Jyske Bank Economic Seminar Review II

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Merri and I are just back from speaking at the Jyske Bank Global Economic Seminar. Jyske always does a fantastic job and this year the speakers were better than ever. Speakers included the former foreign minister of the Soviet Union, a Vestas wind turbine exec, the head of a leading bio tech firm, plus some really cracker jack investment managers and economists John Mauldin, Eric Roseman, David Melnick and Michael Checkan.

I gained so much information it will take me a week to share it and we began yesterday.

As the lead off speaker, I set a positive tone even though the portfolios we track had dropped as you can see below.

Most of the five portfolios were down 50% or more in just a week! So how could I be optimistic?
Yesterday’s message shared the first reason I was (and remain) positive. Another reason for my optimism is that the overall trend for the past 100 years has not only been up, but the upwardness has grown.

Bull markets have been stronger and longer in each wave. The bears have been weaker. This is supported by the nature of mankind, all biological things and even the expanding nature of the universe…not to mention the willingness of governments everywhere to now flood markets with liquidity every time markets suffer a drawback.

This means that markets are less likely to crash and are more likely to rise. Yet the profits these rising markets bring are less likely to buy less!

This is why we need to continually look for and spot new distortions and trends so our investing ideas can evolve and keep the spending power of our wealth intact.

During the 39 years I have been investing abroad, I have enjoyed seven golden trends.

#1: 1970s Gold & Silver.

#2: Japan , Germany , Switzerland , England , Australia and Hong Kong .

#3: 1980s. The Tigers, Taiwan , Singapore Malaysia and South Korea , & Turkey .

#4: 1990s. South America (which led me to Ecuador ).

#5: 2000s. China , India and Eastern Europe .

#6: Invest in Real Estate Throughout.

#7: Bet Against the US Dollar Throughout

The biggest of these seven trends has been the declining US dollar as this chart from the Grandfather Economic Report shows. The dollar drop has accompanied all the other trends.


Now an eighth trend, perhaps the most powerful of them all, Green has begun. You will see how powerful this is tomorrow when we see how the green portfolio above has jumped in the last two weeks.

Until then, enjoy your holiday. Labor is what makes the world go round. Let’s celebrate that fact.


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