Multi Currency Investing is Anti Speculation Safety

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Multi currency investing is one of the safest approaches to asset protection but many readers mistakenly feel that our multi-currency portfolios have something to do with currency trading and speculation. Actually they are the opposite.

Speculation comes when one bets on a currency rising or falling against some other currency. Most US investors (who live pretty much on imported products) are speculating on the US dollar, if that is the only currency they hold.

This is a blind speculation because they do not see the other currencies they spend. They buy their Toshiba computer with greenbacks rather than yen, their German Mercedes with the buck instead of the euro. They dress in Malaysian and Burmese clothing, eat Danish ham, Swiss cheese, drink Colombian coffee while sitting in furniture manufactured in China . Even if they drive a Chrysler mini van they are probably spending Canadian dollars!

And over the last 38 years, these speculators have been wrong.

The US dollar has fallen dramatically since 1969. In 1969 a dollar bought 4.25 Swiss francs and 390 Japanese yen. It has declined 72% versus these currencies since.

But if the dollar cannot be trusted, where can one go without being an active currency trader?

Our multi-currency portfolios are a way of diversifying long term into the global economy. They do not involve trading but are aimed at a five year horizon.

Look, for example, at investments in the dollar neutral portfolio.

% ofPortfolio

Currency Investment
10.00% AUD 5.00% BK Nederlandse Gemeenten 16.07.10
4.00% BRL 12.50% Brazil Rep. of 05.01.16
10.00% GBP 6.37% Rabobank Nederland 20.03.09
5.00% HUF 6.50% Hungary Gov. 12.08.08
4.00% ISK 9.50% Iceland 13.06.2008
5.00% MXN 9.00% Mexican Bonos 22.12.2011
6.00% NZD 6.00% KFW 15.07.2009
4.00% TRY 10.25% KFW 09.02.2008
5.00% USD 3.87% Deutsche Telekom 22.07.08
5.00% USD 5.45% Hutchison 24.11.10
7.00% USD 7.20% Porsche Intl. 01.02.2049
5.00% EUR JI Favourite Fund
5.00% EUR JI German Equity Fund
5.00% EUR JI High Yield Corporate Bond Fund
5.00% JPY JI Japanese Equity Fund
5.00% USD JI International Equity Fund
10.00% USD JI Emerging Markets Bond Fund USD

This portfolio is a highly diversified blend of currencies and balanced in major and emerging markets as well as equities and bonds.

This is a highly stable portfolio. If one desires it does not have to be leveraged.

However in our case we have leveraged this portfolio two times. We invested $100,000 and borrowed $40,000 in Japanese yen at 1.88% $100,000 in Swiss francs at 3.13%, $30,000 in euro at 4.5% and $30,000 in Czech koruna at 3.88%.

Even the loan has reduced risk as it is totally invested in bonds of linked currencies that pay higher returns.

So far this philosophy has paid off. This very safe investment, held at one of the safest banks in the world’s safest countries to bank (Jyske Bank) has risen from $100,000 invested to $132,920, a rise of 32.92% in seven months.

Here is the latest review of the five non US dollar multi-currency portfolio’s were have tracked since November 1, 2006 (seven months).

Portfolios Dec 29 Jan 30 Feb 26 Mar 27 Apr 30 May 11 June 8
Swiss Samba 8.10% 10.18% 20.49% 16.15% 26.60% 32.86% 40.40%
Emerg Mkt 15.11% 14.83% 19.69% 12.81% 32.46% 31.13% 39.94%
$ Short 12.91% 9.71% 18.17% 20.12% 30.79% 30.44% 32.12%
$ Neutral 7.94% 12.63% 20.28% 16.58% 25.58% 28.54% 32.92%
Green 34.77% 50.08% 86.22% 86.86% 135.11% 142.42% 163.69%


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However there is a time when the US dollar may rise. We will see why and when in tomorrow’s message.

Until then, good investing.


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