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First. a note of concern. Watch the fate of the US dollar tomorrow.  1.42 dollars has been a resistance point.

Friday it crossed below that level and ended at about 1.425.  This could be the signal for another significant fall.

There are three ways that Merri and I protect against the US dollar’s drop are to stay in good health, live in places where costs are low ( Ecuador ) and invest in real estate in Small town USA and Ecuador .


Here is the story about how what we have learned in Ecuador helps our health.

How Our Ecuador Journey Began

On one of our first journeys to Ecuador we had the privilege of meeting a number of Taita Yatchaks (father of fathers). These are great healers and they often travel to many countries, Bolivia , Peru , Colombia , Mexico , Central America and Venezuela to share what they know about health and living with other great healers in each country.

The Taita Yatchaks are often third or fourth generation healers.  Here we are deep in an Andean jungle with one such Taita Yatchak.

During our time with these healers one group of leaders called Abuelos (old ones) told us that they had been given a 500 year prophesy (handed down generation after generation) that a time would come when the Eagle of the North would fly together with the Condor of the South. When this happened a great new equilibrium would be given to mankind.

This was a message of how to balance the heart and the mind and these Abuelos had been given the task of fulfilling this prophesy.

Because of work we had done in Ecuador to help the poor in this country, these Abuelos asked us to help them fulfill this task. They gave Merri the Grandfather’s healing stone, one of a Taita Yatchak’s most prized possessions and gave me the special healing feather, gifts we were told were very sacred. We were pretty puzzled, amazed and honored to say the least. To be part of a prophesy which was unveiled five hundred years ago is awfully humbling! Scary is probably a better word. Yet we felt compelled to accept.

When we started helping we did not know that the best was yet to come.

On our next trip we took a group of seminar delegates and booked the entire Hostería Uzhupud which is a charming colonial compound in a valley on the banks of the Paute River about 30 minutes from Cuenca .  The Hosteria has incredible grounds and amazing views of the countryside.  This was a glorious place where we could all stay and meet with the “old ones” there.

Our group met them on the lawn of the hacienda that sloped down to the river, under a huge willow tree.  The Taita Yatchak told us secrets about health, longevity, wealth, our past and our future. This was a man of wisdom and everyone was touched.

Then something special happened.

I had arranged for a special feather from North America to be presented to the Taita Yatchak as a token of appreciation for the feather that had been given to me. When it was presented to him, the look of wonder on his face was such I don’t think there was a dry eye in the crowd (and we had some tough, hard as nails business people with us).

The Taita Yatchak told us he was touched because this gift filled a prophesy which had been given to him years ago, one he believed would never happen.

He explained there was an unoccupied valley where only shamans had been allowed and no westerner or outsider had ever been. The old ones were protectors of this valley in the LLanganatis and kept it carefully guarded. But part of this prophesy was that when the time was right he would take a westerner to open this valley to the rest of the world. He said the feather we had brought was the signal that Merri and I should go into the valley. We had no idea then how special this valley was. Only later did we learn even in colonial times the Spanish had heard of this valley and believed it contained the fountain of youth. The valley is considered a spiritual center for the people in the Andes . They wanted to go to the valley but the natives would not reveal its location. Rather than disclose information on this valley, hundreds accepted enslavement, torture and even death.

This was to be the first time these protectors had ever taken an outsider into the valley. We did not know this when Merri and I arrived with six friends including two who are medical doctors studying longevity.

Our arrival was one almost of foreboding. I cannot explain why I felt this way rather than thrilled. Eleven villages held a special meeting of the protectors to perform a rite of permission. Only then did we discover that even the Ecuadorians themselves had never been allowed to know the location of this valley. Only a few of the healers and spiritual leaders of the Andes went there.

One of the six friends, an M.D. who was also researching longevity, traveled with us but rather than visit the valley visited another valley where there are healing thermal pools. While there he was told by the owner of the hotel after hearing where we were headed that we would never be seen again alive! The owner told our friend he had once tried sneaking into the valley many decades ago, had been caught, stripped naked, hogtied and dumped on a lonely road. The man’s effects had all been dumped in a bundle at the hotel with a note saying where to find him and a warning not to return to the valley.

Thank Goodness we didn’t know this as we headed into the valley. We started our journey at 4:30 a.m. riding up into the mountains to a hiking point with the six llamas that would carry our food, two young boys to herd the llamas, an apprentice shaman, Taita Yatchak and his son and daughter.

Here we are about the start.

We began hiking at about 10,500 feet, tramping through deep Alpine marsh for six hours as we ascended to 14,000 feet. Here we drank from the head waters of the Amazon Basin and then descended straight down (4,000′) a hidden mud animal trail for three hours into a virtually impenetrable cloud forest, ripped by thorns, cut by razor grass, soaked, and caked in mud.

By the time we arrived in the valley, it was just minutes before dark. We were fatigued by the high altitude, bone weary from our packs, every muscle aching from fighting all day with the sucking mud (which had regularly pulled off our boots).

We stayed in a floorless, leaky thatch hut, sleeping on dirt, no heat except the cooking fire, no running water, no nothing. The next morning, to our surprise we all felt wonderful! We explored the valley which is perpetually wrapped in mist and fog. We swam in small icy, deep blue lagoons and did ancient exercises while the Taita Yatchak talked with us. We were continually cold, wet, dirty and cramped-all 12 of us in this tiny hut with its earthen floor. Here we are in front of the hut.

We discovered a magical quality to this Sacred Valley and after our return found powerful emotional and physical evolutions happening to all six of us. Merri and I, along with the others, feel physically stronger, more alert, more positive, more active and yet more serene than ever before in our lives.

One of the secrets shared with us on the journey was about the importance to health of essential oils.  On that journey there were several times when some of the hikers could no longer go on. They were too exhausted.  Each time the Taita Yatchak pulled out essential oils he called “Aqua Flores”.  He had different oils for various health problems and one was for strength and stamina.  Each time the application of the oil revitalized those who were too worn out to reach the camp.

Later we learned that there were oils, for too much heat, too much cold, pain, hunger and much more.

Merri and I could not resist and introduced the Taita Yatchak to our friend Candace Newman…the greatest master of essential oils we knew and still know.

Candace spent considerable time with the Yatchak and later hiked to Machu Picchu with our daughter Francesca and the Taita Yatchak.  Part of the knowledge he shared has been incorporated into Candace’s wealth of knowledge on essential oils.

Essential oils, essential anytime, are really important in the fall.  Merri and I just completed our latest five day writer’s course here at the farm.

Having talked for five days straight, plus Merri did all the cooking and cleaning up as well.    Such courses used to wipe us out.

Then we rushed down to Florida and talked to 440 delegates at the AWAI Bookcamp.   Yet we are still bright, refreshed and energetic.

The secrets of our sustained energy and good feelings come from health secrets we have learned around the world. One foundation in ancient health philosophies globally is that of the elements.  Good health depends on having a balance of the elements of fire, water and air.

The Yatchaks look at the nature of every season as either supportive of or aggravating to these elements.

For example, autumn in the northern hemisphere aggravates air.  The dry brittle air aggravating system begins around October and runs through February.  When temperatures drop and the leaves turn color beware.   The origins of most illness are air imbalances. Disease is related to windy, dry, cold weather. 

As the external environment changes, so too does the internal environment.

In autumn we need to change our daily routines and diet to be in tune with nature. By living in tune with nature, balance can be maintained and stronger natural immunity developed against the bugs that tend to attack during colder weather.

Certain essential oils can overcome the imbalances of the cold dry weather from October through February.

During this time Merri and I use extra essential oils and this is why we are especially delighted to introduce the Cold – Flu Pack of essential oils.  Here is what Candace wrote about this pack that we keep handy around our house this time of year.

“The Cold-Flu Pak…for all kinds of weather….or just for the joy of stimulating aromas!

“These aromatherapy products come in a handy clear plastic pouch with a zipper top. It was put together for regular use as preventive medicine, and for big-time use when ‘under the weather’. Directions for use are with each product. Essential oils boost our physical immune system because of their natural medicinal chemical constituents. Because theses precious liquids also happen to smell, they are a great source of comfort to our mental and emotional health. These are all therapeutic grade essential oils, bringing you all these benefits.

“1. Ear/Nose/Throat Oil – blended for safe use directly on the skin. This is good for sinus problems, congestion, sore throats and ear aches. This is our proprietary formula of Lavender, Tea Tree, Thyme, Blue Chamomile and Clove in Organic Golden Jojoba. Lavender and Chamomile are especially soothing with any discomfort, and the antibacterial and antiviral properties of Tea Tree, Thyme Clove are great choices for keeping us healthy. Massage the blend in the sinus areas above the eyebrows and under the cheekbones; also rub the ears and lymph nodes down the side of the neck. You can also apply a little in the nose if you prefer. On airplanes or for bedtime, put 3-4 drops on a piece of a cotton ball and tuck this in one or both ears. It’s good protection and helps with sinus congestion, while soothing for sleep. Also you can dab it on a Q-tip for swabbing sore throats. It is one of our best selling formulas.

“2. Lavender-Peppermint Mist – convenient enough to carry in a pocket. This is a breath of fresh air, with a nice menthol energy lift. Lavender calms the central nervous system and the menthol in Peppermint helps with energy, fatigue and congestion. These essential oils are in our base of aloe, glycerin, and purified water. Make big circles around your head and face, close your eyes and breathe deeply. This is good any time of day and can be used as much as you like. It is extra good in close quarters where the air is less than good.

“3. Vapor Rub – this gel is our essential oil version of Vic’s Vapor Rub.

Apply to nose and/or chest. Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Camphor and Benzoin are all good respiratory oils and stimulate circulation. We blend them in our base of aloe gel and organic golden jojoba. It is very soothing to the skin and safe to apply a little in the nose. This is great to use in the morning to breathe in the new day. A little dab will do you.

“4. Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil – carry this little bottle around as an inhaler. Close eyes and breathe 5-7 deep breaths. Put a couple “taps” in a steam tent or on the hot shower floor and step into it. Add a few taps to a cotton ball and put it in a pocket close to the heart and lungs. Put a tad on the soles of your feet, put on your socks, and let the oils reinforce your health while you sleep.  Eucalyptus is the oil of respiration and works as an expectorant and decongestant. It is steam distilled from the leaves of the Eucalyptus tree in Australia and is a top essential oil for our health.

It is also a good choice for sore muscles and joints.

“The contents in this clear pouch are less than 3 ounces…perfect for airplane travel!”

You can get The Cold-Flu Pak at

Fall is most beautiful, filled with color and energetic in its chill. Yet it’s a time when we can become ill if we let the dry, cold air imbalance our system.  Use essential oils to help avoid this and enjoy this glorious time of the year!

Each time we use the essential oils we order from Candace we feel like we are more in touch with nature and the wisdom of the Taita Yatchaks who understand this relationship between man, heaven and earth.


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