International Investment is Like Musical Chairs

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International investors sometimes feel that global investing feels like playing a game of musical chairs, a game of tension, waiting for the sweet music to stop…and knowing that the last one out of the gate is going to lose. Anyone playing that game to win wants either quick reflexes, good luck or needs to anticipate before hand when the music will stop

This is why I quickly set a reader straight when he recently suggested that I was one of a few people he knew who could see the future.

No one can see what’s ahead. This is a simple scientific fact described by the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. If we know exactly where we are, we cannot know how fast we are going. If we know our exact velocity then we cannot know where we are. If Heisenberg was correct, pure logic dictates that if we cannot know where we are or how fast we are moving, then we can’t know where or when we’ll be somewhere else.

This makes sense. Quantum mechanics suggests that our world is composed of two types of energy, vector and scalar energy.

Vector energy composes the frequencies in the Newtonian physical world, what and where we are now. Scalar energy, the fabric of the future however is potentiality frequency, an energy of infinite multitudes that gives our universe the ability to unfold in infinite ways….or at least more ways than the human mind or any human instrument can calculate.

Super string quantum theory speculates that the very roots of our universal existence are tiny strings or stirrings of vibration and that the heart of differential (that which creates diversity) is alterations of frequency. These strings create scalar energy, a holographic force that, as the blueprint of existence, is omnipresent. Scalar energy is everywhere, at all times in all ways and is not affected by time or space.

From this force springs vector energy which we recognize in many ways. We have given bundles of varying frequencies names. Frequency in the range that can be perceived by the human eye is called light. Frequency in the range that can be perceived by the human ear (60 Hz. To 20,000 Hz.) is called sound, etc.

Scalar energy is so unpredictable and tricky there is no way we can know its future for sure.

The study of this trickiness is called Chaos Theory, the studying of likelihoods in frequency.

The future…we cannot know exactly. It’s too tricky. Yet we mere mortals do have our own bag of tricks that can help us guess more accurately about what will happen ahead.

One of these tricks is to observe what is happening to music!

Why not? Music is a reflection of society and music is all about frequency. For example we can look at the music of a society and immediately learn a lot about the society. Even better we can look at the music of the youth in a society and start to draw conclusion about how they will be…in the future.

Music has a profound impact on how a society acts. Or maybe how a society acts has a profound impact on its music. More likely it’s a bit of both. Society is the person…music the mirror.

So if we watch music and how it changes we may get glimpses of how this music will affect our youth (who will make a lot of our future).

If you are my age you may remember your high school music teacher calling Rock and Roll, “rotten roll”? They preferred Glen Miller and the twenties bands.

Now we of the Golden Oldies era may dislike Rap or Heavy Metal. That’s music doing its job. Our music fought the Johnson Administration when the kids rallied for peace. Our children’s music will probably fight us now that we are the guys with mortgages and pensions trying to have some stability and peace. We may not like the turmoil, but it is this struggle that helps us grow.

Watch music. It will help you understand how various generations will think and act.

This is such a powerful truth that there is a psychological (or marketing) name for the impact of music on young people, called “Cohort Synchronization”. Cohort Synchronization says that we as age groups are affected for life by what happens to us at around the age of 18. For example Jonesers (people born 1952-1956) think differently than boomers, (born in 1946 through 1952). Boomers were promised the world and we got it. Jonesers were promised the world but came onto the job market during a recession caused by the oil crisis. Thus Jonesers have always been more conservative, price conscious buyers than Boomers until recently. Suddenly as they approach the age of 50, they can see that life is passing them by and they had better get while they still can.

Cohort synchronization also works with music. Music that was popular when we were about age 18 maintains high emotional impact. This music has a profound impact on the way we think and act our entire lives!

Retail businesses especially use cohort synchronization to choose music for their stores that will have a positive uplifting impact on their targeted buyers. If a retail outlet is trying to appeal to me, it might play music of singers such as Tommy Sands, Johnny Tillotson, Bobby Vee, the Shirelles, Brian Hyland…all music of the early 60s. Yet if they are aiming for my sister (born seven years later), a Joneser, they would do better with Funk bands like Parliament-Funkadelic, The Meters, War, The Commodores and Earth, Wind and Fire.

So to see the future better listen to the music…not just yours but that of each upcoming generation.

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