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Last Saturday’s message looked at how our family is spread round the world and how our children have sent us three economic messages.  We looked at the first which was how the children are spread globally- Africa, London , Leeds , Florida and Portland .  The first economic story we saw is that families are scattered as never before.  This creates a market for togetherness and love.

The second economic message Merri and I have gained has come from observing what our children do.  The eldest works for an NGO that helps poor people get free medical care, because of her passion for healing. The second eldest is a veterinarian because of her passion for animals.  The third, our son, has returned to law school after working many years for an NGO that protects wildlife.  However being a lawyer is not his main goal…it’s environmental law.  His passion is preserving the environment.  Our fourth youngest works also for an NGO in Swaziland , Africa . She works for the National Health Service there because of her humanitarian passions.  The youngest owns a school that helps young children in the performing arts, a career that grew from her passion to dance and sing.

Here is the economic message that my children are showing me.  Our youth are looking beyond the cash and choosing their life paths based on their passions instead!

When I grew up, my goal had one focus. Where was the money? That’s where I wanted to be.  Gradually I grew beyond this but our children had this from the very start.

This coincides with yesterday’s message that reviewed the speech made by Rolf Jensen author of “Dream Society at Jyske Bank’s Copenhagen seminar.”

Jensen pointed out that:

  • Markets are shifting from materialistic needs to emotional needs.
  • Love-friendship-control-freedom-tradition-change-big answers-recognition and care are emotional needs that create expanding demand.
  • The next generation is having more involvement.
  • Body and mind is an emerging market.
  • Physical health, fitness and botox grow.
  • Mental health, retreats and spas expand.
  • The health of the planet becomes more important.
  • There is a shift of emphasis from GDP to GWB  (General Wellness Barometer Happiness Factor)
  • Business will operate with more passion.

We can see examples of how this is creating opportunity everywhere.

Take Reverend Rick as an example and his book, “The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?”  His book has sold many millions of copies and was on the New York Times best seller list for over a year.

Jensen also outlined in his speech how marketing of products will shift from advertising to customers and workers becoming more involved in marketing via word of mouth and one to one. Customers with passion and conviction will become salesmen and ambassadors for free.

This is how Reverend Rick created his sales perfectly. He created a marketing team from a core of just 31 trained pastors and ministers supported by 300 full time employees. They motivate a second team of 8,593 core members who pledged to do service or missions projects. Then another team of 12,262 Baptized members expanded his work outwards through 2,600 churches.

Reverend Rick is an organizational genius and communicator of profound ability. Perhaps, but I believe there is something more that can teach us valuable lessons. He is letting passion flow through his customers to cash in on the market for convictions.

Reverend Rick and the way our youth are making their decisions offer a powerful, clear (and good) message about investing.

* Look for businesses that sell conviction.

*Look for businesses that are low key and use ground swell strategies of the common man rather than rely on media, hype and flash.

* Look for businesses that use new ways to reach the market place.

* Look for businesses that help people grow in non material ways.

* Look for businesses that are transparent and “walk their talk”.

* Look for businesses with powerful non material mission statements, challenging mantras and emotion evoking sales stories.

* Finally, look for simplicity. Consumers are grasping desperately for this in our ever increasingly complex world. We all want what we don’t have!

Fortunes will be made by those who support this positive economic and social evolution. Our society needs more leaders who lead by example in something good that they believe. Those who support such people through their investments will not only help society grow but enjoy profits as well.

Until next message, may your investing and convictions be good!


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