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by | Nov 1, 2007 | Archives

Living abroad is not a bad option for Americans and the Barron’s article we looked at in our recent message suggests that many Americans are taking this alternative.

Here is a note from a reader, a 25 year military veteran. His third point is especially important to remember as it remembers that Americans should be proud of their American ideal. He wrote:

” Gary , The article by Bob Adams was extremely well written and right on point. Here are three thoughts.

“1) If America ‘s leadership is not careful, they may very well wake up one morning with virtually no one to lead. As someone who served this country for 25 years this saddens me to no end, but we have no one to blame but ourselves.

“2) ‘The Silent Emigration’ that was described in the article is a very polite description of what’s actually happening. A more accurate term would be ‘The Silent Exodus’. Anytime 10% of the population decides to leave and the people in charge fail to notice, you know that things are really rotten to the core at the top.

“3) In my estimation, the real reason so many Americans are leaving is the ‘secret’ that one discovers as you travel:

“Americans feel more American abroad than they do in their own country. There, I said it.

“My Dad told me this right before I enlisted in the Army.

“And he was right, of course. American expat communities are naturally closer and more caring…partially due to self-preservation and partially due to the fact that all the social barriers that exist domestically come tumbling down overseas. People end up realizing that we’re just Americans. Not African-Americans, not Asian-Americans, not Italian or Scottish-Americans. Just Americans. I’m prouder of my country and what it stands for beyond its shores than I am within them.

“In essence, we can BREATHE.

“Then we return home – and reality sets in.

“So yes, Americans are leaving in droves and this trend will most likely continue for years to come. It will stop only when America ‘s people feel their country has more to offer inside its borders than it does beyond them. But given the current trend, I don’t think this is going to happen anytime

soon. Anyway, I really enjoyed the article, Gary . Bon Voyage to Ecuador !

Best Regards,”

America is such a beautiful country…in every season as evidenced by this picture of our first frost this year here in the Blue Ridge .

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