Multi Currency Investments as the Dollar Falls More

by | Oct 28, 2007 | Archives

Multi currency investments really make sense as the US dollar falls but I wonder about an October 24, 2008 Bloomberg article. This article about investing in multi currencies by Marcel van de Hoef and Danielle Rossingh entitled “Jim Rogers Shifts Assets Out of Dollar to Buy Yuan”says:

“Jim Rogers, chairman of Beeland Interests Inc., said he is shifting all his assets out of the dollar and buying Chinese yuan because the Federal Reserve has eroded the value of the U.S. currency.

“I’m in the process of — I hope in the next few months — getting all of my assets out of U.S. dollars,” said Rogers, 65, who correctly predicted the commodities rally in 1999. “I’m that pessimistic about what’s happening in the U.S. “

The article went on to say that Rogers expects the Chinese currency to quadruple in the next decade and that he is holding on to commodities such as platinum, gold, silver and palladium.

When an article like this appears ask yourself, “what is going on”? Of course he is getting out of the greenback. Rogers worked with George Soros and has been a multi currency investors for decades. The question is “why is he making a big deal statement like this now?”

International investment trends often reveal themselves in the shadows…not what’s being said but why or when.

This means that many clues we can use to choose good multi currency investments are not obvious. Global investment hints are subtle and I believe this note is a clue. I am just not sure what to yet.

We need to keep an eye on the dollar. There are many downward forces on the greenback now. Yet would Rogers make an announcement like this before he makes the major move himself?

Let’s watch, see and enjoy Sunday.

Your wondering friend


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