

The cost of the workshop is going to be $2,450. Travel, room fees, and meals other than those I specified are your responsibility.

We expect to be full. 400 delegates were at AWAI’s Bootcamp (which was in the same price range) and some have already enrolled

However I asked Katie Yaekle if I could offer a discount to my readers. She agree to a $300 discount if you enroll before December 1.

So your fee will be $2,150 if you enroll early at

What we have done right is what makes this such a deal. If Merri and I had AWAI and the workshop 35 years ago I believe we would have hundreds of millions instead of tens of millions.

So, that’s the price. If this was not a good value for all you’re getting, so many delegates would not have sent us raves and recommendations for it.

If you want to join us for the $300 discount, here’s what you have to do:

Step 1: You have to register immediately. Go to Self Publishing Workshop

Step 2: Wait for our email giving you details about what to say when you call The Tampa Airport Marriott reservations.

Step 3: Make your travel arrangements. Just get to Tampa Airport . From there the hotel is a short walk. If you need assistance with flights, let us know and we’ll give you a number to call.

Step 4: We’ll send you all the preparatory material for the retreat, so when you arrive you’ll be ready to go. We’re going to be learning from the first minute, and we want you to be ready.

Step #5: Show up.

Step #6: Get back home from the workshop Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Step #7. Monday…February 4, 2008. Hire yourself. You can now be your perfect client.

Please, act immediately if you want to participate. Reserve your place right now! Simply click here to register: Self Publishing Workshop

Hope to see you there.

Best regards,

Gary Scott

P.S. This is a chance to experience the dream life of a Self Publisher so you can be your own best client.

We’re going to work hard the entire time we are there, and you’re going to have the opportunity to start a strategic alliance with one of our website products.

But the effects of the workshop or its benefits will end on Sunday. They’ll just begin.

One of the finest benefits you gain will be new like-minded friends. Our previous workshop delegates have stuck together…formed support groups and helped each other develop, grow and profit. This is called an “old boys network” in some places. Every major university and educational system has one…this invisible power because “who you know”, not just “what you know” works. We’ll encourage this so your alumni group can enhance your efforts whenever required.

Secondly, you get that brand new perfect client.

Finally, you’ll have a chance to send your strategic alliance proposal to work with Merri, Michelle and me.

So register today!

Self Publishing Workshop

May I share two final examples of how big, your little self publishing business can become from our workshop?

Ed Sabo a long time friend, who had just retired from a 30 year career in the oil industry joined our program. His passion was to learn more about health and looking at the deep, more spiritual aspects of life since he had ended a financially successful career. He has gone on to publishing the leading healthy living magazine in Houston where he lives.

Not only does he publish 20,000 copies of a 48-64 page magazine on healthy living every month, he has been able to meet and work with leading health and spiritual leaders like Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dwyer and even the Dali Llama. What a thrill.

Mark McMahon, another successful self publisher wrote :

“MY HEAD IS STILL SPINNING from all of the valuable input I received. Out in the boonies, three hours from the airport in Charlotte , North Carolina it was not your typical setting for a business seminar.

“It was presented by a fascinating guy with an interesting career history. Gary Scott and his wife Merri split their time between their idyllic farm in North Carolina and their property in the mountains of Ecuador . I first heard about Gary through my interest in Ecuador .

“By his own admission, Gary is often ‘a bit ahead of the curve’ which is part of what makes his material interesting. You sense the authenticity of what he is saying but it has not caught on in the mainstream media or pop-culture.

“The input is that is already affecting my life was not just from the instructor, but from other participants. The small group, less than twenty, seemed to be intimately bonded as soon as the seminar started. People from all walks of life and all parts of the country gained insights from the information that was geared to create a ‘life’ of your choosing more so than just a successful business. A very simple but powerful concept. Why do we want the money in the first place?

“The lifestyle aspect of the course was taught by example. We, as a group, were temporarily inserted directly into the lifestyle led by Gary and Merri. No better way to learn than by doing.

“The course content suited my needs very nicely. It addressed issues pertinent to FilmTrips and my marketing company, MJ New life has been injected into several FilmTrips projects that had been languishing on a back burner for quite some time. Gary talks about being open to ‘connect the dots’ and take advantage of distortions or discrepancies between economies and countries. I am in a very good position to do that. Telephone and Internet technology has certainly arrived to help make it happen. I will keep you posted!”

Mark then gave us a nice link at his website. Merri and I could not be prouder of what Mark has accomplished. He is a popular speaker…and is speaking at in International Living seminar in Panama as I finish this note to you. He is currently launching his self published book, “Driving to the End of the World” and even this early in his writing career, he is being compared to celebrated writers such as Paul Theroux and Jimmy Buffet. “Praise for the book, even before publication, has been astounding” said Mark Victor Hanson, co-author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul Series”.

In the workshop we learn how to use the “Business Evolutionary Process.” Start with a small idea. Let the idea build enthusiasm. Let the enthusiasm lead you to an education. Let the education create action. The action will bring a financial profit or loss…plus always…deeper ideas…so you can start small and grow.

This is what Ed, and Mark and the others who have accepted Merri’s and my invitation have done and are doing now….as are we. A never ending process for all.

We hope you will join this growth process with us. If you do, this letter…the invitation and the workshop will be fateful and fun. But be careful. This workshop may be an adventure that leads you to the end of the world as it did Mark McMahon. If you are willing to take that little chance… register today!

Resource Guide:

Does this all seem too good to be true? Check out these websites that were created by a few of those who attended our workshop. (A few self publications after attending Gary & Merri Scott’s workshop.)

Mark McMahon, Adventure Writer

Ed Sabo, Magazine Publisher

Michelle O’Toole, New mom

Micky Enright, Real Estate Broker

Todd Smith, Photographer

Jerusha, Anthropologist:

Sandra Burnett, Caterer and Restaurant owner:

To enroll and receive the $300 discount go to Self Publishing Workshop