Biggest Profits Come From Deepest Thought

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Merri and I have found Vedic Astrology an incredible help when it comes to making decisions that we cannot make with logic.

For example was when our daughter Elle graduated from University in London with a degree in dramatic arts. Her question to Merri and me was “Should I go for a career in singing or go on and get a teacher’s certificate in Physical Education?” (She is a superb athlete as well as an aspiring singer.)

We all agreed that becoming a singer is a long shot. Teaching is safe. But we knew that her passion is to shoot for being a star. So how would she feel in later life if she didn’t try?

So Merri had Blaine watson, our Vedic astrologer check her Vedic chart. The astrologer knew nothing about Elle but said at that time she had just moved into a cycle for three years when her best thing would be the performing arts, entertaining, etc. That was enough to convince us. “Go for it”, we said and we encouraged her. “You’re young, try it for three years and if this does not work then, let’s look again”.

Within a week she was picked as a backup singer with Modern Romance, a popular English rock group. Modern Romance had many top hits in the UK beginning with their début UK chart success “Everybody Salsa.” They then reached the Top Ten with “Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey” Their next release saw the band reach their highest UK Singles Chart position with “Best Years Of Our Lives”. Further hits followed, “High Life” and “Don’t Stop That Crazy Rhythm” both made the UK Top 20. You can see her credits as a backing vocal for the group at

Her first gig was before 4,000 fans! In the ensuing year she was able to meet many of her rock star heroes as work associates. This was an incredible experience for her, but as mentioned the entertainment business is a long shot. Some stars may become rich but backing vocals…so she had to work elsewhere to survive. Her “make money” jobs included handing out pamphlets, selling credit cards by phone and teaching dance at a franchised performing arts school called “Stagecoach”.

She enjoyed this experience enormously and cut a couple of great CDs with a group. Then she began to tire of being poor and looked around for a better way to enhance her wealth. Her teaching job at Stagecoach led her to look at owning a school and at the ripe age of 23, she took the plunge.

May I say with due respect that Eleanor is the last child that we ever thought would be a business woman. No logic could have shown us this.

She approached this business with incredible discipline and dramatically expanded the school. In her first year her profits were in six figures. Her second year took her well into six figures. Today at 26 she lives in a very expensive home on the River Thames. She has a new car, new kitchen, everything she wants and an income in the top 5% of the world.

Had anyone suggested that Eleanor could or would have traveled this path, all of us who knew would have laughed. Her success has been beyond logic!

Yet we supported this success based on the realization that every moment there are possibilities that our logic just cannot see but that Vedic Astrology can. The inability to measure the results of astrology used to bother me enormously until years ago I read an article about Aristotle Onassis, the ultra rich Greek shipping magnate. He gave the secret of being a billionaire that helped me look beyond my logic.

“Certainly one does not need an astrologist to become a millionaire.” Then he quickly added that “to become a billionaire, it is essential.” This statement was made long ago when being a billionaire was pretty darn rare.

Onassis’ statement really struck a chord with me as my many years of residence in Hong Kong had exposed me to many businessmen who looked beyond logic. I heeded the astrological advice because the Chinese are very into what some might consider offbeat and unreal, but there were more billionaires per capita in Hong Kong than anywhere else in the world!

In fact the more I thought about this, the more it made sense. To make billions one has to take enormous risks and see a big picture far into an invisible future.

We all have to make some decisions based on events we cannot totally predict, but successful billionaires make huge decisions based on enormous unknowns. It requires incredible faith to take incredible risks. None of us can see the whole picture but Astrology, albeit vaguely, helps us see the biggest picture of all.

You can learn more about this from our Vedic Astrologer, Blaine Watson, who many of our readers use and rave about. His email address is

Recently we added another weapon in our information processing armory… a professional intuitive. Susan Stanton Rotman is her name. She is from Boston and consults with businesses and individuals using her clairvoyance and other psychic abilities combined with her rational skills to help people and businesses with decision making and navigation.

Susan does not really like the word psychic (nor do Merri or I) as a lot of the information she comes up with does not just pop out of the air. She has a strong educational, legal and business background. Susan originally trained as an corporate attorney and mediator.

Susan is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Georgetown University, having received a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service in 1977, cum laude, and graduated from Georgetown University Law Center in 1981.

She practiced law for many years and has extensive experience representing both individual and corporate clients. She owned her own retail jewelry and is an expert in pearls. She also has a broad background in esoteric and metaphysical studies, spirituality, and personal and family development practices.

She had been aware of her intuitive sensitivity at a very early age and is clairvoyant, clairaudient and claircognisant, but decided to practice law. However she found she could not ignore this gift so began working as a professional intuitive since 1991.

As a professional intuitive, she consults with businesses and individuals using both her clairvoyance and other psychic abilities combined with her rational skills to help people and businesses with decision making and navigation.

Susan works with individuals, groups and businesses in accessing and developing intuitive knowing and integrating it with logical thought for informed, balanced and purposeful decision-making. When working with clients, Susan provides vision as well as strategic direction for implementing positive and desired change. She blends practical information and personal or business advice together with spiritual insight into many aspects of the individual and his or her soul and life purpose. She helps clients identify their unique gifts, skills, and goals and how to refine and implement these into action in a way that is fulfilling and harmonious. Clients consistently describe Susan’s work as inspirational and transformative, often expressing a tangible sense of healing presence.

In Merri’s and my first meeting with her, it became obvious that she was picking up on information that she could not know from any direct logical way. I won’t go into details but will say that though I am quite hard nosed in my judgment of intuitives, in this instance I was quickly convinced.

Though she recorded our entire session, I like written notes. Here are the non specific notes I made from my conversation with her.

“Light shines through many windows.”

“You can see most clearly when sediment drops. Too much thought stirs up the mud. Don’t magnify.

“Slow down so you don’t miss what is important.

“Magic can be a diversion that disables and blinds one to oneself.

“Look for concrete implementation of the truth.”

These may seem like very broad aphorisms, but they were directly related to some reasonably urgent and large events and decisions Merri and I are in the process of making now.

Those who wish to know more can reach Susan at

Don’t miss tomorrow’s message to see some more interesting information that Susan processed while staying at our farm.


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