International Investing Clues from Useless Information

by | Oct 5, 2007 | Archives

International investing clues are everywhere once we gain the habit of looking for investing clues in everything we see and do, some of the seemingly most useless information can have value….such as droppings from Civet Cats.

Several weeks ago this site outlined how a cup of coffee at a tea shop in Yorkshire (Bettys) cost me $8.08. That was more than a comment on the ravages of inflation. That message told how the tea house was jam packed with long lines of people waiting to spend their money. We can get clues about what people will do and how much they are willing to spend by observing things like this.

Here’s a better one. According to Time Magazine a cup of coffee at Australia ’s Heritage Tea Rooms cost $41.67. Wow! The cup is Kopi Luwak coffee and it is said that only 660 pounds of this coffee are produced a year. This coffee is produced from beans handpicked out of civet-cat droppings and according to the article is reputedly the world’s rarest and most expensive coffee.

What do you think of that? There at least three valuable investing lesson in these seemingly useless facts.

First this is confirmation that anyone can be rich. If someone can create opportunity from civet-cat poop, we can see how to accumulate wealth almost anywhere!

Second this shows that the rich are getting richer during this period of inflation. The fact that there is a market for even 660 pounds of such expense confirms this.

Third this strengthens our belief in the buying power of the new imagination buyer who likes exotic and foreign people, places, things and wants to experience other ways of life.

Until next message. Keep an eye on everything. There are secrets of wealth almost everywhere you look!


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