Water Investing Wars

by | Oct 24, 2007 | Archives

Water Investing makes even more sense now. These messages have recommended investing in water for many years. This is a can’t go down investing trend…in water

Our last two messages have looked at wars (WW IV and COLA) that will change economics forever. So too will the water war which is growing terribly worse faster than imagined.

Merri and I feel like we are living away from the maddening crowd on golden pond. In fact you can see that our pond just below the house is quite full and glorious in the fall. This was a good investment in water for us.

Yet while our springs rush forth with plenty of agua, even here we are caught in a 100 year drought. At our last conference our springs on the lower part of the land went dry. Many of our neighbors have had their springs dry up as well. This is why investing in water makes sense now.

The weather has been so dry that there is not enough hay for this winter. Farmers are in a state. They cannot afford to keep their cattle but prices are so low they can’t afford to sell.

Yet we have it good here compared to some of the big cities. Here are excerpts from a USA Today article of last week.

“AUSTELL, Ga. — Hundreds of homeowners in drought-ravaged communities across the Southeast are learning the hard way why a lush, green lawn might be a bad idea — they’re getting fined for watering their grass. People are turning in their neighbors for violating mandatory outdoor watering bans enacted in metro areas such as Atlanta and Charlotte . Smaller cities and counties are sending enforcement officers — some driving trucks emblazoned with bright yellow ‘Watering Ban Patrol’ signs — through neighborhoods to issue warnings, citations and fines.

“Much of Georgia is in a 100-year drought that has utilities scrambling to keep water flowing to metropolitan Atlanta . ‘Lake Lanier, which supplies more than 70% of Atlanta’s water, could run dry by January without rainfall or changes in the way the lake is managed,’ Gov. Sonny Perdue says.

“Outdoor watering has been banned in 61 of the state’s 159 counties. The U.S. Drought Monitor says 26% of the Southeast is in ‘exceptional drought,’ the most severe designation.”

Water scarcity is one reason why the Green Portfolio we track is now up 265.63% in less than a year.

We’ll look at this in more details tomorrow. Until then, may all your investments be cool and perhaps wet.


P.S. fall is bursting brilliantly here in the Blue Ridge . Here is a shot I just took.

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