International Investing Opportunity in Assisted Living

by | Oct 4, 2007 | Archives

International investing opportunity can be seen in a recent message reviewed a Barron’s article that disclosed the almost unbelievable fact that 20% of US households were at least fairly seriously considering relocating full or part time outside the US.

The reasons why are the high cost of living in the US, increased government intervention in lives and boundless rules and regulations. It is hard for even the most honest many in America to go a day without breaking some form of law or regulation.

Often readers ask me “Why if there are so many problems in the US are there so many people trying to get in?”

Here is the sad fact.  America is a great place to live if you are really poor. The United States is no longer such a great place to be if you are middle class or rich. Perhaps because so much money is being inefficiently taken from the rich and middle class and given to the poor?

Places that are lousy homes for the poor offer enormous lifestyles for those with a bit of wealth!   Plus middle class moving there helps the poor.

So this shift seems to make sense. It helps the poor and the middle class….who move.

Another reason why so many Americans are moving abroad is that there are better opportunities. Here for example is one idea that a reader just shared…an opportunity for assisted living facilities in Ecuador.

“Gary…have you thought about building an assistant living facility in Ecuador?  There are so many Americans who need such a place but here in the US they are so expensive…I got a solicitation recently from a company building them in California and promising a 48% return on my investment.  It would be a fine thing to build such a facility there and not expect that kind of return, while providing a needed service…maybe for some investors’ relatives, or for themselves in the future?  Of course, maybe you’re already doing this…I have to admit I haven’t read every single one of your
emails, just most of them.  All the best.”

This is a great idea and no I am not nor will I be doing this one.
Someone should!

Until next message, may all your opportunities be assisted.


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