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West Jefferson investments make sense. For years I have written about the good value here.

Merri and I moved to Ashe County to get away from the crowds, hustle and bustle of life. Making money in real estate was far from our mind but we have see property prices appreciate rapidly with quite some distance still to go. We have already made a lot of money again. This seems to be the story of our life. We move to a beautiful, quiet place to get away from the crowds and then the crowds follow.

Ashe County adjoins Virginia and Tennessee and is so remote it was once known as the Lost Province .

The county seat is Jefferson and the county has a land area of 426.16 miles but only a population of 22,209 people. This population is wide spread as well. The only towns are Jefferson (1,300 population), West Jefferson (1,002) and Lansing (183).

This is a totally rural area with three commercial crops, Christmas trees, timber and tobacco. There are several factories in the county manufacturing furniture and electrical goods. There are numerous tourist activities such as canoeing on the New River ( America ’s first Heritage River ), scenic drives though Southern Appalachian Wilderness, leaf gazing and hiking.

Ashe County is isolated but sits almost equidistant from the north and south of the east coast of the United States . The largest, wealthiest migration in mankind’s history has taken place in the last decade into this area. Now one in six Americans live in a county that touches either the Atlantic or Gulf Coast . Merri and I are almost the same distance from our old home in Naples and Maine .

Here is why this area offers so much potential:

1. The prices here are a fraction of the county just south (Watauga)

2. The first cappuccino machines have arrived in Jefferson . When we arrived 10 years ago I could not find any. Now I know of three.

3. Prices have about doubled in the last three years.

4. The major road from I-77 is being widened to four and even six lanes.

5. Wal Mart has built a super store and Lowes (home supplies) has opened a huge store as well. Hampton Inn is about to build.

6. The first golf course community has been a success in Jefferson .

7. Art galleries and interior designers are setting up shop prolifically in town.

In fact the art here is really great and it is everywhere. The beauty, culture, history and future of Ashe County are even captured in downtown murals.

West Jefferson began a downtown mural project in 1996 when McFarland and Company, Inc., Publishers, commissioned local artist, Jack Young, to create the mural “History of Ashe Through the Ages”.

Here is Stephan Shoemaker’s mural “Cut at Devil Stairs”

Marianne DiNapoli Mylet’s “New River Traditions” mural covers another building and features the “Virginia Creeper” train, a family enjoying a picnic along the New River and the natural beauty of our area.

Plus the town is progressive. This mural has its text in Spanish as well as English, “unity and diversity” it says!

The Ashe County Arts Council was instrumental in establishing “The Arts District” in downtown West Jefferson .

This is why we are pleased to announce that our September 14-15-16 International Business & Investing Course will be conducted at the Ashe County Arts Center . This is a charming historical building in the center of this small, friendly town. In this way you’ll not only gain vital international investing and business information, but get ideas about West Jefferson and Ashe County investments as well.

You can enjoy West Jefferson , plus one day we’ll have you out to the farm to enjoy a meal and our natural wilderness as well. Here are some delegates walking up to the house at last year’s course.

We hope to see you along with Thomas Fischer of Jyske Bank here.


Due to space considerations at the arts center this course has a limit of delegates and we are near this now. Enroll in our September 14-16 International Business & Investing Course.