International Business & Fishing Passion Can Make You Rich

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International Business & Fishing Passion Can Make You Rich

International business offers infinite ways to have never ending prosperity so it only makes sense to earn your way doing what you love. Yet many readers doubt that this is possible so this series is looking at examples of how people have made wonderful livings in gardening, music and fishing.

There are multitudes of ways to market what you love.

The last two messages in this series looked at how one person is earning income through their passions of gardening and another through music.

We are also looking at different ways to market passions and have direct mail and multi media marketing.

Here we look at fishing. Millions of people love fishing. Here are just a few of many ways that others have profitably matched this passion with profit.

Two of my friends, John and Lou, grew up near me in the Oregon mountains. They were outdoor adventure types and moved to Canada , where they homesteaded 1,200 acres on a trout-filled lake in mid British Columbia . They built a fishing camp that attracts fisherman from around the world.

Duncan Kinderman on the other hand loved fishing and castles. He bought a castle on the River Tay, a great Scottish salmon river, and offered time shares for fisherman from Britain , Europe and the US .

Another entrepreneur I know was from Montana . His skills were in marketing so he sold fishing trips for fishing camps. He attended rod and gun exhibitions, met owners of these camps and arranged to sell their fishing trips to the US , Argentina and even in Russia to fisherman around the world.

Ralph Kylloe on the other hand loved fishing and photography so he created the book, “Fishing Camps”, which was published by Gibbs Smith publisher. This allowed Ralph to travel across the country enjoying fishing camps as he photographed and wrote.

Steve Ambrose, another friend of ours, had family commitments at home so he set up a bass fishing business in Florida that served Americans, Germans, Canadian, Dutch and Belgians. Later as his children grew, he used his client base to arrange fishing trips in Argentina .

Each of these people had provincial backgrounds and differed in age, situation and skills. Their common link, the love of fishing, led each to a global business. Each was able to blend a unique nature and set of skills to develop a global business that surrounded them with fun, like minded fishing souls.

There are some other benefits gained from turning your passion into profit.

For example, it runs much of what you might otherwise do with after tax dollars into a tax deduction. For example almost every trip that Merri and I take is tax deductible! You can honestly write off every trip that is related to your business. Every journey becomes a research oriented adventure and a TAX DEDUCTIBLE EVENT.

In today’s world, we face a number of huge problems such as stress and being boxed into work just to financially survive. Then on top of this we get eaten alive by inflation. When you earn from doing what you love, you solve a little of all these problems. The process of earning becomes more fun and less stressful. Plus your own small business is the ultimate form of inflation protection.

Until next message, may all your passions be profitable for you.


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