Any Passion Can Make You Rich

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Any Passion Can Make You Rich

There are almost infinite ways to have never ending prosperity so it only makes sense to earn your way doing what you love. Yet many readers doubt that this is possible. This reader for example just asked this question. (This is #3 in a series.)

“Dear Mr. and Mrs. Scott, I get pumped every time I read your reports and I am searching deep to figure out if my passion, which is gardening and growing exotic plants, can be turn into a money making venture. I considered a nursery but friends and family bring up the fact that many nurseries in my area were driven out by major outfits such as Home Depot, Walmart, Lowe’s etc. PLEASE ADVISE. Thank you again for your kindness. Be Blessed.”

Recent reports have looked at some of the many areas of life that can reap rewards, including music and fishing.

I am so glad this question about gardening. Obviously writing and talking too much are my ultimate passions. However several of my favorite hobbies include music, art, fishing and gardening. Look at the sun flowers I grew last year.


This year we have even more and have planted corn, many types of beans and squash, pumpkins (some giants are supposed to reach 500 pounds), cukes, lettuce and other greens and many more sunflowers.

I am convinced that a person can make good money in any of these areas, if it is their passion. In our International Investing and Business Made EZ Courses, we examine five case studies that show different ways five people became involved in fishing to create a business.

This message looks at gardening and a man who has done just this.

Merri recently stumbled across Mike McGroarty’s gardening newsletter in our process of gardening. McGroarty has done just as this reader desires, learned how to make a living from gardening.

His website begins:

You Can Grow Small Plants in Your Backyard and Earn Thousands of Dollars! I sold $3,421 worth of small plants from my backyard in one day! We sold $26,000 worth of Plants from Home in 4 weeks!

You Can Earn up to $45.00 per Hour at Home, Growing Small Plants in Your Backyard! I’ll show you how I do it. It’s a blast!

Hi there, I’m Mike McGroarty and I am going to take you on a tour of the fun and exciting Backyard Nursery Business.

Have you ever wished that you could find a way to make some extra money at home? Does earning up to $45.00 per hour at home sound impossible? It’s not. I’ll show you how you can earn fantastic money growing small plants at home. My plants net me thousands of dollars, and I’d like to share my growing and selling techniques with you. You can get started with almost no money at all, in a very small area of your yard. This is one of the easiest home based businesses there is to start.

In order to make money with this super easy backyard business you only need to know two things:

1. How to grow thousands of plants.

2. And how to find people who will buy the plants you grow.

I will teach you both.

Growing landscape plants is much easier than you think. It costs me just pennies to grow my plants, and I’ve sold thousands and thousands of them at $4.97 each! I still can’t believe how well this works. I started this as kind of a dumb idea, thinking I could probably sell a few plants. Never did I think they would sell they way they do. It completely boggles my mind when I think about it.

The sales pitch goes on for quite some time. I signed up for his newsletter just to get the gardening information and I would recommend this site for any other in love with gardeners.

However if you are interested in any type of small business, I recommend reading his marketing message to see how he does. He uses pay per click and I’ll do him a favor by including his landing page at the end of this note.

McGroarty ends his message with “Sign up for my FREE Gardening Newsletter and Get this Free Ebook!”

He markets in a similar pattern as Merri and I do. He aims to give away free material first. This provides a free way for readers to get to know what he had to offer and stay in touch. His aim is to later provide premium services.

We love this system. This eliminates the need for any hard sell. When you truly lay out your wares, readers can decide whether they like it, need it, want it or not. This works well for developing the best business of all, repeat sales! Repeat orders come like magic if you have good products and services that evolve and maintain focus with your client base as we have learned from readers who have been with us for as long as thirty years now.

This study of McGroarty’s site provides some great marketing lessons but also shows an important truth about life, business and investing. Any passion from gardening to fishing to music can help you not only have but also enjoy and be fulfilled by the process of everlasting wealth.

Tomorrow’s message looks at how an American who loved music used music in Russia to create a fortune.

Until then, good investing!


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