The Secret of Freedom and Wealth

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The secret of freedom and wealth can come from self publishing.

35 years ago, I was broke and in debt. In a state of total desperation I began searching for a way out of the rat race… looking for financial independence, fulfillment and fun.I feared deep down that what I wanted was impossible. Nevertheless, I searched high and low literally all over the world. Yet surprisingly, I found the best opportunity was in my own back yard as well as practically everywhere…a system…in self publishing.This required very little money, could grow as fast as I required, offered freedom, enjoyment and allowed me to live wherever I chose!Now because modern technology and the internet make this system even easier to use, while I am traveling to Ecuador I want to share the seven secrets that compose the system of everlasting wealth. These seven secrets are so powerful, they can help you earn millions on a full or part time basis and yet allow you to have more fun and enjoyment at the same time.The quest that led to these secrets began by observing exceedingly rich people. “How do they make and keep their wealth?” was my leading question.Most millionaires it turns out make their money in business. So this quest refocused on looking at small businesses where the owners were rich.This is where I stumbled upon the seven secrets that have brought my wife, Merri, and me such wealth….in money but even more so in satisfaction and life style.How rich? The secrets have brought me millions in the bank, a 252 acre farm in the Blue Ridge where we live in the summer. Here is an autumnal shot of the farm.

Merrily Farms at Little Horse Creek – Far From the Madding CrowdHere is our office that sits in the woods overlooking Little Horse Creek.

What a place to work!In the winter we enjoy sunny Ecuador either at our hacienda, or the colonial we have been able to buy or at our house sitting on a mountain top. We have an Ecuador hacienda with almost 800 cares but spend most of our time in a small village where we have purchased and oversee a colonial inn. Here is the Inn, right on this village square, on a comfortable quiet winter’s night…El Meson de las Flores .

Here is the village square.

We enjoy our colonial hotel in this tiny Andean village that lays between two huge (inactive) volcanoes. This is the village square, a perfect place to meet our friends who come from around the world to visit in this courtyard….all because of copywriting and self publishing!

We also owned condos (not the units but entire buildings) in Ecuador and have numerous other properties, plus not a penny of debt. No mortgages, no loans outstanding, no partners…just land, buildings, stock, bonds and cash.The money, though, is the least important part of what we have to share. The freedom, the satisfaction, happy family, fun, fulfillment and ability to serve others are what count.Plus, even in our 60s, when others only hope to retire, we can, without a thought of the financial consequences.Yet we would not even considered retiring! We are still very active, healthy and enjoying a really a good life…because we are having so much fun!Yet there is even more. We have helped thousands of readers over the year enjoy this type of earnings, and freedom. Helping others is perhaps the best benefit of the self publishing system.Here is the first of seven secrets in this system of self publishing that can bring everlasting wealth:Self Publishing Secret #1:What you write must enjoy the multiple effect. A product once created should produce profits again and again, almost on a never-ending basis…without a great deal of additional work on your part. Each of your efforts in this way should add to a long term stream of income.Three of the wealthiest women in the world are perfect examples of this principle. According to Forbes magazine only 7% of the world’s billionaires are women. Most gained their wealth through inheritance. Yet some of these women billionaires are self-made, like Meg Whitman, Oprah Winfrey and J.K. Rowling. All three use the multiple affect.Whitman at eBay helped create an auction program. Once this program was set, it earns again and again, millions, day in and day out.J. K. Rowling is another perfect example. She only had to write each Harry Potter book once, then let the sales and royalties keep pouring in.Once Oprah writes an article or tapes a TV show, it is reproduced, syndicated, reprinted and each time it runs, she adds to her wealth through no extra effort.I used the multiple effect in a much smaller, but highly successful way, by self publishing when I spotted a huge trend 35 years ago that almost everyone else ignored…the falling US dollar. Being a habitual traveler and having lived all over the world, I saw that the greenback was always headed down. I started publishing information about this fact.I wrote and self published a report about this. The report had one simple message…”the dollar is headed south…invest in other currencies”. This report has been selling for decades…each copy earning me a nice fat chunk of cash even though no real extra effort has been required on my part.This self publishing profits have been hugely enhanced because I have been able to also sell the report myself. I earn in three ways…as the author…the marketeer and the publisher!Many successful writers are also self publishers. They have at least one small business where they hire themselves as their own best client. After all, if we can sell products and services for others why not to ourselves?Not all of us will become billionaires but many of us can become multi-millionaires these seven self publishing secrets, especially when we take advantage of the multiple effect though self publishing.Part II looks at the second secret that comes from the power of passion. Until then, may all your business be good.GaryP.S. Learn about my Online Writers and Publishers Course “Self Fulfilled – How to be a Self Publisher”at