Americans Move Abroad

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Americans move abroad.

A recent article in Barrons entitled, “A new life in Panama” by Bob  Adams tells the story of two young professionals with young children who quit their jobs and immigrated to Panama. Yet the article was much more. It  told of “a silent immigration of Americans retirees and more, seeking to  work and live in other nations.”

I have been writing and speaking and urging people to consider an international life for 40 years next May. Yet the scale of the  immigration that is taking place now surprises even me.  The author of this article  did a survey with over 115,000 respondents.

They eliminated any relocating for less than two years or because of military, government or their jobs.  They discovered that 1.6 million  households have already made the decision to relocate. 1.8 million households are seriously considering relocating and 7.7 million households are somewhat seriously considering relocating. The survey suggests that in total, an astounding 10% of American households are considering relocating abroad and another 10% are considering owning a home to either vacation or live part time abroad. More surprisingly the largest group who are making these plans are in households aged 25 to 34.

If this survey is anywhere near correct (I will assume that Barron’s vetted this at least a bit), then the wave of Americans headed abroad are larger than I thought.

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PS. The Barron’s article supports the thinking I have been having about Ecuador, that real estate and opportunity will soar.

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