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by | Aug 13, 2007 | Archives

Economics and change can be seen in almost every walk of life.

Merri and I just experienced a lot more about economics and change while in England where we celebrated the marriage of our daughter, Francesca.  Here is the happy couple after their ceremony which we held at Richmond Park .

Congratulations again Francesca and Sam.

Franny and Sam live in Africa but returned to the UK for their ceremony as this is where they had first met while they took their master’s degrees at the London School of Economics.   We enjoyed meeting Sam’s side of the family who flew all the way from down under (Sam is Australian).

We all commented on how much Richmond Park appeared like the African bush.

I guess, however, we should not be too shocked by this similarity of flora.  Britain must also share a lot of common fauna with Africa such as the rare British Zebra.

Merri and I lived in England for many years.  Thus we knew how imperiled the British Zebra was and how much this island nation did to save them.  We also lived in Florida at that time, near the Everglades and were familiar with how wildlife is saved via crossings.   Panther crossings were built over and under Florida ’s I-75 freeway to help the endangered Florida panther.  We even saw a Florida Panther once so we knew that these crossings must have worked!

But the zebra danger in England must have been worse.  There were only a few panther crossings in Florida . In England zebra crossings were practically everywhere!   Yet we never saw a zebra in England …even once.

This always seemed a waste, so many crossings for so few zebras.  The English really do love their animals.

Not to worry.  We figured out a way to cut down the zebra crossing squander. When the police were not looking we used them to cross the roads ourselves.  I am not sure if this was illegal or not but one never wishes to take a chance…especially as a guest from another country.

If there were such a law about non zebras using zebra crossings I assure you, it was broken often!   We noted that many others took advantage of this animal kindness and used this lack of zebras to beat heavy traffic.

I am happy to report that zebras must have made a dramatic comeback.  We saw almost no zebra crossings on this recent trip!  I hope this is good and that the rare British zebra has not become extinct.

I am also pleased to say that our English friends have not lost their love for the animal world. Now they have taken on the task of saving the even rarer humped pelican!  I say rarer, because not only have I never seen one in Britain (we used to have many brown pelicans when we lived on the beach in Florida ) I have never seen a humped pelican.  Yet there are huge numbers of humped pelican crossings.

This is true. Here is the proof…a shot taken by my own camera in Sunbury on Thames near our daughter’s home.

Over the next few days, we’ll share some insights learned during the trip.  Sadly one change I have noticed are the  high gasoline prices.  Plus there are so many traffic cameras – which I do not believe are installed to help motorists who run out of gas.

Fortunately I can also report that walking is even easier and better. Traffic may be heavier but there has been so much work to save the pelicans that when no one is looking we can still cross the roads.

The point is that change is everywhere…all the time. If we look for it, embrace it and take advantage of it, our lives can be better.

Tomorrow’s message looks at how change in England can forewarn us of change at home.

Until then, may all your walks in life be good.


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