Better Writing Results

by | Aug 28, 2007 | Archives

Better writing results are continually sent to us from delegates. A delegate at our last Publisher/Writer course just sent me this note.

” Gary , Hi, I’m so excited, I just had to let you all know how I have put what I learned at your course to work. I just discovered my little 4-month-old website, is #4 (out of 46,600,000) at Google for the term “military money management”! Yahoo!

“Just goes to show that building your site with the right company definitely pays off! So if you haven’t set up your web site yet with SBI, what are you waiting for? Time’s a-wastin’. If you want to check it out, go to

“Thanks for your support and encouragement! Janet”

Janet is a former JAG officer that wanted to create and expand a business helping military personnel with their finances. (She and her husband, formerly Commander of the Blue Angels, were at our 2006 Writers Course.)

Publishing is such a powerful way to build a business that it can help almost anyone who wants to have a global enterprise.


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This is always the most scenic time to visit us at the farm as the leaf change is usually at its best. Here are some autumnal shots at the farm.

The upper meadows.

Our pumpkin house with Jack Frost & Ma

Me and Grandson #1 Garren

Here is a group enjoying an autumnal courses there.

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