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Water and light investments offer great potential. This does not negate the need to suit such investments to your needs. Three messages, one about investing in water and light investments, reached me yesterday that together help share a vital point about good investing.

The first came from Canada and the reader wrote:

“Hi Gary . I have just returned from the Jyske Bank and opened an account. I met with my new account manager. I requested Thomas Fischer but because I am from Canada they said I had to go to the other side of the building that handles Canadian accounts. When I asked my manager about the Green Portfolio he did not know very much. Do you have any pull at this bank to have me assigned to your people? I have read your great emails for about 3 years and feel like part of your extended family. When they asked me what I wanted to invest in I simply replied what ever Gary is up to. Thank you.”

Here is my reply.

“Thanks for getting in touch. We are glad to have you in the family. You have raised an interesting question. Due to a myriad of regulations all banks have to observe with US clients, Jyske has a specific group that handles Americans. Thomas Fischer heads this division up. Yet perhaps as many as 30% of my readers are Australian, Canadian, English, New Zealanders, South Africans and others that range from as far as Iceland to Tahiti .

Some account managers at Jyske take my ezine. Others do not, so even if you were in the US sector your manager might not know a lot about our model portfolios. This is a huge bank with nearly half a million clients.

“So show your manager the portfolio. I work hard to avoid having readers do exactly what you are trying to do though, “tell your bank advisor to do just do as I do”. Please see yesterday’s message for more on this at https://www.garyascott.com/2007/10/26/1852.html

Instead review these portfolios with your account manager and work with him or her to see what best fits you needs.

There are five portfolios we track. I do not invest in any of them, but do use parts of several that suit my financial situation. Your account advisor’s job is to help you create a portfolio that suits your circumstances. The five portfolios we track are each very different and some of them may not suit your needs. The goal of our multi currency service is to help you learn ideas so you can better discuss your account and direct your account manager in developing a portfolio that suits your individual needs. Regards, Gary ”


You can subscribe to our Multi Currency Educational Service. Our last update for the year is in and I have 18 new investments I will be disclosing to subscribers shortly. You can subscribe at https://www.garyascott.com/catalog/bldh


The same day I received the note above I also read this email.

“Gary and Merri, My name is Stephen Burnett and I have been referred to you by a subscriber to your service. I felt guided to let you know about our company, Remote Light, Inc. that has very substantial global Intellectual Property in the UV Drinking Water Purification and Disinfection area, UV Wastewater Purification and Disinfection area, and UV Air Purification and Disinfection area. We recently were granted our UV Wastewater Purification and Disinfection patent for China , our UV Air Purification and Disinfection patent for Japan , and our UV Drinking Water Purification and Disinfection patent for Europe . This is in addition to another roughly 40 granted patents globally in these same areas. We have another 80 granted patents in the visible lighting space, and approximately another 40 patents in process.

“Please visit our website at www.remotelight.com. You will see that many experts are stating that our technology is revolutionary and radically different than what is out there now. We have partnered with UTEK, a publicly traded technology transfer company (ticker “UTK”–AMEX exchange), to license our technology to multi-nationals, like GE Water, Honeywell, etc. This process has just started so no funds have actually come into the company yet. If you believe that there could be some synergy here, we are in a position to take on a few additional investors. I can forward you our “Patent Portfolio Valuation Report for Remote Light, Inc.” and our “IP Analysis, Strategic Partner Search and Commercialization Plan”.

“Now that we recently were granted our UV Drinking Water patent for Europe , we need to validate the patent in the 15 various countries. I am trying to get these fees covered with some current investors, but may not be able to in time. This is why I’m feeling guided to send you this email. We need $75,000 by October 31. I will forward you the letter from our patent attorney regarding the granting of the UV European Drinking Water patent and the fee schedule to have that patent validated in the various countries. Please visit our site and contact me if you would like to discuss this opportunity further. Best regards,

Stephen Burnett

Co-Founder Remote Light, Inc.

910-274-4760 (m)”

Email: Jstephenburnett@aol.com

I love this idea and if you have been reading these messages for long, you know we love investments in water. However my reply gives a better clue on how I think about this.

“Stephen, We have heard about your business a couple of times and I am very interested in what you are doing. We have been encouraging investors to invest in water any way they can for many years. Hyflux in Singapore and Kurita Water Purification have been among the shares we wrote and about and track in a Green Portfolio we formed with Denmark ’s second largest bank last year. That portfolio is now up 265% since last November.

“However, I am not the guy to contact for venture capital. This is a highly lucrative area for those who do it, but our publishing focus is mainly on non US dollar, good value, listed shares and I am not a venture investor myself.

“Perhaps one of my readers will have an interest. I’ll also forward this note to one friend I have that I know invests in penny shares…I am not sure about ventures of this sort. If he is interested I am sure he will get in touch and do his due diligence.

“Good luck and please keep me informed. If your business reaches the stage of a listing we may want to let our readers know. Regards, Gary ”

The point here is that this could be a fabulous idea. However it is not the type of investment I try to invest in pure and simple. If my friend (who does invest in ventures) does invest and earns 1,000% I will not kick myself because I missed this opportunity. The way to be rich is not by grabbing every opportunity. There are too many! The key to success is to know what you do and do it well…stick to it!

Speaking of kicking oneself leads me to the third message received yesterday. This note came from one of the investment managers at Jyske Bank who was involved in the creation of the Green Portfolio. This portfolio is now up 266.36% since last November. I sent a letter congratulating the team for such an outstanding job in 2007.

This manager wrote:

“Thanks Gary , I kick myself for not buying into the funds myself (we are not allowed however to use leverage on our own positions).”

My reply:

“I and everyone else who did not buy these funds wish they had…in retrospect. Yet which one should we have chosen? The Green (up 266.63%)? The Emerging Market (Up 122.07%)? the Swiss Samba (up 53.24%)? the Dollar Short (up 48.16%)? The Dollar Neutral (up 38.45%)?

“My portfolio is most like the Dollar Short and I am happy with that. After due consideration last year that portfolio seemed to best suit my circumstance at that time. This was the most logical portfolio make up for me. The fact that it rose nearly 50% delights me even though the Green Portfolio is up more. I do not regret missing the 266.63% one bit.

“All of these portfolios are wonderful but as investors we can never look back…only forward. If we begin to think backwards we will always be unhappy. Even if we had the portfolio that rose 266.63% I am sure that somewhere some other portfolio, somewhere rose over 300%. Then we would kick ourselves for missing that.

“This is the point about our portfolios we most need to share with our readers. Every person’s portfolio should be tied to their specific circumstances. Seeing this wonderful performance is great but we must always remember that our goal is to help readers learn how to invest in a more balanced and integrated way so they feel better about their wealth…not worse because they are chasing or missing whatever high flyer happens to currently be coming by.”

I thank these three writers and hope the replies help bring more beauty and wealth to you.


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