Ecuador Trips Notes from Readers

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Ecuador trips inspire readers to let me know some great things about their Ecuador trips.

One reader shared this about Ecuador trips: 

“Just a quick note to let you know that Copa Airlines (Panama) is having an airfare sale from Dulles International to Quito or Guayaquil for $397 roundtrip + taxes (total: $465 US or Canadian, normally well over $500).

The flight itinerary is: DC Dulles—Panama City—Quito or Guayaquil The layover in Panama City is slightly more than 1 hour.  I found this at

“I know that most delegates traveling from the US and Canada attending your seminars normally get great airfare deals from Miami via LAN Airlines, but this is the first time I’ve seen flights from the Washington, DC area.”

Another reader just moved there wrote this:

“If you love the country, then Cotacachi is the place for you. My husband, Gary and I have moved to Cotacachi and hope to make this our permanent home. With the diversity of the country we could easily have a second home in a larger city or on the beach – but that is for future thinking. Right now our love is this beautiful jewel of a village between two magnificent volcanoes. The people here are friendly and wonderful. Many opportunities for fresh organic fruits,
vegetable, meats and fabulous seafood are all just minutes or a short drive away.”

I like these two notes since these messages recently focused on the airline LAN Ecuador. The first came from a reader in the northern USA. 

“Gary, I am taking my wife, Mary, to Ecuador for her first visit in October.

I booked us on LAN r/t from JFK to Quito for $389 each. Due to getting home too late from a dinner out, I just missed out on $349 each r/t.
Can’t beat these fares with a stick. This will be my fourth round trip, and I have found LAN to fly the most modern equipment, they employ the nicest and best trained cabin attendants, two meals served each way, and they even taste wholesome. For reasons I can only chalk up to the karmic powers granted by spending ten days with you and Merri, Don Carlos and Santiago in February 2005, on my way home through Guayaquil, I was bumped to first class for the return to JFK.

“My 100 roses being kept cool in the cargo bay below for Mary’s Valentine Day’s present, I chose “Motorcyle Diaries”, and a wonderful travelogue film on Argentina to view on my own personal viewing screen at my huge adjustable
armchair with power leg rests.

“My next round trip to Quito was via American Airlines out of JFK. This routed through Miami. It was a total disaster, by comparison. No meals were served on any leg. The planes were old and dirty. Once the cabin attendants had made their pre take-off check that seat belts were fastened, their presence was scarcely noted prior to landing. Changing
planes in Miami, involved going from domestic to overseas terminals.

That meant retrieving one’s checked luggage, and lugging it for miles of corridors and stairwells without the aid of ground transportation.
There was at least a four hour lay over in Miami, so there was no rush. But one had to survive a twelve hour travel day on airport concession food.

Once at the departure gate, I saw that American had an earlier flight to Quito that I could have caught, but it had been delayed, and actually left after my later scheduled flight.

“LAN service departs JFK at 10:40 am, arrives Quito at 6:10 pm On the return it departs Quito at 11:40 am and arrives JFK at 8:55pm Each way, there’s a one hour layover in the recently refurbished Guyaquil airport. On the way home, you can do last minute duty free shopping, have a snack and a specialty coffee, and use clean, new rest room facilities.”

The second was sent from an Ecuadorian.

“Gary I am off in three hours for three weeks.  Guayaquil-Madrid in eleven and a half hours in Lan.  I like what you say about LAN.  They have a  seat that turns into bed, and it is not expensive first class.”

Finally another reason I would like to invite you to our next course in Ecuador is that it helps the young people and economy there. The hotel  we call ours actually belongs to a foundation we helped create and all revenues are used to help stimulate employment in Cotacachi. Here is what one of  the employees (who is also being given a scholarship to university by the foundation) at the hotel recently wrote:

“Dear Señora Merri and dear Señor Gary, I am grateful very much for the bonus all we have received; you know that in my case it is surely an  excess because you are helping me to cover the costs of my studies.

“To know you has been one of the lucks of my life since thanks to you I have two very important things inside my life, my work, my studies; the third thing that complements my life is my family.

“In this part I want to express that I am the older brother of three women of which already two are married and have not finished their studies, with this I mean I want to give this satisfaction to my parents, to you, and to all the persons who have trusted in me; I want to continue and soon to finish the studies to continue working.

“My life at present are: my family, my work and my studies and two of those you are giving me.



So Merri and I invite you to join us in Ecuador this November 9 to 11 or longer to help yourselves learn more about international investing and business as you also help the people of Cotacachi.


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