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A number of years ago Merri and I made a lifestyle decision. We were making millions each year. But what is money without time and space?

Plus we wanted to do something more than just accumulate wealth.

After a great deal of thought, we sold out our printed publishing business and moved from the beach and city life to our remote Blue Ridge farm and a tiny village in the Andes…working only though the internet and by email.

The plan was to slow down and smell the roses a bit and focus more on our charitable efforts in Ecuador and up here in Ashe County….or so we thought.

Remember the saying? “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

Well, he must really be laughing at us now. We have worked harder and been even busier than before. For the last 13 years we have been able to help the indigenous in Ecuador. We bought a bankrupt 140 year old hotel and have been able to keep it open, supplying dozens of jobs, offering rooms and food to those who want to know more of this delightful country (we do not make a penny from the hotel activities by the way). We have been able to supply scholarships, free English lessons and computers in Ecuador plus jobs up here in the North Carolina mountains as well. 

This in itself kept us busy.

Yet our business has also skyrocketed because our publishing focus stumbled smack into history’s biggest demographic and economic boom to date. We have just worked harder and harder up to the point where we could barely manage all we have to do.

There are reasons why our readership and effort have grown exponentially.


First, look at the performance of the five multi currency portfolios we announce in advance and track for a year.

Here is how the portfolios we created performed in 2006:

US Dollar Long            9.04%

US Dollar Short          10.43%

US Dollar Hedge          11.46%

Emerging Market          42.93%

Asia Emerging Market    114.16%

Then we formed five new portfolios last November 2006.

Here is their performance this year.

Portfolios 2007Mar 27July 20Aug 17Aug 31Sept 28Oct 5
Swiss Samba16.15%45.84%26.42%30.86%44.40%47.94%
Emerging Market15.11%67.67%30.50%67.95%103.22105.22%
Dollar Short20.12%33.81%40.31%9.14%42.71%42.06%
Dollar Neutral16.58%37.64%38.07%13.56%34.74%37.19%

This performance has attracted more attention than you can imagine.

This one fact alone could keep me overwhelmed right now but interest in Ecuador is also booming as this nation has been named the #2 top retirement spot in the world. 

For example, our emailed reader list that we have slowly built for a decade, has more than doubled in just the last six months.

So much for remaining small!

Plus five major publishers have approached us about joint ventures or with offers to take over parts of our business. Due to this growth of our business and the new joint ventures, the price of some of our courses and services are rising…in some cases a lot. 

For example, one five day course we just completed is now gone.  A major publisher has taken it. The new three day program next year will cost 2.5 times more. Rising costs force this issue, plus here is a funny thing.

Our market research uncovered the fact that many of our delegates stopped coming to our courses because they seemed too cheap!  Even with the rises,  our new prices are still extremely low compared to the competition because Merri and I have raised our seminar prices only once in the last 20 years.

Because of rising inflation and the points mentioned above this is the last time I can invite you to a course at the really low fees we currently charge.  Our next international business and investing courses will rise almost 50% to $799 for an individual and $999 for a couple and perhaps even more. 

Our hotel is already fully booked for our November course but we have been able to arrange some extra accommodations…just so a final few delegates can join us at the very low course fee we have previously charged to share our 40 years of international and business experience.  If you are interested…please read on.


Due to the growth of our business and to special low air fares to Ecuador at this time I want to make one last special invitation to you.

To join us in Ecuador and…

* See Ecuador Real Estate Bargains

* Learn How to Market Ecuador Business Opportunities

* Learn Seven Money Making Economic Distortion Secrets

* See How to Earn 237.33% with Multi Currency Portfolios in Less than a Year!

Interested in Ecuador and or multicurrency investing?

I invite you to share a course with Merri, Jyske Bank and me in the courtyard of our Cotacachi hotel which you can see at

Learn seven secrets on how to earn extra profits as you travel, invest, do business and or live anywhere in the world.

* Travel or Live Wherever You Choose

* Add Thousands per Month in Extra Income

* Gain Asset Protection and Tax Savings

* Own Ecuador Real Estate at Unbelievably Low Prices

* Be a Multi-Currency Investor as you Borrow Low-Deposit High

“Ecuador has it all. Beauty, convenience, low cost and opportunity.” I wrote these words over 13 years ago when Merri and I first visited this unique equatorial country to look at Ecuador real estate as an investment.

The country has really paid off financially over the last decade, but as is so often the case what we thought we were looking for was only a smidgen of what we received. Ecuador has brought our life style so much more.

We have gained much more than just profit and business and investing opportunity. We have gained incredible luxury, heart-warming sweetness, breath-taking beauty, much better health and pleasant surprises at every turn. Yet having lived, worked and played there now for over a decade, we are just beginning to feel how really special and what enormous joys and pleasures this tiny country has to offer. Ecuador real estate opportunity is just one small part.

Slightly smaller than the state of Nevada, Ecuador has four highly distinct zones, the Amazon jungle basin, the Andean central highlands, the Coastal Plain and the Galapagos. Not only do these four regions offer highly different lifestyles and opportunities distinct from each other, each also offers unique sights, sounds and thrills that you cannot obtain anywhere else in the world. Yet it is all so compact!

Nothing is much more than an hour or two away from any other place. In Ecuador you encounter cultures, knowledge, birds, plants, sights, scenes and sounds you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Yet there is even more that is hard to explain. A sweetness that lies just below the surface permeates all things and makes them somehow enjoyable in ways that are difficult to describe. Merri and I have taken over 2,000 investors to this country since we first began.

Again and again they say the same. “I don’t know what or why it is that I feel so good here, but I love it. I have to come back.”

Perhaps it’s the random, jumbled, apparent lack of order in a society where things do work. The airport is organized and gets better every time we arrive. Despite having eight Presidents in the last nine years the political system does move forward (Ecuador is South America’s oldest democracy), the legal system does work. Perhaps it is the way things work differently there.

Perhaps it is the incredibly low cost of fresh organic fruit, clean air and pure water. Whatever it is, many of those who have accompanied me have (like Merri and me), invested, bought homes, moved there full or part time and bettered their lives in a multitude of ways.

Our upcoming International Investing and Business Course in Ecuador explains how you can enjoy and cash in on this wonderful country as well as global economic distortions by having a global investing and business view. We will conduct this course at our Ecuador home and hotel Meson de las Flores.

Here are a few of the subjects we review at this course.

#1: How to cash in on distortions in global real estate in Ecuador! We have gained much more than just profit and business and investing opportunity in our global real estate searches. We have gained incredible luxury, heart- warming sweetness, breath-taking beauty, much better health and pleasant surprises at every turn. Having lived, worked and played in Ecuador now for over a decade, we’ll focus heavily there.

Ecuador has some of the most magnificent pieces of mankind’s infrastructure that has been almost totally unused and offer grand investment potential. We will review many properties in Ecuador and why this Andean nation has special value now.

This course is for investors and for those who have a business to expand and for those who want to start a business for fun and profit. Business sessions include:

#2: How to have an Import Export Business anywhere. We’ll especially zero in on Ecuador export business opportunities in carved wood, ceramics from Cuenca, carpets from Guano, silver and gold jewelry from Chordeleg, paintings and art, textiles from Otavalo, leathers from Cotacatchi and flowers from the Andes. For example you’ll learn how factories make bread dough jewelry that can be fashioned into high school and college mascots and purchased for pennies apiece (to be sold for dollars abroad). You see how the only native American owned mill produces coats, shirts, sweaters, hats, gloves and scarves in school colors of your choice (at really low prices). These can be sold for ten times their cost.

#3: How 100 years of global economics can enhance your investments and business now. Learn how history reveals currency distortions that create opportunities to borrow low and deposit high. For example right now you can borrow Japanese yen at below 2%, Swiss francs below 3% to invest in business, real estate or other currencies that pay 5%, 6%, 7% and even more.

Subjects in the global investing sessions include a review of global stock markets, currencies and interest rates and how they are shifting versus the greenback.

Another session looks at where to invest globally right now…plus how to spot the hottest trends before they become hot. We also cover how to cash in on currency shifts through the Multi-Currency Sandwich (Borrow Low-Deposit High) tactic. This is a perfect time for such investments because they diversify currencies and take advantage of the currency distortions that now plague investors around the world.

Currency experts from Jyske Bank (one of the major currency trading banks in the world) will speak at that course on this subject. For educational purposes we developed five Multi Currency portfolios with Jyske Bank that we track for informational purposes. Jyske Bank is the second largest Danish bank, with 450,000 domestic clients, 35,000 international clients, USD 23 Billion in total assets, and a Moody’s rating of A1.

Jyske Bank Private Banking division is a business unit of the Jyske Bank Group, and they cater exclusively for international private investors from 180 different countries. They have offices in Copenhagen, Switzerland and Gibraltar and Fuengirola and Cannes. Jyske Bank is one of the most experienced currency trading banks in the world and trades 24 hours a day. Many bank’s use Jyske Bank as their currency trader and their daily turnover is 50 billion dollars. Jyske has over 35 years’ specialization in private banking and Denmark is ranked by Moody’s as the safest country in the world to have a bank account in.

Jyske Bank uses a good value system as well and their affiliated fund management company has been rated number one by Morningstar.

They use this value system to help us select shares for our Multi-Currency Portfolio Educational Tracking Service. This has worked well.

Here is how the portfolios we created performed in 2006:

US Dollar Long            9.04%

US Dollar Short          10.43%

US Dollar Hedge          11.46%

Emerging Market          42.93%

Asia Emerging Market    114.16%

Then we formed five new portfolios last November 2006.

Here is their performance since November 1, 2006 to June 1, 2007.

Portfolios 2007Mar 27July 20Aug 17Aug 31Sept 28Oct 5
Swiss Samba16.15%45.84%26.42%30.86%44.40%47.94%
Emerging Market15.11%67.67%30.50%67.95%103.22105.22%
Dollar Short20.12%33.81%40.31%9.14%42.71%42.06%
Dollar Neutral16.58%37.64%38.07%13.56%34.74%37.19%

We certainly cannot expect this type of performance to continue, but there is a more important lesson here. The lesson is that when a properly constructed portfolio is leveraged and diversified, it can be safe and profitable regardless of the underlying idea. You will learn all about these five portfolios at the course.

Two diverse portfolios, US dollar long and short, have both be profitable. At the course we will look at how and why and what investors can do to gain from this type of investing.

These portfolios offer the advantage of diversification, in several cases into nine currencies and nine different investments of which more than half have strong A to AAA ratings.

We will review any changes made in these portfolios and update what and how currencies and interest rates may move in the months ahead.

#4: We’ll look at emerging stock markets and emerging bond markets as well. 2006 was the sixth consecutive calendar year in which international investments in emerging markets outperformed developed markets. In 2006 the Emerging Markets benchmark gained 32.2% in US dollars and 18.2% in euros. This compares to a total annual return of 20.1% in US dollars and 7.4% in euros for the MSCI World Index of the developed markets in 2006.

Over the last six years ending in December 2006, the Emerging Markets index delivered a total return of 217% in US dollars and 125% in euros, while the Major Markets Index gained 33.8% in US dollars, but, due to the weakness of the US currency versus the euro, lost 4.8% in euros. Among the regional indices, Latin America was the best performing region in December (+7%), as well as in the last three (+22%) and twelve (+43.2%) months. Latin America was also the best performing region the year before (+50%). Asia came in second for the year (+32.7%) but ranked third in December (+3.7%) and in the last three months (+15.2%).

Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) finished the year in third place among the regions with a total return of 24%. It gained 4.3% in December and 19.2% in the last quarter 2006. You’ll learn why for the calendar year 2006, the highest total returns were recorded in China (+82.9 %), Venezuela (+79.5 %) and Morocco (+68 %) and why these may not be the top 2007 markets. Then we’ll update 2007 and what could happen in 2008!

#5: One session will especially focus on alternate energy and water. For example we’ll see why Hyflux (water cleaning membranes mainly in China ) has risen from $1.50 to $5 in less than a year ago. We’ll look at Vestas (windmills) shares also up from $50 to $106. Plus there will be an in depth review of bio diesel that becomes profitable at $30 (Brazilian) and $48 ( U.S. ) per barrel oil prices.

We’ll look at two shares, Vestas (wind energy) and Q-Cells Ag (solar energy) that are in our portfolios and have more than doubled in the last seven months.

This course goes far beyond just investing in stocks, bonds and currencies. Other sessions cover:

#6: How to write and use publishing, seminars and the Internet to create your own global business from your home.

For example multi currency investing is hot now. As the US dollar collapses, multicurrency investing becomes a key to protecting wealth.  If you go to Goggle today and search “multicurrency investing”, “multicurrency

investment” or “multicurrency investments” my name is right at the top, number one usually and then it ranks again on the first page one or two times more.  At the course you will learn how to figure a focus and rank high for extra business in this way as well.

#7: How to use the latest tax savings and offshore legal structures to gain the ultimate asset protection.

This course offers even more. You will learn how to gain more than cash-freedom, friendship, financial security, prestige, tax savings, legal protection, fun, adventure, self-sufficiency, fulfillment and more satisfaction…by combining very small amounts of money with your time and energy.

Previous course delegates have included business people, brokers and professionals, doctors, dentists, lawyers, retirees, couples wanting to get into business together, insurance agents and marketers who want to enhance their existing business or build a second sources of income. If you want to invest globally or have your own full or part time business, you should sign up for this course at Meson de las Flores. Those who attend can also stay on and inspect real estate for sale in the area.

Space is always limited at the hotel but even if you can’t stay there, we have a number of wonderful options. Don’t miss this opportunity. Sign up as soon as possible and share the satisfying, profitable and exciting lifestyle that being international brings with Merri and me.  To enroll please go to:

Your friend in Ecuador,

Gary Scott

P.S. Stay on and enjoy a two day real estate tour. Details are at

P.S.S.  Stay on and enjoy our Shamanic Tour!