Export Profits Even Closer

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Export profits are even closer for those who look at the growing opportunity of bringing consumers and makers of quality goods closer through exporting.

Our friend, Bonnie Keogh, who attended our Ecuador export course and has been selling exports though global bazaars in the US confirmed this when she


“Gary, Your newsletter today vocalized the whole reason why I’ve been successful with my international bazaars. There are some buyers who just want a unique item at a good price, but there are many others who care about the origin of the product and the people who will benefit from their purchase. Even though it might mean paying a few dollars more, they know they are helping support real people rather than adding to the profit margin of a faceless corporation exploiting cheap labor. I’m happy to learn that market share is 25%, that’s enough to keep me in business. Now my challenge is learning how to reach them on a consistent basis. Take care, Bonnie K.”

Bonnie had written earlier: “I love to travel, but since I’m not independently wealthy, I also need to make money. What really put me over the edge (or on the airplane) was the addition of Gary and Merri Scott.

Second to traveling, I love to shop, especially for unique, handmade items.

So, how could I resist the temptation to learn how to cash in on my two passions!

“Each speaker educated us with their experiences, they actually do earn money following their passions, they don’t just talk about it. I gained years worth of hard-earned education in just two days, but the most important things I took home with me were inspiration and confidence. I could do this too; and I did! In March 2006, I made one of my dreams come true. I went to Ecuador. I attended the Scott’s import/export seminar, we visited artists, markets and villages. It was a treat to see the great variety of handmade items and meet the friendly artists. I started to see the possibilities. I filled my suitcases in no time. Most of those things were sold to coworkers and friends and covered the costs of my trip. Yeah! I returned to Ecuador in October, 2006. I spent two weeks attending Spanish classes in Quito and the next two weeks shopping. Once home, I sold my goods at an international bazaar and again paid for my trip expenses. Do I plan to continue? You bet! I have ideas for other places to sell my goods and some great material for travel articles. I am learning more each trip and gaining experience and confidence and most importantly, I love doing it! Attending your workshop was the catalyst that gave me the courage to take the plunge.

Thank you for enriching my life.”

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She had also written: “Hi Merri, I gathered up the things I had left from my Spring trip and the stuff I packed from the November trip and did my show in Cambridge, MA the first weekend of December, it was much more successful than I ever dreamed and if I had my new stuff I probably would have doubled my sales. I sold $3,500. The one positive thing to come out of all of this is that I learned to trust my judgment on choosing items. People liked my items and the information I could share with them. It confirmed my belief that it’s the personal selection and effort I put forth that makes a difference. Anyhow, I’m not sure if I mentioned it when I saw you, but if I can help the local crafters in Ecuador through the pairing project (Micro

Coaching) I’d love to participate. I’ve done sewing, weaving, knitting and all kinds of crafts. I have materials here I can donate and now I have a little experience with selling their things. So, please let me know if I can help.”

The key to Bonnie’s success is that she has focused her marketing on Bazaars that specialize in marketing hand made, fair trade products from around the world.

Our goal in our export courses is to make a triple match, connect a family or cooperative to a person (who acts as the marketing avenue) and to help that person find a niche market where they can sell the goods. We call it micro coaching.

Another reader said this about the micro coach plan.

“Gary and Merri, What a beautiful piece of art. Everyone I show my pieces by the same artist all are awed at his marvelous talent. This is a great opportunity for you and Merri’s micro-coaching idea. I have an artist friend in mind here in eastern Colorado who would be a great coach for someone like this. I am sure among your other readers there are those who would also love the opportunity to meet and help grow other talented artists. I am looking forward to my return to Cotacachi and catching up with all of the talented artists whose work I purchased while there before. I wear the jewelry, one piece a ring I asked the artist to design, others that were too beautiful not to buy, almost every day. These artists are wonderfully talented and also have a desire to please their customer and are proud of their country and show that pride in their work. Have a great weekend.”

The old financial system of the Western world is deteriorating. Inflation, poor health, crumbling infrastructure, aging population. What previously was considered iron clad (such as US Social Security or pensions from major
corporations) must now be filled with doubt. Would you trust your future to a General Motor’s pension?

Yet after the Roman Empire collapsed many people continued to live well in Italy. The key is to adapt to events as they evolve.

Three points are clear.

Point #1: Those who have the capacity to work or provide some useful service in the community are less likely to suffer in a monetary meltdown.

Pensioners are always the ones who fare worse when a society or currency disintegrates.

Point #2: Those who can earn in more than one place or country have a better chance of adapting and getting ahead during turbulent times.

Point #3: Global environmental and social issues will be two of the biggest trends in the decades ahead. Those who can find and sell products that help resolve global social and environmental tensions will be involved in a growth industry!

We hope these thoughts bring you closer to opportunity and profit as well.


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