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by | Jul 30, 2007 | Archives

The US dollar is falling and fundamentals suggest that the rot is nowhere near the end.

Governments everywhere have become more corrupt. The pace of change increases its speed.

These factors make it hard to earn enough to live on well. Even harder is to keep the purchasing power of what we save and have to invest.

Ultimately we have to protect the purchasing power of our investment with multi currency portfolios.  We have to protect the purchasing power of our earnings with a multi currency business.The sun always shines somewhere and if we know how, we can earn income in many currencies and always be where opportunity is best.

This is why we have been encouraging people to learn how to earn globally with Ecuador imports and exports. This is also why I am upgrading the photos at our website with the help of our friend, Todd Smith.

Often a picture really is worth a thousand words especially when crossing cultural lines.Todd attended our “Self Fulfilled, How to be a Writer-Publisher” course which helped him develop his new photoletter.

Here is a shot from Todd’s new photoletter. 

There you have it, another Self Fulfilled delegate earning globally from his publishing. You can too!

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Until next message, may all you global actives create a perfect picture!Gary

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You can see Todd’s photoletter and get his free screensavers/wallpapers