Essential Oils Help Reduce Autumn’s Ills From Chills

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Welcome to Autumn, officially beginning today.

This is a time of exquisite beauty here at the farm as the trees turn red yellow and gold.

However this is also a time to start looking more carefully at one’s lifestyle because autumn can bring on sickness, viruses, colds flu and more.

One way Merri and I enhance our immune system during physically stressful times such as cold weather and especially travel is with essential oils.  This is such a part of our life regimen I have asked our friend of over 30 years, Candace Newman (better known as the Oil Lady) if there is a way that she can help us make top quality information and oils to you.

Candace has supplied us with her oils for decades. Our entire family has attended her courses on how to use essential oils. She is one of the most knowledgeable people in this field.  Our children even brought their friends to a foot rubbing session at The Oil Lady’s back in Naples .

Rarely do Merri and I offer products of other people, but this is an exception. We have such confidence in the science and in Candace that we’ll be sending along notes from her about how to use essential oils and we have added her products to our shopping cart for your convenience.  Here is what Candace shares about how to boost your immune system:

Candace Newman

Boost Your Immune System with Essential Oils

By Candace Newman MAT LMT

We all know there is a buffet table of wonderful tools for keeping us healthy. Making some of them part of our daily routines is known as preventative medicine. Knowing about them is one thing. However, since we are gifted with the ability to respond and make choices, we must choose which ones to put on our plate. Then there’s the discipline to do it…taking action to create our future. Which ones are the right ones for us at this time in our lives? This changes as we change. Life is about change. One choice on the buffet table is essential oils. We choose different ones for different times.

Why Essential Oils?

Essential oils can be naturally antibacterial and antiviral due to their chemical constituents. Some are stronger than others for boosting the immune system. It is paramount that high-grade pure essential oils are used when looking for these medicinal benefits. It also is the way to avoid allergic reactions to “fragrances” and synthetic smells.

Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Lavender are at the top of the list for essential oils protecting us from cold, flu, sinus, headache, and stomach ache problems. Use them daily on a cotton ball, in a room diffuser, in the bath or after a shower, and in a morning and nighttime regime that you create for yourself. It is simple, relatively inexpensive compared to allopathic medicine, self-empowering, and void of possible side effects when used correctly. The inherent qualities of essential oils actually create positive side effects, such as feelings of comfort, peace, and relaxation. This is good news.


You decide which ones are good for you, which methods suit your lifestyle, and how much to use.

First choose the oils, and then choose the methods that work for you. It is as easy as that, and YOU are in control. The aromas teach us about ourselves as they bring up memories, thoughts, and emotions. We cannot separate our thoughts and emotions from who we are as an individual. So essential oils demand we honor the individuality in each of us. What a reverent thought. Choose oils that make you “feel good” when you smell them. Your immune system will benefit more, if the aroma is also pleasing to you.

This is how the Good Medicine Tin® started for me in 1992…to improve my immune system and get me feeling better. I carried the components around in a plastic baggie to keep me healthy while traveling and at conferences.

Our health is continually compromised in these lives we live. Discernment is essential. Choose to bring the joy of essential oils into life. Your heart knows all about this, and is waiting for you to come home.

What Can I do?

The five listed oils are in my The Good Medicine Tin®. You can use them to mist, whiff, and rub in the name of good health. These steps are also excellent for traveling.

• Keep the Lavender Mist with you at all times to “wash away” the physical and emotional stresses that contribute to poor health. Mist someone else too. You can always add a couple of drops of Tea Tree or Eucalyptus to a Lavender Mist, if you prefer.

• Put 1-2 drops of the oil you choose on a cotton ball. Keep this in a pocket close to you lungs, in a pillow, drawer, or purse/briefcase.

• Carry around a little bottle of pure essential oil for strong inhalation when needed.

• Use a room diffuser in your home, hotel, or office to clear the air.

• Make a Palm Blend with Jojoba and 1-2 drops of the oil you need, such as Eucalyptus for respiratory. Apply this first to your nose. Then go to the appropriate place, such as head, neck, chest, or belly. Do this in a bath or after a shower to protect you for the day or night.

Can I use essential oils in steam tents to fight off cold and flu?

Yes, this is also helpful with sinus pain and headaches. Choose Eucalyptus, Peppermint, or Tea Tree. Take 3 to 5 deep breaths from each bottle and notice how you feel. Use the one that gives you relief and soothes you. This can be all 3.

Pour boiling water into a Pyrex bowl. Place this on a table that supports your elbows when sitting on a chair. Add 2-4 drops total of any combination of the oils listed. Wait a couple of seconds for the powerful “fumes” to evaporate. Drape a big beach towel around your shoulders, head, and the steaming bowl. With your eyes closed, massage your face and head. Find out where your tender “spots” are, and work with them. You may add 1-2 drops of oil every 5 to 10 minutes if needed. Stay here for 20 minutes if appropriate.

Note: One client got in the tent with her coughing daughter in the middle of the night, and stopped the congestion that was trying to happen. The positive side effects of giggling together and telling stories didn’t hurt either. A wonderful facial is another beneficial side effect from steam tents.

Take care of your precious self with these natural liquids from nature. If you take care of yourself first…then you can still be around to take care of those you love. Be gentle with yourself. Listen to your heart. Life is precious.

The Good Medicine Tin contains Lavender Mist; Organic Golden Jojoba; and Pure essential oils of Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Orange; plus a 12 page guide booklet with a quick study in the lid.  Merri and I never travel without it.

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