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by | Sep 7, 2007 | Archives

Our daughter, Eleanor and her boyfriend, Ben Marsden, are with us at the farm this week.  We are headed out for a long bike ride over 20 miles down the Virginia Creeper Bicycle Trail and a delightful canoe trip along the New River .

So today I am not writing a lot…Thomas Fischer’s camera is doing my job instead.

Here is a pictorial review from the Jyske Copenhagen Seminar that expresses three vital investing and business tips to ponder over the weekend.

Here is the group listening.  The investing and business tip here is “Share”.  I certainly have never lost a thing by giving…just gained.  Investors and business people who look for ways to receive from truly giving have the best chance of doing well.


The next shot sees us in a question and answer session at the seminar.  The other speakers are from left to right, Per Hansen, Jyske’s Bank’s equity strategist; Jakob Greisen, the lead manager of Jyske Aggressive Strategy and Favorite Equity Fund; Mark Andre Sola, Managing partner of NMG Financial Zurich; and Kim Dalsgaard, general manager of Jyske Bank’s Private Banking.

The investing and business tip here is to surround yourself with intelligent people!  I promise you, these seminars really teach us a lot!

This third shot is of Merri and me with Thomas Fischer and his wife Jeanette (left) and John Maudlin and his friend Debbie (right) as we enjoy the gala dinner and entertainment from the Royal Danish Opera.  The investing and business tip here-  “Do what you love”.   When  your business or investing activity is fun you’ll do better.

Speaking of fun here is one more tip.  Our youngest daughter owns a very successful ‘Stagecoach” dance, song and drama school in London is here. Ele has always been athletic and loves the out of doors, so along with her singing, dancing and cultural endeavors she likes hunting, fishing and camping as well.  Here she is with Ben.  Ben is a professional hockey player. He plays for England and has traveled the world through his sport. He and his team  are currently working towards the next Olympics. So he loves outdoor activity as well. Here is Ele and Ben in our front yard ready for a fishing trip.  They set out for a tiny little creek where no one ever goes to fish as it looks way too small.

Ele as always has a magic touch. This is what she pulled from a small pool in an even smaller creek! The trout is 17 inches long and really fat.

The investing and business tip here is “look for opportunity in small unique places where no one else looks”!  You’ll be surprised what nice and rich surprises are lurking just under the surface.

Have a surprisingly nice and rich weekend.  Monday’s message reviews what a very intelligent person, Jakob Greisen, the lead manager of Jyske Aggressive Strategy and Favorite Equity Fund shared at the Jyske Copenhagen Seminar.



You still have time to meet with Merri, Thomas Fischer and me at our farm.  We will not have time to take you fishing, but we’ll have a nice meal up here, you’ll be surrounded by many intelligent people and we have a lot about how to invest and do business globally to share.

The course is International Business & Investing Made EZ course in North Carolina , September 14-15-16, 2007. We hope to see you there. Details are at

Or join us and Jyske Bank at our hotel El Meson de las Flores for International Business & Investing Made EZ in Ecuador , November 9-10 and 11.

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