Business Trends Homes in Caves

by | Jul 17, 2007 | Archives

Business trends can be seen from homes in caves. Smart investors catch trends and understand the global psyche because they understand what people want.

This is why I love investing in real estate. Everyone wants a roof over their head!

People also want what they perceive they no longer have. See more about this at


So I am always watching from unusual activity that might provide a clue that leads to some new thing people may want.

Our son Jake, who is attending law school in England and buying a house in Leeds threw me such a clue the other day that has left me wondering. He wrote:

“Dad, A BBC article of July 4th entitled ‘Cave home auctioned for £100,000’ shows how expensive things are getting here. It says: “A cave home in Worcestershire complete with a front door, fireplace and pantry, has been sold for £100,000. Rock Cottage in Wolverley, which is hewn out of a sandstone cliff and has three adjoining caves, was last occupied in the late 1940s. It was auctioned by Halls estate agency for four times its £25,000 guide price. The cave, which comes with windows, a sitting room and bedroom but has no electricity or water supply, generated more than 50 requests for viewings. The auctioneer’s comment was ‘”Unbelievable interest.”

$200,000 bucks for a cave?

What can this possibly mean, if anything?

Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. Everything comes fill circle for sure. But why are we yearning to return to caves, the gloomy homes of our long departed Neanderthal ancestors?

I somehow feel, that a clue leading us towards opportunity in this fact. But I cannot find it. Any suggestions?

Until next message good global investing!


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