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The sun always shines somewhere and Merri and I proved this while in England . The poor island had been having record rains. We were worried that Francesca’s wedding reception scheduled for a small Gloucestershire village would be ruined. Here is a BBC photo showing what the surrounding area of Tewkesbury looked like just before departed for the trip.

Yet when we arrived the weather was perfect. In fact the first day I caught a bit of sun burn. The entire week we hiked and enjoyed the English country side.

Finally we arrived in Gloucestershire for the reception. Here is Merri and me. Please note…clear skies and we are brown from an entire week’s sun.

Here is Merri and me with the happy couple.

The reception was perfect in every way and to top it all off the town of Gloucester had a huge, unexpected fireworks display that evening (still for reasons unknown) that looked like they had been scheduled just for the reception. More than perfection!

The point? So often as investors or as business people we look at current problems and project them too far ahead. Had we cancelled the reception expecting flood problems we would have missed the perfect evening. Even when its cold. Even when it rainy and grey, the sun is shining somewhere.

There is another example of this we saw on this trip. We have looked in recent messages about the problems of inflation in England . We have also looked at the potential of green investments.

Loch Fyne Restaurants is a perfect example. The Loch Fyne story started in 1977 when the founder of the company created Loch Fyne Oysters with a friend who was a fish farmer and biologist. Their ambition was to produce oysters of exceptional quality to sell to restaurants around the country. By 1987 they had added a traditional smokehouse and their own seafood restaurant, oyster bar and shop in a former cow shed on the banks of the Loch Fyne at Cairndow. So popular was this restaurant that they decided to experiment south of the border and opened two restaurants in England to introduce Loch Fyne products to a wider audience.

Now there are 31 restaurants and each restaurant has been incredibly well received by its customers. We ate at the Loch Fyne in Leeds.  The meals were again outrageous in price, but the place way packed, lunch and dinner.

At a time when the seafood industry is in trouble, this company has grown by leaps and bounds by fish farming in an environmentally sensitive way and projecting an image of environmental soundness and fresh healthy seafood. This adaptation in the market place has obviously worked well.

There are troubles with sea food for sure…but the sun always shines somewhere.

Until next message may the sun shine on all your investments as well.


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