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by | Oct 18, 2007 | Archives

E Coli investments may grow in unusual ways because every cloud has a silver lining. Every problem creates opportunity.

Take, for example, America ’s breakdown in excellence of food….or at least the perception.

In modern Western market, excellence is taken for granted. There is little difference in utilitarian value from one competing product to the next. For example, it is understood today that most cars will run without trouble for 40,000, 80,000, even 120,000 miles. Almost any watch you buy will keep accurate, dependable time. Buy a radio or TV and you expect it to work immediately, easily and to keep working without fuss.

We have expected the food we buy at the local super market or restaurant to automatically be safe and good.

Now will you eat a hamburger without thinking twice? Do you wince or at least wonder before tucking into raw spinach…if you still do? Excellence in American food is no longer a given. E Coli is everywhere in increasingly polluted water. This problem has manifested itself recently in spinach and now again in meat and most recently in pot pies.

This problem is also likely to grow, especially in fresh produce that is not cooked such as lettuce. No matter how much the producers try to kill bacteria, some of it will be missed.

Eating food produced from the established food producing system will become increasingly like playing Russian Roulette. Read Robin Cook’s book “Toxin” and you may never eat ground beef again!

I have been watching for opportunities that would arise from the problem.

I did not have to wait long. Here is one way the problem of dangerous food is creating an opportunity. I spotted this in a recent USA Today article that tells about a farmer in Indiana who runs a kill it yourself farm. He runs the facility from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Friday and Saturday and sells an average of about 50 goats per weekend. His main customer has been Muslims. I’ll bet this is changing. If not, it probably will.

He started the business in 1969, when he bought a few goats for his own use. Then an African came and asked if he would sell him some. That started the business which continues to grow even though he doesn’t advertise or have a website. The business is growing thanks to word-of-mouth referrals.

The attraction has been freshness and low price. He sells the animal whole and the price includes the use of his slaughter facility.

Now I predict that this type of business will grow because of safety issues as well!

The article explains that for some people butchering their own meat helps ensure that food preparation standards of their faith are followed.

I believe we will see this idea grow and appeal to consumers who want to return closer to the roots of nature, be more involved in the process of having their own food and assure that what they eat has been grown and prepared in a safe and healthy way.

What doors will this open? I am not yet sure but recommend that you watch for this trend to grow. Money will be made in it.

Until next message, may all your problems bring you silver.


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