Low Special Air Fares to Ecuador …and a New Special Addition

by | Sep 16, 2007 | Archives

Autumn started here, in the Blue Ridge , today.

Describing the phenomenon is hard. Overnight there was some subtle difference in the air. A mellow, sweet chill began singing an almost indistinguishable siren call, reminding of days past when returning to school held exciting yet bittersweet tones. “Languid summer’s gone”, it said. “Wake up!”

There was an inexplicable thrill…a blush of richness in the crops, the squash and orange pumpkins laying ripe and bountiful on the ground. There was a Halloween liveliness in the vague promise of frost. Deeper down an almost hidden warning hinted of the harder times…harsh winds…sleet, then ice and snow.

By noon yellow leaves swirled in gusts of wind. These golden dervishes said it all. “Autumn is here.”

This is a glorious season, which Merri and I deeply enjoy. We can sit for hours soaking in the bursts of color. We anxiously await that first, clean blanket of pure, white snow.

Then as it is said, “we’re outta here.” The pumpkin house is built for summer living, steeply up almost a mile up of narrow road with a sharp cliffs on the left and a sheer drop on the right. This bumpy, dirt road is not suited for a safe, contented winter. Plus I grew up in Oregon so had my fill of gray skies early on.

This makes autumn a reminder for Ecuador Living and our place in this land of steady temperatures and eternal sun.

We and all sun lovers will be pleased to note that Ecuador living just became more comfortable because Lan Ecuador Airlines has announced its move to the new terminal at Miami Airport . Here is what LAN wrote:


“LAN is proud to inform that as of Fall 2007, all LAN flights as of noon will arrive at and depart from the new Terminal J, in the south section of Miami International Airport . The new terminal’s attractive, avant-garde design is also a model of efficiency, as it is equipped with its own customs and immigration areas.

“Your LAN travel experience will be easier and more pleasant than ever, as the Terminal features 150 counters, two security areas, moving walkways and 19 gates for domestic and international flights. The Terminal also has its own luggage delivery area, making your check-in process much easier.

“The Terminal’s VIP Lounge, Club America , is located on level 4, before the security area. For your comfort, you can find all our services in one place, as the LAN sales office for the airport will also be located in the new Terminal.

“Faster entry to the U.S: Own customs and immigration. Two TSA check points. TSA baggage control in own luggage area.”

LAN is a great airline and when we fly from Miami we always try to be on board LAN. Merri also noted at Farecompare.com that they have some really great fares. A check last week showed:


New Low Roundtrip Prices (loaded in 1-6 hours on purchasing sites)


Miami, FL to Quito , EC from $339 – Save $10 –

Fares to Ecuador seem to be low everywhere right now. One of our friends who spends time with us in Ecuador sent this note:

“ Gary , Steve’s review of Cafe Mosaico was right on. It’s my favorite restaurant in Quito . I decided to include it in my tour because it’s such a memorable spot. I’m having a wonderful time in Ecuador . Every time I’m here I find new items, new friends and new adventures.

“The airfare from Miami is a bargain, but checkout the prices I found for us folks further north. I checked prices on dates that would work for my tour and sure enough I could have booked round trip from NYC on several airlines for less than $430 and these prices were offered for the next several months so anyone attending your seminars this November can take advantage of them. I hope the attachment with the prices comes through. I’m computer-challenged, but the prices were too good to keep to myself. See you in a few weeks at the writing seminar.”

Speaking of Café Mosaico, here is an excerpt from our last Ecuador Living update.

Café Mosaico

We hope that you will visit us in Cotacachi one time or the other (see special low air fares at the end of this update).

When you come, your first stop on the way will most likely be Quito , the airport where you will land. Quito is a grand city, rich in heritage. Quito used to be known as the Paris of South America. While there you’ll want to enjoy some of the city’s great (and incredibly inexpensive) restaurants including Café Mosaico. Steve, our man in Ecuador writes:

“ Gary , Quito has a very wide selection of restaurants spread throughout the city covering most international cuisine and a range of prices to suit every pocket. It seems as if more are opening every week but perhaps the most distinct up market restaurant is Café Mosaico.

‘As a New York Times piece says “Much more than a cafe and more like an elite gathering place, Mosaico is hands down, the most spectacular eatery in Ecuador….. the view is beyond belief — the entire city stretched at your feet and the place filled with the crème de la crème of Ecuadorian society’.

In Calle Samaniego, there is a steep cliff that drops down towards the old center. Alex took advantage of this to gamble on a fixer-up property. He invested to build his concept restaurant with a broad patio; sun trap during the day and city observation gallery by night. Here is the view at night.

Think about this. A great meal for three at Café Mosaico, including cocktails and wine might cost $50. Recently when I was in Copenhagen , a nice meal for three cost $900! The value in Quito for absolute top quality is tremendous.

We hope to see you there.


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