Rosy Value in Everything

by | Aug 4, 2007 | Archives

Recent messages have looked at the importance of investing and earning outside the US dollar. One key to doing well in investing and business is to look for value. Even better look for hidden value.

For example, I have written often about the value of buying Ecuadorian roses (or having a rose business).

You can get fresh long stem roses at less than a dollar a stem.

There is great value because these fresh roses last so long.

Here is part of the eight dozen we bought and received 12 days ago. These roses usually last a week but some have now been in the vase 12 days and still look good.

That’s great value. Yet I look for even more. After all my last name is Scott!

So I dry the roses as they fade. This gives me two more special values free. First, we have roses decorating the house as they dry. Here is a bouquet drying in our kitchen.

Next we have wonderful bouquets of dried roses to enjoy! Here are five dozen beautiful dried roses at the entrance to our home. These would cost me nearly $60 if I ordered them from a website. Yet this is an extra free value we receive.

Next time you think about investing or business, think value and then rethink and look for hidden values as well. The blessing that no one else can see can make your life rich!


We look at how to earn and invest outside the US dollar at our next two International Investing and Business Made EZ courses.

Join us September 14 – 16, 2007 in North Carolina,

Come visit us at our Blue Ridge farm during the September course. Enjoy its beauty. Here is one of the farm views that one of our recent guests photographed.

Or come to Ecuador November 9-11. See

One reason we love Ecuador is all the wonderful products that can be exported. Here is a shot of some art we have been bringing back. Original art in the US is now so expensive that this type of painting can be sold for excellent markups. We continually look at import export opportunities in our Ecuador Living updates. See how to get these updates at (This is a watercolor by Monteros, our long time friend.)

Here is our schedule of Ecuadorian courses for the balance of 2007.

Sept. 26 – 30, Weds. – Sun. Condensed Super Thinking + Spanish with Free Oct 1 – Mon. Andes Extension & Real Estate Tour.

Nov. 9 – 11, Fri. – Sun. International Business & Investing Made EZ.

Nov. 12 – 14, Mon. – Weds. Andes Extension & Real Estate Tour.

Nov. 16 – 18, Fri. – Sun. Andean Shamanic Tour.