Investment Trends Spotted Through Music

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Investment trends can be seen in many ways. Yesterday’s message looked at how we can anticipate some aspects of the future by looking at the music our youth listen to today. That message said:

“Music is a reflection of society and music is all about frequency. For example we can look at the music of a society and immediately learn a lot about the society. Even better we can look at the music of the youth in a society and start to draw conclusion about how they will be…in the future.

“Music has a profound impact on how a society acts. Or maybe how a society acts has a profound impact on its music. More likely it’s a bit of both. Society is the person…music the mirror.”

Think about how music and Western social economic evolution have moved hand in hand.

Under the influence of the industrial revolution, European music began to change with the Renaissance and has evolved enormously. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, Western European composers have wanted their music to be theirs, about them and about their times. This allowed their songs, concerts and symphonies to be at the forefront of an ever faster social evolution.

European music foments change. From Franz Joseph Hayden to Mozart, to Beethoven, to the Beatles, to Pink Floyd, these Western musicians created music that led the population to think, feel and question “Who am I, what am I doing, what is right and wrong?”

Traditional music on the other hand is all about stopping change. Such music is rarely given to one composer. These melodies and rhythms bind cultures and inhibit change. Often these tribal songs unite a society’s past with the present. Take the ancient African rituals with their deep soul grabbing beat as an example. Feel how their beat melds our hearts with the group and pulls us into the sweet embrace of our deepest roots.

We see this all the time in Ecuador with traditional music and dance. The instruments and songs, the movements are taught father to son, mother to daughter. They are timeless, their composers and choreographers unknown.

Their haunting, beautiful music tears the heart and heightens every emotion-sweetness, joy, love, pain, melancholy. There is a song for every occasion, each full of lessons. The songs are played again and again, as have their past ancestors, year after year.

Everything now reflects what the future will bring. Comprehending these reflections in the moment can help eliminate surprises in the future and allow us to prepare our lifestyles, business and wealth in a prosperous way.

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At each of our Ecuador courses we host a night of Andean music and dance.

Here are Andean musicians performing at Meson de las Flores


Here is a family of Ecuadorian musicians


And dancers dancing traditional dances outside the hotel.


Sometimes the music and dance of the past and present meet!

Take for example the happy Andean song and dance “El Condor Pasa,” means flight of the condor, the legendary bird of the Andes . This is a hauntingly beautiful song that has reverberated in the Andes from perhaps Incan times. It is a typical Inca dance, based on authentic Incan folk melodies. In 1918, Peruvian composer, Daniel Alomia Robles, notated this popular traditional melody and used it as the basis for an instrumental suite. Later Paul Simon, of the American duo Simon & Garfunkel wrote unrelated lyrics to the tune which at least all Golden Oldie listeners know, “I Would Rather be a Hammer than a Nail”.

Until next message, may everything in you life be filled with great songs and dance.


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