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The multi currency history of the five multi currency portfolios we have been tracking in our Multi Currency Educational Service is below.

Portfolios 2007Dec 29Mar 27 June 28July 20July 27Aug 10
Swiss Samba8.10%16.15%44.80%45.84%44.47%38.00%
Emerging Market15.11%12.81%54.31%67.67%74.67%61.27%
Dollar Short12.91%20.12%33.81%40.31%37.90%29.48%
Dollar Neutral7.94%16.58%37.64%38.07%37.14%29.13%

The current sag in all five multi currency portfolios reflects what the press has been saying for several weeks. All of this and the exact five portfolios are all described in our latest Multi Currency Educational Service update.

Here is some good news from that update that answers a question that many of you have asked how to make small investments since Jyske Bank increased their minimum account for US investors to $100,000.

I have been researching for ways to help readers who have less than $100,000. One solution may come from new Zealand . A long time friend and reader Charles Drace has sent me this note showing how readers can invest as little as US$5,000.

“Hi Gary , Good news on the prospect of publishing your Multi Currency Sandwich programme with a large publisher. I’m sure this will work out well as it’s such a good programme.

“Having heard that, I thought it a good time to draw your attention to the fact that our 21st Century Renaissance Performance Unit Trust has 50% of it’s portfolio in a Jyske Bank Invest Loan programme, and that has in fact been the best performing part of all our unit trusts. I think you were already aware that my own 6 year Jyske Bank trial programme grossed over 30% per year.

“It had always been my intention to ask you to bring this to the attention of your readers as I thought it might appeal to those who didn’t want to run the programme by themselves.

“However, I have desisted so far because our portfolios are managed from a New Zealand dollar perspective and with the NZ dollar being vastly overvalued at the moment, I thought it fairer to potential investors to wait until the dollar had dropped so they would have the future opportunity of currency appreciation rather than the current outlook of currency depreciation.

“Having read your latest news, though, it occurred to me that maybe you might want to mention the opportunity for readers of your book/report to use us if they didn’t want to open/manage an account on their own.

“While writing this email to you, another thought occurred. As we are a fund management company, with all the legals in place, including investor’s funds held by NZ’s leading [government owned] Trustee Company and auditing by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and have all the administration systems in place with the top NZ unit trust administration company providing our backroom, not to mention a good working relationship with Jyske BankKind regards, Charles”

I have not taken any further due diligence steps so anyone who wishes to use this facility should double check. Personally our relationship with Charles has been delightful and my opinion is that he is a person of the highest integrity. His contact details are below. You can download the Investment Statement from his website, which has the application form and details at the back. All investors are required by law to read the Investment Statement before investing. For those who want further information, the more complete Prospectus is also downloadable from the website.

Charles Drace

Socrates Fund Management Ltd., manager of…

21st Century Renaissance Gold & Metals Unit Trust 21st Century

Renaissance Performance Unit Trust 21st Century Renaissance Income Unit

Trust PO Box. 3833, Christchurch , New Zealand 8140 Tel [+643] 364-9140

Fax [+643] 364-9132


Yesterday, I mentioned at the ezine that I have been approached by a large publisher to develop some form of cooperation with them for our Multi Currency Educational Service. The phenomenal appreciation of our model portfolios for nearly two years has attracted a lot of attention.

Yesterday our talks with the publisher, a firm much larger than ours, worked out a starting deal…which will push up the annual subscription of this service’s. Big publishing companies cannot operate without staff from their bedrooms as Merri and I do to keep prices low.

We have a starting target date, August 17 and their marketing staff are working on what the new price point will be.

Your current subscription will be grandfathered for whatever time you have enrolled.

Plus before any price rise I would like to offer a one year extension to you at the current low annual price. If you would like to add a year to this service now simply go to our shopping cart and sign up for a year. Just mention in the comments box of the order that you are already a subscriber.

Our Multi Currency Educational Service right now is a mere $149 for a very long and educational year! To subscribe or to add a year go to Gary & Merri Scott´s International Service Center.

Until next message, good investing!