Investments in Water

by | Oct 25, 2007 | Archives

Investments in water are proving themselves as we near the end of 2007 and the performance of the five portfolios we created for 2007 has been quite good.

The Green Portfolio has performed especially well because half the portfolio invests in shares that offer good value and invest in water purification.


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The four shares that are related to water purification are below.

Country & Currency   Company Invested Value Now
      Nov. 2006  
Frace EUR Seche Environnement 48,000.00 55,381.49
Denmark DKK Novozymes B 48,000.00 71,920.90
Japan JPY Kurita Water Industr.6370 51,000.00 85,489.92
Singapore SGD Hyflux Ltd 51,000.00 78,459.30

Despite this growth, these shares still represent good value because of the growth I the need for water.

The Green Portfolio has risen so dramatically this year in part because it has been leveraged two times. $100,000 was invested and $200,000 borrowed in Japanese yen.

Tomorrow’s message looks at why I have eliminated my leverage now.

Until then good global investing.


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