Jyske Bank Economic Seminar Review III

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Merri and I are just back from speaking at the Jyske Bank Global Economic Seminar and are sharing what we learned from the many speakers.

As the lead off speaker, I tried to set a positive tone and as mention in yesterday’s review we looked at how for the past 100 years stock markets have always had ups and downs but in the long term the upwardness has grown. This is in part because governments tend to flood markets with liquidity.

This causes markets to rise, but also pushes the currencies in the markets to fall. Thus in the past 35 years one of the biggest trends has been the US dollar fall which is a root of steady erosion of purchasing power and inflation.

I think this will happen even more now due to the added liquidity that is being created all around the world.

While at the Jyske Bank seminar we took a trip out to the Jyske headquarters in Silkeborg, a small farming village. This would seem an odd place for the head office of the second largest bank in the country, but this is considered one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Life there makes it easier to attract and retain good employees…plus this is where the bank started.

The bank’s headquarters sit on one of the largest lakes in Denmark and while there we were able to take a boat cruise and picnic with two of the bank’s top executives. We talked about this flow of liquidity in the market and it appeared to me that they were greatly concerned with this (as am I).

One of the other trends we discussed is the trend toward environmental investing. I restated my belief that the trend for environmental investments will be huge.

However in this review let’s look at a different type of green…as in the garden.

Since today is the Labor Day holiday in the US it seemed okay for me to divert what I had planned to write (about our green portfolio) and look at the importance of labor and love. The ultimate way to beat mounting inflation is with labor. This does not mean we have to work hard or even work for that matter. Being smart and doing what we love can be considered “smart labor.”

We can make money in many ways including some that are very green such as gardening. On Labor Day many people take some time off to garden. Gardening is fun.

Yet it can be profitable.

This is Merri’s and my garden. There is great joy harvesting one’s own beans, peas, squash, pumpkins and corn. Plus the tomatoes and lettuce, spinach and such are so much better when picked fresh. These fresh foods are priceless…but expensive if one adds in time and labor.

Few people make fortunes in the straight forward gardening sense. In fact if you want to garden for profit, good luck you’ll need it. I worked out that if I sold my organic lettuce each year, the profits would pay for my John Deere tractor in about 1,000 years!

Yet there is a way…to make gardening profitable.

Our garden is very near our house.

I can sit here, ponder, work or mentally wander and then pick lunch while looking at the view of our front yard!

Yet the real profit does not have to be in the planting or harvest.

The real profits can come in other ways. For example one can plant seeds of knowledge and harvest a wealth from words.

One of the case studies we will use at our upcoming publishing course is Mike McGroarty’s Gardening Tips. Here is a person who loves gardening and has used doing what he enjoys and the internet to create far more profits than he could make from the soil.

I signed up for his excellent web site and he sends a free weekly ezine that looks something like this:

“Hi garyscott, this gardening tip can be read in about one minute or less!

********************The Newsletter Ad********************

“garyscott, You should have seen the look on my dad’s face!

“It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in late May. We were sitting on the patio in the backyard when I saw a car pull in the driveway. I went around front and came back with $90.00 in my hand. In less than 5 minutes those late afternoon shoppers bought 18 of our $4.97 plants. My dad couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t imagine sitting there one minute, and being $90.00 richer 5 minutes later.

“The time to start your backyard nursery is today so you are ready to hit the ground running as quickly as possible.

Then Mike has a link to his shopping cart before he gives his free tip which will look something like this.



“Deadhead your flowers to maintain their beauty!”

The point is this. The economies of the Western world are currently under stress due to the sub prime loan mess that has spilled from the US into China , France , Germany , the UK and many other countries. Governments are masking this dilemma by flooding monetary systems with liquidity. This will create inflation!

The best commodity for combating inflation is a current, useful product or service. One way to create an inflation fighting product is to write about doing what you love and sell that knowledge over the internet.

We continually hear from delegates of our publisher writer course, who are doing this. One delegate at our last Publisher/Writer course recently sent me this note.

” Gary , Hi, I’m so excited, I just had to let you all know how I have put what I learned at your course to work. I just discovered my little 4-month-old website, www.Military-Money-Matters.com is #4 (out of 46,600,000) at Google for the term “military money management”! Yahoo!

“Just goes to show that building your site with the right company definitely pays off! So if you haven’t set up your web site yet with SBI, what are you waiting for? Time’s a-wastin’. If you want to check it out, go to http://results.sitesell.com/Working1.html.html

“Thanks for your support and encouragement! Janet”

Janet is a former JAG officer that wanted to create and expand a business helping military personnel with their finances. (She and her husband, formerly Commander of the Blue Angels, were at our 2006 Writers Course.)

Publishing is such a powerful way to build a business that it can help almost anyone who wants to have a global enterprise.


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