Ecuador Real Estate Benefits Now – Three Lifts in Ecuador

by | Oct 29, 2007 | Archives

Ecuador Real estate benefits keep piling up. Three lifts have come to Ecuador that add extra investment potential now.

First our Ecuador Living service recently informed its subscribers about the benefits of 555. One of the EL updates said:

“The 555 Plan is an idea to stimulate small business activity. Small business people can go to a state bank called Banco de Fomento and apply for a $5,000 loan at a 5% interest rate, payable over 5 years.

“In just the Ibarra branch of the state bank, since the spring, there have been 600 applications of which 420 have been approved and $2,100,000 has been lent.

“That paints an encouraging picture for the amounts loaned throughout the country – we can surmise that more than $100 million, possibly several hundred million, has been lent because Imbabura’s business activities definitely represent less than 10% of the country’s economy and possibly only 1-2 %.

“It’s too early for the results of this stimulus to be felt yet, but what can be surmised is that there is definitely a demand for loans at reasonable rates of interest amongst the small business community.”

The second lift came when Ecuador was named by International Living as the second best country in the world for retirement. Now a third really special lift is coming.


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The third new lift is 555 Real Estate. Steve has just informed me that the 555 Plan has been extended to real estate. Steve writes:

“There are plans to extend the 555 scheme to real estate. Ecuador ‘s social security system has millions in reserves and is planning a major release of funds in the form of loans at fixed interest rates for the purchase and repair of real estate. The money will be delivered in stages.

“Stage one will be mortgages up to $50,000 on existing real estate for 5 to 25 years. Phase two will provide 15 year loans for remodeling and repair. Phase three will provide loans for construction.

“Interest rates will run between 8.5% and 11%. Applicants will need down payments of 20%. Monthly repayments must not be more than 35% of total family earnings.

“It is estimated that there will be at least 500,000 loan applicants.”

This could have a huge added lift on Ecuador real estate prices.


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