Business Profits Come Closer

by | Jul 8, 2007 | Archives

Business profits come closer when your business comes closer to your Customer.

Past messages reviewed how business opportunity could come from the image problems of Chinese products. They look at business opportunity created for leather exports from Ecuador.

A reader from Australia responded and sent this business idea:

“Gary going over that email. The business profits problem is China will make that leather bag for under $20. India will make it for $25 or less. It’s hard for other countries to compete in this kind of business. I know as I do this everyday for a living. Recently we have been doing very well in Thailand BUT only on goods China does not make. Thailand is a place where everywhere you turn there are retired Americans. Just back again from a buying trip. Regards.”

I agree with this reader and this creates an opportunity. There is a growing market for goods where the process brings the buyer and manufacturer closer.

This market recognizes the difference between fair trade, organic coffee from Intag versus Nescafe! This buyer is willing to pay a premium.

Very thorough market research shows that about 25% of the consumer market place now finds the following important:

Nature and its destruction.

Problems with the whole planet such as global warming, destruction of the rain forests, overpopulation, lack of ecological sustainability and exploitation of the poor.

Developing and maintaining relationships.

Helping others and bringing out other’s unique gifts.

Volunteering for good causes.

Psychological and spiritual development.

See spirituality or religion as important but concerned about Religious right.

Equality of women.

Violence and abuse of women and children.

Politics should spend more on education, neighborhoods and sustainable future.

Concerns about the left and right of politics as well as the mushy middle.

Optimism for the future and distrust media’s negativity.

Creating new and better ways of life.

Concerned about big business’s focus on profit over environment, downsizing and human exploitation.

Having finances under control.

Dislikes overspending, conspicuous consumption and “making it”.

Likes exotic and foreign people, places and other ways of life.

This growing buyer creates an entire new niche market for exporters who learn how have to develop a sales story based around these ideals. Growing numbers of outlets are learning how to sell such items and handmade goods.

There is another aspect to this growing phenomenon. People always want what they feel they have lost and modern manufacturing, marketing and distribution have caused consumers to lose closeness with those who make and sell their goods.

Take for example this art work from a very talented Ecuadorian artist who has been painting for us for many years.

This artist creates these original works of art at a fraction the cost one would pay for original are in the US. Indeed Chinese mass produced art can be created for less.

Yet if an exporter lets the right consumer know the artist and see how buying this art could help the environment, help the poor and still cost a fraction of the price of a local water color, these will sell like hotcakes.

Do not ignore the power of image and closeness in the market place. How important is image? Think for a moment about the difference between a chipmunk and a rat. Actually biologically they are only a little apart…but in image an awful lot.

If you are looking for a new business opportunity, take a closer look at closeness. The modern world drives people apart. Yet we need to be close and if you can serve that need in products you offer, you’ll help your buyers be closer and thus become closer to your positive financial goals as well.


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