Musical Passion Can Make You Rich

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Musical Passion Can Make You Rich

There are almost infinite ways to have never ending prosperity so it only makes sense to earn your way doing what you love. Yet many readers doubt that this is possible so this series is looking at examples of how people have made wonderful livings in gardening, music and fishing.

There are almost a multitude of ways to market what you love.

Yesterday’s message looked at how one man is earning income through gardening and direct mail.

Here we see a great musical tale and how to market with a multi-media marketing system.

Last year Merri and I had the privilege of hosting four Ukraine musicians, members of the Kiev Symphonic Choir and Orchestra, after they performed in Ashe County . Here they are on our front patio.


Left to right: Merri, Yuri, Andrei, Francesca, Gary, Constantine, Danyl.

The Kiev Symphonic Choir and Orchestra, was formed in 1993 by Roger McMurrin, An American minister and his wife after they moved to the Ukraine . The group boasts a choir of 110 Ukrainian singers and an orchestra of 60 musicians from various Kiev orchestras, including the National Opera Theater. McMurrin noticed that great musicians were starving in the Ukraine and found this orchestra easy to build.

By 1995 they were going strong and were able to perform for U.S. President Bill Clinton during his visit to Kiev . In November that year, they recorded three compact discs.

After that the McMurrins established Music Mission Kiev Inc., a tax-exempt charity registered in Florida , and began doing tours up and down the United States .

The business uses a multi-media marketing system. The main interest generator is the group performances, which both earns income and develops a customer base. The performances generate income from performance ticket sales, sales of discs, Ukraine handicrafts sold at performances and donations.

At the performance, the McMurrins have a FREE give away raffle asking for people to fill in their name and address to join the raffle and win prizes at the end of the performance. These names and addresses are collected, kept and then sent a regular follow-up by direct mail that asks for more donations.

The group also operates a website which offers sales of discs, their performances and products, plus of course requests for donations. You can see the URL for this website at the end of this note.

This and the message before shows that we can turn our passion into profit even if it’s as obscure as gardening or music!

Tomorrow’s message looks at ways people have gained everlasting wealth from fishing.

Until then, may all your passions be fulfilled.


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