Ecuador Thermal Pools

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Ecuador Thermal Pools at Apuela and Nangulvi Offer Relaxation and Profit

Ecuador Living updates explained that one reason National Geographic Magazine named Ecuador one of the top ten adventure destinations for 2007 is a huge national forest called Intag not far from where we live in Cotacachi. This area is the home of excellent organic coffee, and is filled with adventure.

Few know Intag and its hidden charms yet it is just 15 miles from our village of Cotacachi. Steve recently took two Ecuador Living readers to Apuela a large village in the Intag valley. Here you can see Apuela hemmed in by green cliffs.

montains_001.jpgThe valley floor has been carved by the rapid white waters of Intag River that rushes headlong into the Pacific. Here is the Intag River.


Apuela is also headquarters of Intag Coffee Company which produces a delicious, organic coffee from Intag. This is all I drink and bring 25 pounds with me when I come to North Carolina for the summer months!

You can learn about buying wholesale or retail, with packaging or without, raw or roasted for drinking or for profit!

Though small, this Intag Coffee is seemingly very efficient. They export to Spain and Japan though not yet to the USA or Canada. Here´s a picture of the Japanese Intag, fair trade, organic coffee packaged and ready to go.


You can also learn about relaxing in the wonderful Nangulvi Villas, a cluster of cabins that set on the Intag River Intag and beautifully hot spring pools.

Here is Nangulvi Lodge.


Steve and his guests rushed straight to the hot pools for a soak. There are many pools each with a different temperature and they were joined by Ecuadorians, Colombians and Spanish.

You can learn more about Intag, the Nangulvi, the hot spring pools, coffee opportunity and many other pleasures including scuba diving, kayaking and rappelling for fun or as a business. To know more enroll go to



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