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Cotacachi Ecuador Living is special as Richard Goebel, our man in the Blue Ridge, who lives in China Grove, NC, pointed out when he recently sent this note:

“Gary, Once a year the sleepy town of China Grove, population of 3500, becomes a population of 30,000 with the ‘Farmers Day Festival’. We have the same bad food you mentioned in a recent message, funnel cakes, hamburger, hot dogs. Plus fun, dunking booths and games and plus all types of vendors. The day ends with music, dancing and fireworks at the climax.

“Yet right in the middle of this rural North Carolina setting is a booth of Ecuadorians selling their goods form Otavalo. This is just like the Otavalo market.

I spoke with these vendors. They have been living in Charlotte for over a year and were surprised that I knew Otavalo, Cotacachi and Ecuador. Here they are, ‘Otavalo in China Grove’. Ecuador meets North Carolina.”


This international industriousness of the indigenous population of Imbabura Province is one reason we love this area. The people are hard working, thrifty, and cosmopolitan. They are one of the leading indigenous populations in terms of progress and material wealth though they retain their own language (Quichua) and many of their historical customs as well as their native dress.

Their culture retains many wonderful wisdoms.

This creates a wonderful atmosphere place. The mayor of Cotacachi, Economist Auki Tituana Males, is the first indigenous Mayor of Cotacachi since the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors 500 years ago. He is a trained economist and one of the initial things he did was institute a program so all the people of the region could be heard.

The area boasts a focus on being multi-ethnic and hosts a population that is 35% mestizo, 5% black (5%), and 60% indigenous.

The Canton’s motto is that of the indigenous community. For a worthy, productive and solid Cotacachi, the main duty and responsibility is “AMA QUILLA, AMA LLULLA, AMA SHUA”.


How refreshing! Don’t we wish our nation lived by this code? This simple but profoundly powerful plan has worked… in November 2000, the United Nations granted Cotacachi the International Prize for “Best Practices”….In November 2001, the Interamerican Forum for the Rights of the Childhood and Youth, granted Cotacachi the national Prize “The Dreamer Goblin”, for work with the Cotacachean youth….In March 2002 UNESCO granted Cotacachi, the International Prize for “Cities for Peace”, for its democratic work and its intercultural dialogue in search of peace.

We hope to see you sometime in Cotacachi and North Carolina!


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