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Energy investments can be made in many ways. Yesterday´s message introduced Susan Stanton, a professional business intuitive. Susan is from Boston and she consults with businesses and individuals using her clairvoyance and other psychic abilities combined with her rational skills to help people and businesses with decision making and navigation. See

She was looking for a place close to nature, with little electrical disturbance to do some meditation and writing and was referred to our farm.

While here she took quite a number of pictures. This is one we saw yesterday of our Wildflower cabin. Susan used an inexpensive digital camera for the shot.

Then she sent this note.

“Hi Gary and Merri, I am attaching a very interesting photo that was in the pictures I took at your farm. I hadn’t paid much attention to this, but I showed it to a man who has studied orbs and other phenomena quite a bit, and he was very interested–says this image captures some kind of phenomena. A blue sphere rising from behind the roof line of the Wildflower Cabin. I don’t know what this is, but it is certainly interesting. And a beautiful color. Thank you again for your hospitality and lots of hugs to you both. Susan”

Dear reader, when puzzling things appear, I look to you and the wisdom of the masses.

The book, “The Wisdom of Crowds, Why the Many are Smarter than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economies and Societies and Nations” by James Surowiecki tells how potent the wisdom of a group can be.

The book begins by telling how at the annual West of England Fat Stock and Poultry Exhibition in the fall of 1906, a British scientist became interested in a weight judging competition. 800 people, smart, dumb, old, young in all types of professions guessed the weight of two dressed oxen. The correct answer was 1,197 pounds. The scientist’s research found that the collective estimate was incredibly close, 1,198 pounds.

The book suggests that there is an uncanny and generally unconscious collective intelligence at work. The book shows how clouds of birds seem to move in one mind but actually are each acting on their own following four simple rules: #1) Stay as close to the center as possible, #2) Stay two body lengths away from your neighbor, #3) Do not bump into another bird and #4): If a predator dives at you get out of the way.

The book suggests that rather than crowds being mindless mobs that the many are weirdly smart and effective even when many of the group are average or below in intelligence or experience.

A key point that the article makes is that there is incredible effectiveness in a diversity of individual intelligences and this is why we are sharing ideas about trends at this site. There are thousands of us reading these messages so perhaps our problem solving ability grows to the 4000th power or perhaps 16,000,000 power.

Please tell me, have you ever seen anything like this? If so what is it?

Until next message, good energy to you!


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