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International Investment & Business Profits Ruined by Rats in the Government

Rat Health Warning

Rats in the Rafter – Honesty in Times Before

Saturday, June 9, 2007

I just sent my Multicurrency Portfolio subscribers a special investment warning.

You can read all the specific details by subscribing to our Borrow Low Deposit High Educational Service at

However the key point in the warning is that all four equity portfolios we track fell this week. As US 10 year treasuries moved past the 5% yield mark on Wednesday (5.10%) some argue this is the end of the cheap money era and that we will see risk aversion creep into the markets.

If so, making easy profits may become more difficult. One should monitor and protect one’s portfolios more closely now.

International Business Profits – The Ultimate Protection

Rising interest rates are a result of inflation. Every day the mainline papers tell us of more US government problems. Yesterday’s articles said the Feds have moved into New Orleans to restore law and order there. Today the papers say there are insufficient funds to run the military hospitals. The day before papers featured problems (ie. Feds needing more money) with new armored vehicle in Iraq .)

Bottom line? The US is going more hopelessly into debt. This will create more inflation..perhaps one that runs away. If this happens a business.not a job or pension, is what protects.

Pensions will lose their purchasing power. Wages will not keep up with inflation.

Your own business is the ultimate inflation hedge.the great protector and for the past five days we reviewed a series of fundamentals that can help build your own internet business.

The first message in that series looked at the vital business fundamental of creating a business you truly enjoy. “Turn Your Passion into Profit” is the refrain we have preached for nearly two decades!

The last message in the series viewed how to use PPC (Pay Per Click) to build a global internet business.

Here is how doing what you love can be vital to successful PPC and the selection of key phrases for your PPC plan.

Good marketing is a key to business success. The key to good marketing is finding words that attract customers.

Pursuing your passion creates an inexpensive way to connect with your customer’s emotions. Big corporations use research firms and advertising agencies to figure out how to attract customers. They spend millions to do what you can do for almost nothing.

Here is how and why.

You represent a market. There are many people who feel as you do. Your passion is also theirs. You can find customers by looking in the mirror.

Use your internet activity to find words that will attract like minded souls as customers.

Look at the words and phrases you use when engaged in your passion.

Let’s say you love golfing. Look at the phrases you use at the search engines to find information about golfing.

Use these same phrases to attract internet customers to your PPC program.

Our correspondence course, International Business Made EZ, shows how to develop a hook, line and sinker internet marketing plan. Get details at

Rats in the Rafter – Honesty in Times Before

Here are some more thoughts on the subject of rats and inflation. Decades ago, after my grandparents passed, I was given a shoebox full of post cards that gramps and grandma had sent to one another when they were “a courting”.

He lived in Neosha , Missouri and she in Miami , Oklahoma and they sent all these post cards back and forth.

Knowing grandparents in their 60s and 70s makes it pretty hard to picture them as young lovers. Yet that shoe box was pretty full. I read every card and three things have stuck with me for many, many years.

The first was about inflation. The post card postage then was one cent!

The next recollection is about compassion. Often Gramps didn’t have a penny so he dropped the card in the box without a stamp. The postal people delivered it anyway. Everyone knew these were young lovers. Humans ran the institutions then (rather than the other way round as it is now) and these were “youngins” in love. Who cared about a measly stamp!

Third, and best of all, was one of a love poem my grandma sent to her husband to be, Charles. She wrote, “As sure as rats are in the rafter. You Charlie boy are the one I’m after.” This might seem a bit dated, but it must have worked then. They married, had six children and umpteen grand children (including yours truly).

This suggests to me that those were softer, more honest times in some ways.

There may have been days when there was not enough food to go around, but the mail really got through. People, including the postman, helped one another out.

Honesty? We see in the note above that we still have rats, but now everyone tries to hide the fact. Back then acknowledgement of this simple truth was aided and abetted by the post office to help acknowledge a true love.

Until next message, may even your rats do so many wonderful things for you!


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